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  • Infatuation (Yandere Boys x Reader)
    7M 239K 92

    After six new boys meet (Y/n), they begin an unhealthy obsession over the female and soon take it too far. There's not much chance of her escaping their thoughts or hands but she's definitely going to try when she's had enough.

  • Echo ➳ Once Upon A Time ✓
    4.8M 139K 77

    Loneliness taught her. Trauma raised her. Betrayal drove her. Bloodlust marred her. True love saved her. But none dared to tame her. ───────── "Every story I ever read, every movie I ever watched, Rae Hood was always the one doing the saving. What happened to that?" "It's funny," The practically immortal girl scoffed...

    Completed   Mature
  • Aesthetically
    288 21 16

    pics that i like - that's it this one is old

  • Hopeless •Finn Wolfhard•
    253K 4.9K 46

    Kazoo Kid Wait, you're a girl?! Where he texts the wrong number ||social media||

  • eat//phan
    27K 790 7

    eating makes me sick, not eating makes me sick, at least one makes me pretty TW// eating disorder!!

  • Psych Testing (phan)
    84.8K 6.4K 23

    [COMPLETED] This journal belongs to: DAN If found: Don't look inside, ever. It's mine and Doctor Linder said so.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Book of Lies || Phan [[COMPLETED]]
    62.2K 4.2K 15

    After Dan Howell dies at the tragically young age of 26, he is greeted by death with a book. A book of every lie that anyone had ever told him. This seems like harmless fun but as he nears the end, he realized everything isn't as it seemed in life with his best friend, Phil Lester. Ship: Phan, Kickthesticks ...

  • Ephemeral
    5.1K 25 3

    Originally titled open window currently re-writing so sorry e·phem·er·al /əˈfem(ə)rəl/ lasting for a very short time. Nothing lasts long for Dan. His dad dies when he's young. His brother is drafted into the war. His friends don't ever stay. His best friend is still around, but only for now. He thinks things might act...

  • Caged || Phan
    22.7K 1.2K 7

    When Phil Lester moves into his aunts old house the last thing he is expecting to find is a ghost, but that's just what happens. For Dan Howell, a spirit who's been trapped in a mirror for most of his life, Phil may be just what he's been waiting for. Dan has to find a way to escape before the mirror collapses and tra...

  • The Vampire's Heart - Phan
    64.5K 3.5K 12

    Story after story of vampires begin to surface around Dan's quiet, little town, but there is no way that they're real, right? When Dan stumbles across the path of the last thing he'd expect to see, he is terrified. But, he soon learns that this creature is just as afraid, and wants nothing more than a friend himself...

  • Those Who Love | Phan
    85.6K 5.6K 28

    Dan is a prince - and a different one at that. Usually you'd think that being a prince is a dream come true, but not for Dan. He just wants a normal life, normal friends, maybe a boyfriend... Finally, he gets the chance to move to a place far away from his small kingdom and live with his Auntie Eleanor. The problem? H...

  • Suicidal Tendencies
    18.6K 758 15

    Travis is tiny and suicidal. Eric is human and cares. *trigger warning: suicide, self-harm, etc.*

  • Grey Skies / Tate Langdon X Reader / AHS
    629K 18.4K 48

    COMPLETED (Set a year after the last episode of American Horror Story : Murder House ) " I'm (y/n) what's your name" you say with your hand out in front of him for him to shake. He looks up at you and smiles "Tate" Tragedy seems to run your life, after an accident takes your parents away from you, your aunt moves...

  • How To Be a Tumblr Girl
    40.8K 731 7

    So Here I'm going to be teaching you guys all about how to be the classic "tumblr" girl Even if you don't want to fit in to the classic mold this will also teach you about some cool styles that are very in. So I really hope you guys enjoy!

  • how to be indie
    29.4K 436 5

    basically a guide on how to be indie bambi !! this prob sucks but oh well [ lower case intended ]

  • how to be aesthetic tips ☾
    172K 1.9K 15

    in this book that I'm writing, I'll be showing you tips/tricks and much more on how to be aesthetic on |almost| everything \book written on June 25, 2017\

  • Sanders' Sides Oneshots
    1M 49.4K 200

    **this book does not and will not have triggering content. Anything that mentions or has anxiety or panic attacks in it will be warned at the beginning** THIS BOOK HAS BEEN COMPLETED. I HAVE A NEW BOOK OF SANDERS SIDES ONESHOTS THAT YOU CAN ALSO READ IF INTERESTED. THESE ARE NOT X READERS, BUT SHIPS BETWEEN THE SAND...

