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    In which I supply you with covers. See inside for the rules/form.

  • Satan's Playground | H.S.
    607K 6.3K 6

    "But remember, babe," he warned her while his green eyes sparkled with amusement, "the devil can morph into anything he wants to be. This is why you should stay away from strangers. Humans trust one another so easily, but aren't we all strangers? Strangers with similar likes? You think you know a person, and you don't...

  • Let It Snow [Niam]
    5.6K 437 14

    "The lights are turned way down low. Let it snow Let it snow Let it snow." An illustration of Niam's love in the winter time. All rights reserved to queenouis ©2014

  • Five Steps Into Your Heart [Nouis]
    6.7K 423 20

    Niall Horan's life is made up of millions of unidentifiable blurs. And, well, Louis just so happens to be the loveliest blur that Niall has (n)ever seen. △ 3rd place in the 2015 Holiday Bromance Awards △ © 2015 (Completed) all rights reserved to queenouis.

  • Sincerely, Starfish [Narry]
    905 56 10

    When Harry Styles- a seventeen-year-old boy forced to waste away his days tending his father's ice cream parlor- loses his motivation to live a life of fulfillment and grandeur, a stranger will come into his life to correct his happiness. Their journey begins with a measly message in a bottle and ends with a shocking...

  • The Saint's Warrior (Belong #1)
    20.7K 979 20

    Bellona Valenti has been born into the world she despised with her entire heart; the world of guns, blood and death. Being a 21 year-old mafia princess and a Cosa Nostra woman has always pushed her into the shadows of men that ruled their world. Her only freedom was painting the nature and walking around barefoot. Adr...

  • The Demon King's Angel(On Hold-Currently Not Updating)
    849 100 15

    ~From a young age, the children of Ireland have heard the horrifying stories of Bálor a terrible creature who rules over Hell. Far worse and more evil then the Devil could ever think to be Bálor and his army of demons have wreaked havoc all over the world for hundreds of years. When Angelica turns twenty she learns he...

  • Finn Balor One Shots
    29.3K 1.1K 89

    Just a simple little book of my Finn Bálor (Fergal Devitt) and reader one shots. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the WWE superstars or workers that are mentioned in this book. This is all purely fiction used for entertainment purposes only. I do however own the written material in this book so please do not for any r...

  • Forbidden Desire (Student/Teacher) Needs Edited
    111K 2.5K 64

    ~What happens when the person you want is off limits? When a student and teacher have a forbidden desire neither can contain? Lessons are taught, naughty secrets are shared and love may be the end result.~ copyright © 2018 WishingForBálor, All rights reserved. No part of this story or it's characters can be used or re...

    Completed   Mature
  • Skittles⚣Nouis✔️
    132K 5.6K 38

    "Why does your ass always taste like skittles?" "Taste the rainbow, be the rainbow, Daddy." Louis likes Skittles Niall likes Louis All rights reserved 2016®CockyLilo you steal my story I'll eat your soul *rawr*

  • Jaspar One Shots (boyxboy)✔️
    29K 809 67

    I absolutely adore Jaspar so much I decided to make my own one shot book. All works in this book are mine I created them myself and would appreciate if they are not stolen as they are copyrighted. I do not own any of the YouTubers in this book I'm just using them for entertainment purposes. Copyright ©nutellapretzel a...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Cellar
    25.7M 526K 33

    For months Summer is trapped in a cellar with the man who took her - and three other girls: Rose, Poppy, and Violet. His perfect, pure flowers. His family. But flowers can't survive long cut off from the sun, and time is running out...

  • The Life of A Not So Typical Fan Boy (Niam/Ziall/Larry AU)
    322K 14.4K 25

    Niall Horan is your typical directioner. His social life is pretty much non-existent as he spends so much time looking and fanboying over the newest pictures of One Direction, searching up the newest news on them and arguing with Elounor shippers over the fact that Larry is indeed real. One Direction is the world fam...

  • Caged • Robbie Kay/Peter Pan •
    2.1M 78.4K 45

    "Because you've forgotten what it's like to actually feel something." I whispered. Peter's expression softened and the only sounds between us were the steady unsynchronized breaths falling from our lips. He swallowed, the closeness of our bodies making my heart beat faster and adrenaline course through me. The feeli...

