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  • The Mermaid • jirose (revising | on hiatus)
    13.4K 768 15

    There's this famous myth about Mermaids living and wandering below the Ocean. Their kind are perceived to be enchanting and ethereal. With these characteristics, any man would fall under their charms. Stories about mermaids who fell inlove with humans emerged. One of it was the story of Chaeyoung. Book inspired by th...

  • SEEN ㅡ blacktan
    85.7K 4.3K 21

    motionlessmin left the chat!

  • Fiery Love || BPxBTS
    73.9K 2.7K 59

    |Ranked #27 in k-pop| out of 878 books| |Ranked #860 in adventure| out of 29k books| "You fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time" When 4 girls and 4 boys started to have a nice conversation on the plane they did not expect it to become more than just strangers talking. While they slow...

    56.9K 868 45

    A whole book about how BTS and BLACKPINK are similar/ parallels + ship posts - also contains updates on my books and requests -

  • Hour 21 - BTS x BLACKPINK
    24.8K 1K 14

    11 friends gets trapped in a house, wherein they are getting killed one by one. The thing is, the killer is among them. loosely based on the board game clue. 21 hours they are stuck in the house, getting killed one by one. Why are they getting killed? Who is doing all this? One thing is for sure, justice is going to...

  • Young, Wild & Free 2
    5.8K 148 8

    The two groups are going on another adventure, this time in the eyes of the public. As they experience hardships, disagreements and the fans' opinions, will they be able to handle it all? Ships 💜 : Taennie // Romin // Liskook // Jinsoo

  • √ stay lost || blacktan
    124K 6.8K 39

    "If you hate me so much, then kill me."

  • GYNOPHOBIA (Fear Of Women) || kth.jnk
    2.9K 191 4

    "Can you trust me?" He nods and takes my hand while a smile plastered on his angelic face.

  • run || kth x kjn ; sequel to 'whistle'
    2.8K 82 2

    " even though my feet are full of scars, i smile whenever i see you. " ONESHOT decided to make a happy ending i was satisfied with from whistle

  • whistle || kth x kjn
    34.5K 1.1K 11

    HIGHEST RANKING: #4 under #taennie 🌹 - " i hope we won't just pass by like the wind. " in which jennie transfers to taehyung's school and the two become each other's friends... and first loves. -/-/- WARNING: unedited & done in a rush (( cos i wanted to satisfy my own bangtanpink cravings 😂 )) so if there's any bad...

  • horrors of bhangarh ... bts and blackpink ff
    30.1K 915 19

    finally bts and blackpink are able to perform in India the land of colours but what will happen when they will came to know the horrors of the bhangarh fort ...the most haunted place in India ! well read my book and check this out !

  • 4EVER
    319K 8K 35

    [BOOK 1] Do the 4 girls and 4 boys end up together or does it lead to further destruction in their relationship. [ COMPLETE ]

    Completed   Mature
  • √ dear diary || taennie
    31.3K 1.7K 13

    "I want to turn back time."

  • √ sorry || taennie
    15.2K 934 7

    "I'm sorry." SEQUEL TO → DEAR DIARY

  • Undercover
    47.4K 3K 18

    DISCLAIMER : mostly rose & jungkook (feat bts x blackpink) -Bts works for Namjoon's underground assassination organization. They aren't your average normal boys, but Blackpink aren't your average normal girls. Bts must carry out a mission that involves protecting the girls but will they be able to fufill the mission...

  • Young,Wild & Free
    11.3K 235 5

    When BTS meets BLACKPINK at SMA, both groups help get their maknaes and themselves together. All in two days of fun and adventure. And there's a swear jar mainly for Yoongi :) SHIPS?: LISKOOK // JINSOO // TAENNIE // ROMIN The Rapper Line will have their own little fic in the near future. They play the role of matchmak...

  • Young, Wild & Free 3
    3.8K 114 9

    With their comeback coming up and the boys going on tour soon, both groups are faced with troubles keeping up with each other. As a surprise from a fellow idol puts a certain couple in a bind, they seek help and peace in each other. But is that enough to bring them through this adventure? [Hello! I'm back with Book 3...

  • Meant To Be (Jennie X Taehyung) [Completed] {Under Editing}
    255K 8.1K 42

    A normal yet charming girl met an idol in the past. They will meet again but . . . . . . Plus one. Ranks: #1 in Taennie (03/16/19) #16 in blackpinkjennie (04/17/19)