  • a girls guide to grunge
    84.4K 2.2K 20

    quotes, lyrics & grunge style tips. basically my life in a book.

  • Talking to the Moon ✔
    532K 32.7K 63

    | Previously Featured | | Book One of the Moon Chronicles | "To hear, one must be silent." The Power of the tongue and intelligence of a human being is what makes them different from God's other creations. It is what makes them powerful, it is what makes the human being rule every other creation. But they forge...

  • Harry Potter and the Hounds of Hogwarts
    156K 4.4K 19

    What happens when a boy wizard is raised by a highly functioning sociopath? Harry Potter ends up adopted by Sherlock Holmes, how will his story change?

  • transgender ➳ phan
    17.3M 689K 197

    my name is dan, not danielle × somewhat based off of the short film boy (HIGHEST RANKING: #2 in fanfiction)

  • The Badger And The Snake; Phan/Harry Potter AU
    108K 5.8K 32

    Dan Howell is a curious Muggleborn who doesn't know the first thing about magic. On the train ride to Hogwarts, he meets a raven-haired, blue-eyed boy who soon becomes his best friend. *** Also on ao3.

  • Experimental Disaster- Youtuber Fanfiction
    55.2K 2.5K 33

    Dr.Argasi was once a respected scientist, until his latest serum started killing his test subjects. Now after five years he's ready to make a come back and prove him self. Dr.Argasi has secretly kidnapped five Youtubers to turn into supernatural creatures to show off and fight. Dan Howell wasn't meant to be picked, bu...

  • doodles ↠ phan ✔
    221K 12.6K 50

    "i haven't even met you, and i miss you." --- Soulmate AU where you write something on your arm with pen or marker and it appears on the other person. Idea from a Tumblr post by @/Let_Gavin_free --- lowercase intended short chapters intended [ COMPLETED ] this is the cheesiest and most cringe-worthy thing I've ever wr...

  • He Speaks Suicide (Phan AU)
    117K 4.3K 34

    TRIGGER WARNING: If self harm, blood, abuse, suicide, etc disturb you, then maybe this isn't the fic for you. I have plenty of others if you don't like the subject of this one. Do you ever just want to be a raindrop? Falling and falling until you hit the ground and that's when it all ends. **This fanfic will contain...

    Completed   Mature
  • Emotions
    50.4K 1.9K 24

    In a world every soul has an emotion. There is no way to hide an emotion. It is merely impossible! Your emotions are visible because they change your eye color. Your eye color depends on your emotion. Red: anger Blue: happiness Green: tired/sick Brown: sadness Purple: overly excited Yellow: scared Pink: love T...

  • Hermione Granger and The Marauders
    136K 4.6K 10

    Hermione, Fred and George have managed to go back in time further than a anyone has before. 20 years back to be exact and Hermione fears that they'll never be able to return to their time. Hermione goes out of her way to try and find a way back with the help of Lily Evans while Fred and George decide it would be a goo...

  • incarceration //phan
    40.6K 2.8K 20

    ('LETHAL' SERIES PART II) Phil's life has been thrown off balance, now trapped in a foreign world with no known way of escaping, it seems his life is leading from one extreme to another. There's no friends, no Dan and his morale is at an all time low. His surroundings and everyone he thought he knew and loved are bein...

  • The Most Beautiful Forbidden Fruit (Phan)
    22.9K 1.4K 7

    "Never fall in love with a human, for it is the worst fate to fall upon a witch." In a world where witches and humans live side-by-side, a war breaks out after the two species procreate, producing bloodthirsty children. As a result, the government puts laws into place: Witches and humans must never fall in love or bea...

  • Hawk and Dove
    105K 5.2K 20

    Phan AU. In a world where super powers plague people all over the world, Dan Howell fights to keep his emotions and pyrokinesis under control. After years of success, Dan is outed and whisked away to a school that claims to teach him to use his abilities "safely". Still unable to control the fire that seems to rage un...