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  • Nancy Drew: 2 . The Hidden Staircase
    5.6K 163 20

    Nancy finds that she's not finished helping out the Crandall family as Emily's grandmother and her sister, Helen's grandmother, have been getting a rather suspicious haunting at their house lately. The suspicions change from a ghost to a real man when jewelry is stolen and they ask Carson for help. He sends Nancy to u...

  • Not so little anymore
    399K 8.8K 95

    It's been two years since their someday deal and neither Josh or Maya have talked to each other much since. Now Maya is just starting her freshman year at NYU and Josh in finishing up in his senior year. After they run into each other again old feelings start to resurface for the both of them an denial starts to kick...

  • The Con: Natalie Gets Even!
    193 24 8

    For months, Natalie Soderberg has played the naïve geek with a billion dollar idea that would revolutionize the Internet world. Now that both Jabot and Newman CEO's Jack Abbott and Victoria Newman have agreed to share the profits to Natalie's idea, Natalie is reaping the benefits and the man of her dreams, Kevin Fish...

  • Hope's Choice: A Liam & Hope (Lope) Romance
    996 33 7

    After receiving a call from Steffy about Liam, Hope realizes that Liam is the man for her and decides to head back to L.A. and find Liam. But when she discovers Liam's condition and "marriage" to Quinn, will Hope stand by Liam, or run back to Italy?

  • f o r e v e r | lab rats | *EDITING*
    186K 2.1K 14

    Avalon Johnson is the best friend of Leo Dooley. He's like an older brother to her, he and his mother practically raised her after her drunk and abusive father and a mother that was hardly there for her. But when Tasha remarries to billionaire scientist Donald Davenport, and Val and Leo go exploring their new home, th...

  • Starr and Cole
    13 1 1

    Starr and Cole have a life Together

  • Gilmore Girls: More in the Life
    566K 14.2K 120

    This story picks up where "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" leaves off-- Lorelai and Luke are married and Rory announces she is pregnant. How does the Danes' relationship change now they've said "I do"? How does Rory deal with the pregnancy...and the baby's father? Follow along with my story to learn my take on how...

  • The Life of Rayna Jaymes : Part 1
    8K 356 52

    Rayna Jaymes and Deacon Claybourne get in a car accident but how dose she know what is real and what isn't real ? This is part 1

  • Bethany's Revenge: A Y&R Fanfic
    261 8 5

    After the truth comes out about Billy and Phyllis' affair, Phyllis leaves Jack and resumes her relationship with Billy, much to Bethany's chagrin. Bethany decides to get even with Billy and Phyllis by destroying their new-found relationship, at all costs. Bethany's plan is to be the next Billy Abbott, but someone fr...

  • Deep Waters
    49.7K 572 22

    When one of Chicago PD detectives gets pulled into a dangerous situation from one of her CI's , only her boyfriend and partner can save her.

  • One Day Is Today
    15.7K 259 11

    Hi Everyone! I am a huge fan of Chicago PD and Linstead. This story is my perspective of what Jay and Erin's life would be like if One Day Is Today. The first installment to a series I hope you will love. Thank you so much for taking the time to read. I completed this book on July 10th, 2015 after only publishing fo...

    12.7K 481 23

    Vanellope was taken from her game five years ago when the Arcade was set on fire. She doesn't know if Ralph or any of her old friends are alive. She pickpockets strangers for cash, and lives in an abandoned alleyway in Sanfransokyo. One day, a certain kid genius befriends her and asks her to become a hero. Could they...

  • A New Glitchy Beginning (A Wreck-It Ralph Fan Fiction)
    3.9K 88 9

    After, the crazy week that happened, fighting Turbo, meeting Ralph, and getting adopted by him, attending Aunt Calhoun and Uncle Felix's wedding and finding out that I was Princess Van.. Ahem no President Vanellope Von Schweetz!! I didn't expect my whole life to the plugged of a game.. And a new arrival....

