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  • insecurities » malum
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    "i'm not pretty calum." "michael, i swear to god, you're the most prettiest human being i've ever laid my fucking eyes on." or where calum makes michael feel like he's worth something more than he thinks he's worth fem! michael tiny! michael jock! calum all rights reserved © 2016 officialmalum [completed]

    Completed   Mature
  • there goes my life // malum au [completed]
    23.2K 1K 11

    "calum. i'm pregnant." or in which calum gets his boyfriend michael pregnant during their last year of high school and their plans to get out of their small town get thrown out the window and replaced by the unknown. malum mpreg/lowercase intended based off of: there goes my life by kenny chesney started: april 26th...

  • female robbery • malum
    34.2K 2.6K 34

    in which michael falls in love with a robber, who was also his kindergarten best friend? story idea credit: lhemmingsdaily :)

  • kik + kiss; malum af
    24.5K 1.3K 62

    it all started with kik. then it all ended with a kiss. {COMPLETED} fem!calum strong language depression lowercase intended

  • Collar Full |Malum|
    202K 10.7K 26

    Meet Calum Hood: Tumblr famous, gay bassist. He knows everyone and everything to know about the Internet. He likes to make short little covers on YouTube in black and white on his lap top, and he's quite proud of his 15 thousand subscribers. But he's even more fond on his 2.2 million tumblr followers, you could say h...

  • I Met Him Online // Malum
    82K 3.8K 25

    "Luke, I have a boyfriend!" "What!? Who?" "His name is Michael." "Where did you meet him?" "I met him online." ---------- [Warnings: boyxboy, swearing, may be triggering] [Side pairings: Lashton]

  • streets || malum
    95.2K 4.3K 31

    'c-can i call y-you d-daddy?' or the one where calum finds his lover on the streets. hybrid!michael daddy!calum fem!michael (slightly) started; 30/01/2016 ended; 19/04/2016 - this was the first fanfiction i've ever written so there're a lot of mistakes and it just sucks -

    Completed   Mature
  • Exchange | Malum
    62.1K 4.1K 41

    Calum has been trying to get into Michael's pants for years, but hasn't had any luck. Not until one day when Michael is outside attempting to raise money and offers a little exchange to the stranger. "Listen, if you help me make enough money to pay for my mums hospital bills, we can have sex." • Started July 16th, 201...

    Completed   Mature
  • Somebody Else | Malum
    72.5K 4.6K 43

    Where Calum is in love with Michael, but the feelings aren't exactly mutual. - "I don't want your body but I hate to think about you with somebody else." Goes to the lyrics of the 1975. • Started June 27th, 2016 • • Completed June 27th, 2016 •

  • Stranger » Malum
    126K 9.6K 24

    "He doesn't have anyone, no friends, no family." The nurse snapped. "You might as well get out of here too, he doesn't even know you." "That's the best part," Michael replied with a small smile. "Talking to someone you don't know. Besides, I'm already on my way out." He entered room 213 two minutes after he usually co...

  • Daft || Malum
    314K 12.8K 46

    "Don't be daft, Michael," Ashton laughs. "Calum's straight." ⓒ Cover by quantum-fags

  • i got u ➳ malum
    18K 1K 30

    it may not go with the lyrics, oops. All rights reserved © dam ((kaIinwhite)) 2015

  • breathe me ➳ malum
    25.2K 1.7K 21

    this story may or may not go along with the lyrics of breathe me by sia, you might just have to read to find out All rights reserved © dam ((kaIinwhite)) 2015

  • laundromat; malum af
    113K 6.6K 200

    "hi, um, i think i accidentally took ur panties..." {COMPLETED} fem!calum shy!micael loads of fluff js trigger warning;; suicide lowercase intended !!

  • Mirrors | Malum
    171K 8.5K 49

    "Look in the mirror Calum, you're beautiful, and everything that's beautiful is mine." "I don't belong to you." ~ In which Michael Clifford never has trouble getting anything he wants, except for the insecure shy boy who hates looking in the mirror. Side of Lashton. • Started December 20th, 2015 • • Completed June 22...

  • Desktop Notes || Malum
    97.3K 4.9K 51

    vandalize [van-dl-ahyz] verb (used with object), vandalized, vandalizing. 1. to destroy or deface by vandalism : "Someone vandalized school property by writing on a desk." [C OM P L E T E D]

  • history class ★ malum
    63.5K 4.2K 24

    "if you ever become history, i'll never forget us..". ★ top!michael bottom!calum all rights reserved © 2015/2016/2017 urdetonator on wattpad.

  • confused ★ malum
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    "you can be yourself around me". "but i don't know who i am..". or,, in which calum is one very confused teenager. warning; girly!calum. ★ all rights reserved, urdetonator on wattpad 2018 ©

  • Code Red ➼ Malum ✔
    81.6K 4.8K 53

    [EDITING] When Calum receives love notes in his locker from a mysterious person by the code name 'Red,' he starts to wonder who the person could be. Red keeps sending notes saying how captivated he is of him and how he wants to be with the tan boy, but under circumstances they can't be together. Calum starts to quest...

  • eunoia ; malum
    39.6K 3.7K 30

    eunoia (n.) beautiful thinking; a well mind. In which Calum can read people's thoughts.

  • A Letter Before I Go ; malum
    12K 1.1K 19

    Dear Calum, I guess you already figured it out.

  • secret love song ◈ malum (completed)
    31.6K 2.1K 29

    "why can't you hold me in the street? why can't i kiss you on the dance floor? i wish that it could be like that; why can't we be like that?" - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2016 © baepsaemalum

    Completed   Mature
  • what i can't see ◈ malum (completed)
    43K 3.2K 36

    "it's what i can't see that bothers me," "so, basically... everything bothers you?" - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2016 © baepsaemalum

    Completed   Mature
  • connection ♡ malum {sequel to collaboration} ✓
    302K 18.3K 45

    [ SEQUEL TO 'COLLABORATION' ] ❝ the wifi connection here sucks ❞ ❝ but that's not important if the connection between us works perfectly ❞ - in which calum and michal experience the ups and downs of a youtuber relationship [side lashton] © 2014, Oliwia (skittlesmalum), All rights reserved

  • hoodwill ☾ malum
    57K 4.9K 18

    "welcome to goodwill, how may i help you?" calum sighs. "im good, thank you." michael smiles and walks off. © volcainhoe. all rights reserved.

  • lies » malum [FINISHED]
    90.8K 8K 20

    in which calum lies a lot. © All Rights Reserved.

  • ghost // malum
    40.8K 3K 27

    He doesn't want to be seen; he wants to be known.

  • collaboration ♡ malum ✓
    711K 43.3K 45

    collaboration {kəlabəˈreɪʃn/}; the action of working with someone to produce something (for example: videos or songs) - in which calum has a youtube channel called 'collabcal' and michael's weekly highlight is to watch his videos [side lashton] first place in the 2014 holiday bromance awards, malum category! © 2014, O...

  • Fairytale | MALUM
    26.3K 1.6K 33

    where calum is a wanted hunter who steals prince michael's jewels dom!michael/calum

  • christmas texting ♡ malum ✓
    174K 15.4K 26

    ❝ i hate christmas ❞ ❝ but not this year ❞ - in which michael hates christmas, calum wants to change his mind and where they fall in love in 24 days [this may be a christmas story but you can read it all year if you're into malum fluff, really] © 2014, Oliwia (skittlesmalum), All rights reserved