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  • Freak
    66.8K 3.3K 36

    A Johnlock teenlock- sorry about the terrible description, I will write a proper one once i have finished this story.

  • Can't go back
    427K 20K 21

    Teenlock! Like I said before, I don't usually do AUs, but I had the sudden urge to do a teenlock. I sent this to a friend and asked her to come up with a title with me, but she hasn't responded yet. I just put in a line for later, but if any of you have ideas for titles I'd love to hear suggestions. Later chapters to...

  • The Red Game [ Teenlock/Johnlock BBC]
    14.7K 277 17

    You can't erase the mistakes you've made in the past, and God knows how many you've made... For John, this whole story started a cold, rainy night in an alleyway where he found a boy, lying in a pond of blood. He didn't knew or have seen him before, but during that night, John Watson meet Sherlock Holmes, a boy with a...