  • Lab Rats: The Return [Elite Force] Sequel
    16.9K 481 21

    Back again, Roman, Riker and their new team of Sebastian, Marcus and Trevor escape their facility, with a new plan: Eliminate the Elite Force, Starting with Chase. COMPLETED

  • Haywire (Lab rats Fan-Fic Series Completed)
    32.9K 686 9

    A brunette was seen running at lightning speeds to chase bullies, uses her strength to beat them up, and her intelligence to outsmart them. The new girl, Aerie, has met the Davenport family in an awkward run in. They are immediately awed by her serene personality. Before they know it, Chase and Adam are fighting over...

  • Like Crazy | ✓
    2.8M 69.5K 30

    Meet Aria Austin. She's a normal seventeen year old teenage girl. She receives good grades, she's nice and has a stable after-school job at the town's local book store. She's the complete opposite of her two best friends, Holland and Clark, who are completely and totally obsessed with all things Hollywood. Aria, on th...

  • Sweet Masterpiece - The First Samantha Sweet Mystery
    40.3K 3.3K 32

    USA Today bestselling author Connie Shelton introduces her most delightful cozy mystery series yet-with a little romance, a little magic and a lot of chocolate! When she's not baking her delectable pastries Samantha Sweet breaks into houses for a living, and sometimes the things she discovers lead to trouble. When sh...

  • Never let me go
    40.7K 677 49

    ONE TREE HILL like never before, including things we all wished would happen and moments that we all missed

  • Naley & The Four Years Missed
    17.3K 174 26

    We all were sad when we missed the time gap inbetween seasons four and five, and always were curious as to what happened. I hope that I can help with that feeling and give everyone what they have missed out on. Please comment your opinions and suggestions!

  • Don't say I never gave you anything. | Naley |
    252 6 1

    After 9 seasons. Nathan and Haley had loved. And cared for each other. Nathan is an agent for Clay. Haley is working at Karen's Cafe and selling her songs. Can they manage to keep each other happy?

  • Reunited Love Ben X Riley (DISCONTINUED)
    4.3K 30 21

    So riley catches Danny in bed with Amy when she comes home from work and goes to ben for support will the consoling turn into something more

  • Reba: 15 Years Later
    6.3K 179 15

    15 years later, Reba Hart looks back on her life since her husband, Brock Hart, left her and their 3 children after impregnating his dental hygienist, Barbara Jean Booker, and married her. With 4 grandchildren and about to remarry the hunky therapist, Dr. Jack Morgan, who has come back into her life after finally div...

  • The struggles of Maddie Conrad
    3.2K 160 47

    A story about the life of Maddie Conrad struggle in the stages of life especially after finding out that the man who had raised her might not be her father follow Maddie Conrad through all the tough stages in her life

  • Life is strange
    11K 122 7

    A girl with a secret can she trust her best friend Chloe with it This is a Fan made story from the real game life is strange

  • Life Is Strange | One-shots
    269K 5K 36

    The only way to make the world of Arcadia Bay and Blackwell Academy come closer is to read one-shots about it. Let me help you out! Here you go, a series of one-shots about all your favourite characters, varying from Max to Frank and even Victoria! You're welcome :)

  • Girl Meets Love At First Sight
    5.1K 179 12

    Maya Hart has had a crush on Josh Matthews ever since the day he walked threw the doors of the Matthews' apartment. It turns out that Josh has a crush on Maya too but he is 3 years older than her. They decided to play the long game and wait till someday but when will it be someday?

  • Voltage
    3.1K 365 41

    The ring calls to me, a place of death and blood. It's a death trap, but i know as soon as i enter my skin will crackle with energy, and my wings will stretch as i release them, giving into the freedom. With her life at threads end, Kaz needs to help her family bring in money. She's a waste of space, and there's no...

  • Second Chances
    45.4K 1.8K 53

    Skye can't stop thinking about Ward. Even though he betrayed her and the whole team, he still loved her. Even though he is a murderer, and was a Hydra agent, can Skye still love him? [All rights to Marvel]

  • Let's Play The Short Game {Joshaya}
    84K 1.6K 16

    *DISCONTINUED* "I'm done with the long game Josh." "I'm done too Maya but what else do we do?" "Well let's play the short game."