  • Gone with the Wind ~ Ziall Horlik short story
    67.7K 3.2K 7

    The wind is something that has always fascinated Zayn Malik. No one knows why he's always outside, smiling when the wind caresses his skin and hair. Never has he said a word. People think he's mute, but he just doesn't want to speak. He keeps his thoughts to himself and the guys in his school don't appreciate that. T...

  • Ours (Zianourry Family/Lilo AU)
    923K 29K 48

    Louis and Liam's life couldn't be more hectic. Between working, and taking care of two children, things can get pretty crazy. As if having a five year old and a one year old isn't enough, the couple is asked to become foster parents for a 16 year old boy. Things will be rocky and secrets will come out but one thing wi...

  • Suicidal Love (Nouis BoyxBoy)
    46.1K 1K 16

    Abused, motherless, and unwanted. Niall Horan's life is a wreck; but that all ends when Louis Tomlinson joins his high school, and enters his life for the good. Louis intends to help him after Niall confides in him with all the darkest secrets of his life, and while he vows himself to turn Niall's life round for the b...

  • Ziam One Shots
    1.2M 26.6K 60

    My Ziam one shots all in the same place. Because they kill me. Enjoy. ***Warning: May cause serious damage to your feels***

  • Crazed. (Harry Styles)
    16M 430K 99

    All the bright, precious things fade so fast... And they don't come back.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Demon's Angel (N.H) (Editing)
    15.3K 397 33

    ~"Chaos is an angel who fell in love with a demon." The world is a place full of 'demons' and darkness a place where evil things happen that are far worse than in any story. Niall Horan is a dark person one so dark that some believe he himself is a demon straight from the deepest pits of Hell. When Niall sees Abigail...

    Completed   Mature
  • Letters (A Dark Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)
    5.8M 136K 81

    Trinity was an ordinary teenage girl. She wasn't one of the popular girls, but wasn't looked down on, either. She was just sort of there. Boys had never really shown any interest in her, skipping over her like she was just another brick in the wall. But when Trinity starts sending letters to an imaginary 'Mr.Perfect'...

  • Forbidden (Niam Student/Teacher)
    132K 3.9K 23

    Convinced he won't ever fall in love, that he'll always be what his peers call him, the Horan Whore for his whole life, Niall struggles to find somebody to be emotionally attached to; even the people he sleeps with. Even his 'best friend', Zayn Malik, who only sticks by him because of the sex. In a sense, you could Ni...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hi! I'm Niall Malik (Niam/Larry)
    2.6M 60.8K 40

    (1st Place in 1D Bromance Award Summer 2013) Niall Malik, the little brother of Zayn Malik is finally allowed to go to a normal public school, like his brother instead of being home schooled. For 15 years of trapped willingly in the house, Niall is excited to meet new people and mingle with Zayn's friends. Liam Payne...

  • The Ghost Counselor [Ziall] [MAJOR EDITING]
    817K 27.5K 48

    [COMPLETED] [MAJOR EDITING i am re-writing some of the characters and taking out parts and re-writing them, so this may seem confusing to read right now. as of today, chapters 13/42 have been edited] ❝ It's the unexpected that changes us. ❞ The one where a not so normal teenager discovers he's inherited his family's u...

  • A Studious Affliction [Ziam] [Student/teacher]
    946K 29.6K 27

    Whilst Biology was never considered to be Zayn's favourite subject, he's sure he's going to have to reconsider, what with the almighty Mr. Payne teaching the class. How had he never noticed the impossibly sexy man before? [Warnings: smut, boyxboy action, major feels and a tendency for over-arousal, spanking, and proba...

  • The Water Boy (Narry)
    13.6M 249K 63

    "He's the star and all I am is the water boy." [#1 Fan Fiction. **First Place (Popular Narry) / 2nd Most Voted Story in the 2014 1DBromance Awards (Olympic 2014)] [Going through a 2nd Edit] Cover by: NarryBuddy

  • The Knight in Leather Armor
    8.5M 174K 77

    "Nothing gold can stay." -Robert Frost Twitter: @Atlantis094 Cover: The Floz

  • Stole My Heart (On Hold)
    4.8K 237 12

    I never meant for things to get so out of hand. They told me to pretend to date him, stop him from causing drama, never in a million years did I think that I would ever get so attached. He fixed me, taught me how to love again and made me feel things I hadn't felt in years. He made me feel wanted. Somewhere along the...

  • Psychotic (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)
    72.7M 1.1M 54

    "I loved her not for the way she danced with my angels, but for the way the sound of her name could silence my demons." - Christopher Poindexter

    Completed   Mature