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  • Beauty and her beast
    103K 3.8K 23

    She kind, loving, an angel walking the earth if you will. So what happens when the moon goddess mates her with a strong and fearless alpha? Will they make it or will unexpected obstacles tear them apart?

  • You're Alpha. My Mate
    10.4K 331 32

    Angelina or angel for short is a very bubbly happy person, always seeing the bright side of things on a good day, but like everyone else she has flaws, and alot for example she suffers from anxiety and depression, but she takes her mind off it with dancing. Alistar is the soon to be alpha of the rising dawn pack, the...

  • His Weakness
    119K 3.5K 24

    Diana Martinez, a short tempered, sarcastic little ball of fire. She was cold, rude and mean. She didnt give two flying pigs what anyone had to say about it. She didn't like rules, she didn't like authority, all in all she didn't like people. Ace Reynolds a ill tempered, egotistical jerk of a mafia boss. He is heartle...

  • Loving Carmen
    2.2K 52 31

    She has so many problems and so does he, she doesn't show any emotions neither does he Will these to be a match made in heaven or a showdown in hell?

  • Spit Fire
    6.8K 335 23

    Hot tears ran down my face as I looked at him. My hands clenched in tight fist and my teeth grinded together, I was not only hurt but angry. "Fuck you! You claim you love me but you don't abandon your loved ones when they need you most! You don't just disappear like that!" Gabriella's life has been one bad ride after...

  • Runt
    281K 7.9K 18

    She was the smallest He was the biggest She was shy He was loud She's a runt He's a alpha

  • Release
    2.5K 131 35

    Melody rahms an only child, well she used to be until her parents split up and her dad moved on making a whole other family. But when she has to move with them how will things go? Will she accept this or reject it?

  • His Gang Girl
    186K 4.1K 16

    All Avery's life she's been surrounded by guns, knives, blood and death. She didn't mind though she actually take part in the sadistic fun. But what happens when her dad makes one cruel decision?

  • Like Nobody's Watching
    3.1K 202 35

    she wasn't his type, she didn't have blonde hair, loaded parents and a nose job. she was just Nicole Anthony a girl who came from a broken home and a fixed income, she graduated early and has a full blown scholarship to MCA. she wasn't worried about boys, or anything else for that matter. dance was all she cared about...

  • The hybrid luna
    141K 6.3K 27

    she wasn't the average Luna, hell she wasn't even full wolf. she was his swarm enemy but the love of his life, a deadly mix that had not only him but her torn while he tried to tame her wickedly and wildly ways, she tried to loosen the restraints he had bound against himself.