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  • Unwanted Guest (Michael Myers X Female Reader)
    39 1 1

    [Complete] Disclaimer: I do not own any characters in the Halloween series; Ownership by John Carpenter I also do not own the remake of the two Halloween movies by Rob Zombie. Btw it's 2007 Michael Myers because it's my current favorite. It's a short one shot fanfiction.

    Completed   Mature
  • Unnatural Closeness
    122 3 4

    [Hiatus] Disclaimer: I do not own any characters in the Halloween series; Ownership by John Carpenter I also do not own the remake of the two Halloween movies by Rob Zombie. 8 year old Brooklyn Jameson, was sentence to Smiths Grove Sanitarium for the murder of her brother and father, Joe Jameson and John Jameson. He...

  • Yandere! Slasher bf scenarios
    278K 4.7K 22

    Contains Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Leatherface, Hannibal Lecter, Norman Bates, Ghostface, Jack Torrance, Pennywise the dancing clown, Will Randall, and Daryl Van Horne

  • Lead and Ink ➳ Artbook 2018
    1.4K 238 20

    I'm back with more doodles of wolves. (Cover art is mine) ©Copyright wxlfteeth 2018

  • Wailing walls (A The green mile fanfiction based on Percy Wetmore and an OC)
    656 15 2

    "Sometimes we put up walls not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to knock them down. " When a female co-worker arrives to work on the E block she takes a profound interest in Percy Wetmore. But when she finds herself shoved into the deep end, can she be the one to help him see the light, or will he be fo...

  • The Green Mile and The Reporter
    6K 235 17

    Argonne was lucky to get a job during the depression and even luckier that it was something she genuinely cared about, the Daily Times. At nineteen years old and only being with the paper a few months she gets her own column, covering the Cold Mountain Penitentiary. Even more specifically E block, more commonly known...

  • Shrek The Third
    1.2K 298 53

    for you the living, this mash was meant too when you get to my door, tell them boris sent you

  • Souichi X Reader One Shots
    12.1K 311 4

    cute voodoo boy. He legal.

  • Frost Fire, A Snow Miser x OC x Heat Miser
    2K 59 11

    Being born with various elemental powers, Judith Blanchard lived mostly hidden from the world. Making sure to stay below the radar of kids at school and suspicious adult figures, until one day she was discovered, causing her to run to the main woman herself, Mother Nature, who suggests that Jude learned how to control...

  • Illusion (Rascal x Reader)
    22.3K 602 25

    After watching the whole series of Glitter Force, I decided to start a new book dedicated to not ending the series just yet. There are only two seasons after all. So, for all you Glitter Force fans who don't want it to end, here's some more for ya.

  • Lucas Baker x Reader
    1.6K 53 2

    Oof Lucas fandom where are you the Baker fam takes you in as captive. You're doing your best to escape but something about Lucas makes you want to stay. warning: sexual content, strong language, and some masochism you kinky creature ;0 Slow Updates I'm Sorry,,,

  • Let It Be (A Beatles Story)
    447K 12.7K 72

    A simple story of love, friendship, tears, and time-travel.

  • Monsters x Reader
    410K 6.8K 51


  • Selfish Gods - Complete!
    10.7K 1.4K 49

    A paranoid gun enthusiast with a secret and her best friend leave town for a wedding but end up being intercepted by a hoard of demons instead. In short order they will not only discover who has sent the demons but be thrust into an entirely new world that wants nothing more than to destroy them. Set in a world wher...

  • HAWK (Sample)
    968K 20.5K 25

    *** Paperback now available on Amazon! *** Kas Balera is used to a bit of chaos. As a space bounty hunter, capturing three Class-2 criminals should have been the most difficult part of her week, but when a disaster of epic proportions rocks the entire solar system, Kas is thrust into the midst of an adventure far beyo...

  • My Art Book | Three
    206K 20.1K 90

    whoop whoop here we go again

  • Rants that you probably don't care about.
    56 3 5

    These are my common day rants that go through my head, and sometimes I feel like they need to be put down.

  • "Loving this Aesthetic."
    1K 82 20

    I don't even know if I should call these aesthetics or not I just like them

  • Breaking Free- Artbook #2
    56.3K 8.7K 39

    COVER ART BY ME! it's time for the 2nd artbook, wOOP! here be art and dragons!!

  • my ocs
    1.7K 239 37

    for those of you who want to know about my ocs, or if you already do this is just so you don't lose track of them all

  • Welcome to the New Age
    850 154 39

    this is a book of all my drawings

  • My Artbook 3.0
    41.3K 7.1K 97

    "Oh crap, she's back at it again!" Oh yes yes I am ēwē Welcome to yet another art book! Three in a row? Oh god, so much madness.. Well, as you may expect, you'll mainly find art (mine unless stated otherwise) writing every once in a while, original characters (ocs), bad jokes, great people and much more! So if...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Artbook 2.0
    66.4K 10.7K 199

    Where innocence comes to die.....Just kidding xD (Or am I..) Aye there, pals and gals, and welcome to my second art book :D Name's creepy and I shall be your host tonight You'll find all sort of things here, from random 'innocent' doodles to what some may call my perverted, and yet interesting mind Most content here b...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Artworks
    11.1K 1.5K 202

    my terrible art that will surely burn out your retinas, but enjoy

  • Art Book Vers. 0.1[ DISCONTINUED]
    4.5K 1K 58

    Welcome to vers. 0.1 of my art book! :D I enjoy drawing of all types of things! From sketches to full drawings to paintings, I enjoy many forms of art! I especially enjoy drawing digitally and traditionally! In this book you'll find: Dragons Wolves Dogs/cats Species +many more! Hope you enjoy this book of trash! (/^▽...

  • ArtBook Unbound
    65K 10.1K 125

    Fresh start means a fresh artbook too ? Ranging from sketches and concepts to full illustrations and creature designs of all shapes and sizes, this is where you'll find my art at its finest .. if you dare to go in, that is. Chaos is 100% guaranteed.

  • | Blind creativity | Art book | I |
    2.6K 563 32

    Blind blʌɪnd Adjective 1. Unable to see because of injury, disease, or a congenital condition. ⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜♦️♦️⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜ -2017- I welcome you all to the Jay Bird Manor Art Gallery, where you will find trash, multiple contest entries and edgy oc's with a hint of gay. ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜...

    Completed   Mature
  • ʙᴀᴅ ᴀʀᴛ ᴄᴇɴᴛʀᴀʟ™ || #1
    132K 14.7K 167

    can i get a fucking uhhhhhhhhhhh life

  • FreeFall
    30 6 6

    In a world and time where only a sword and your brain can get you food on the table, many have to fight in the Towers of Blood. But as the population gets tired of this, most fear that a rebellion will surface. Samuel, a fighter, the only one keeping his family alive, will soon find that he has a bigger role in this '...

  • Escapism
    16.6K 3K 85

    Random art of mine ranging from sketches to idek what ( ̄▽ ̄) Art trades/requests are OPEN! Comment anywhere or PM me! Thank you for going through this book of mine ヽ(;▽;)ノ ((hope you like it too!!)) Please please plEASE do not take my art without my permission!! If you want to use it please tell me! Thank you!