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  • Bad Boy Marco (Starco Fanfic) [Completed]
    122K 4K 9

    For his fifteenth birthday, Star gifts Marco a single wish. Because Marco is known as the 'safe kid', he wants to be viewed differently and wants to feel what it's like to be the "Bad Boy". The wish is granted, but the new Marco refuses to change back. There only one antidote... It's Stars job to find it. .... #2 unde...

  • Marco's Favorite Star ➵ A Collection Of Starco One Shots
    126K 4.6K 68

    "Hey, Marco?" "What's your favorite star?" "..." "I'm looking at her." A collection of one shots, featuring Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz, following multiple adventures along the way. started ; 08.18.15 [ aug. 18, 2015 ] ended ; 10.24.16 [ oct. 24, 2016 ]

  • Going Through The Motions||Starco
    35.4K 1.2K 35

    Haven't found a Starco fanfiction that isn't cheesy? Can I really call this Starco? Yesh possibly. Even if you have found one try this one out, it's quite enjoyable. Hmm.. I rate it: PG I do not own Star vs The Forces of The Evil. Of course I don't. Nor do I own any of the art I may display in my Fanfiction.

  • The Starry Universe (Svtfoe One-Shots)
    6.6K 299 6

    "How would boys on Mewni tell a girl they liked her" "They would just tell them how they felt. Just...I like you" "Um..Ok.. Star I like you" Marco is finally going to tell Star he likes her, and when the perfect chance comes around he freezes up Picture: To Artist

  • A Life Without Limits |Starco FanFic|
    1.2K 85 4

    Princess Star Butterfly and her best friend Marco Diaz are the bestest of friends and they feel like nothing can change that. - But what if something DOES end up getting in between their unbreakable friendship? - Magic Curses Friendships Enemies Love - Well, I guess you'll find out in my first fanfic, "A Life Without...

  • A dream, and a nightmare.
    9.1K 375 8

    What happens after Ludo fires Buff frog? What happens after Marco admits he underestimated Star and she gets mad? What's Toffee up to? One shot but may turn into more. Takes place after The Banagic incident. Starco in later chapters. I do not own svtfoe or any of the characters.