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  • Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beneath
    1.1K 16 6

    Hellsalem's Lot - a city where this world and the alterworld intersect. This is the record of the clandestine activities of the secret society of supermen, Libra, who work in the shadows to preserve the balance of worlds. Seraph (Noun)| An informant sect of Libra that obtains information regarding the third-class...

  • 𝐇𝐄𝐋𝐋𝐑𝐀𝐈𝐒𝐄𝐑 ▸ jaskier
    7.1K 373 5

    𝐇𝐄𝐋𝐋𝐑𝐀𝐈𝐒𝐄𝐑. ❝ I want to feel like I'm close to something real. ❞ [jaskier x fem!oc] [the witcher] [©2020 | -deanspie ✰]

  • She Wolf, Black Wolf, Death wolf
    584 2 12

    Inspired by the witcher series books, and the games along with a Netflix TV show starring soon I decided create a character that would join the series in a way that would alternate it. ----------------------- A girl chosen from a small village with a future covered in blood, as she finds her true self with love intert...

  • Demons Together (A Blue Exorcist Fanfic)
    161K 6.1K 43

    This is a Blue Exorcist Fanfiction! \(^o^)/ **************************************** After defeating Satan, things have been normal and well at True Cross Acadamy. Except for one thing. Rin has been having the same dream about a certain unknown girl. Who is this girl? Is she real? And if she is, why doesn't Rin recogn...

  • The Uncharted Tomb
    19.8K 424 17

    Nathan Drake is once again on an epic adventure to discover a mythical treasure stowed away in the tomb of an ancient Mesopotamian god. However, he is not the only one after this treasure. His quest leads him to crossing paths with the esteemed Lara Croft and both of them must work together to unravel the mystery of t...

  • Mercilessly Beautiful (Diabolik Lovers x Reader)
    2.1K 37 3

    She is a smooth talker, a skilled liar. She always tips things into her favor. She is highly intelligent. She is fearless and proud. She is mercilessly beautiful. And she knows it. But what she does not know, is that she's the next sacrificial bride. 《I don't own Diabolik Lovers or you. Only the plot.》

  • Welcome Home (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle) *Fai/OC*
    1.3K 39 2

    After turning her back on her past Viola seeks out the dimensional witch, desperate to find a new world that she can finally call home. But as she takes on a different journey to the one she expected, she learns that 'home' doesn't always have to be a place - sometimes it's a family. Fai/OC Also in this series: Light...

  • Flight of Fancy (Fai x Reader - Tsubasa RC)
    647 8 3

    "And that is what you desire most?" She leaned in, her dark red eyes fixated on yours, as if searching for something deep within your soul. "I want to change his heart," you said, voice tight with emotion as you nodded. "You know you'll never see him again if you agree to these terms. You'll never be able to see any o...

  • Persona 3 Portable
    54.6K 1.3K 47

    Her parents died in a mysterious car crash, leaving her all alone. Years pass by and she returns back to her hometown, and as soon as she steps into the town. the clock struck 12, the lights went off and cold coffins were everywhere. As she moves into a fateful dorm and live her life, she discovers that the car crash...

  • Spirited Away 2: Return to The Spirit World
    125K 4.4K 27

    Disclaimer: This is a fan fiction written by moviefan-92 in All rights goes to her. I do not own this story & did not contribute to the story in any way. After Chihiro went back to the human world, things were never the same as before her stumble onto the spirit world. She felt that she didn't belong i...

  • The Blood-Stained Empress
    264K 6.8K 16

    After Li Meixing is executed by her lover alongside her family, she wakes up four years earlier and searches for a way to survive the coming conflict. ***** Li Meixing is living the perfect life. Her father is a powerful politician in the Qi Kingdom...

  • New feeling( Tora x reader )(Ushio and Tora)
    6.3K 253 22

    You had perfect life,you lived with your best friend that you sometimes called a sister.Yes,she was a human and you a Youkai but you still get along pretty good.You are a Youkai that is trapped inside of a ring that your bff is wearing on her hand.Today is 13 years of you and your friend knowing each other,so you went...