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    Betrayal, love, and tragedy. Dive into the most beautiful love story of Nasreen Izzaddeen and Aqeel Mukaila AbdulWahab.

    Completed   Mature
  • Maimoon
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    It is a story about a typical Fulani Muslim girl with a perfect background and up bringing from a very wealthy family, who later meet with a destiny that totally changed her and left her hanging on a thin thread of her real self. It is a story about love, sacrifices for love and the consequences of that. Maimoon will...

  • Lost faith
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    #58 in spiritual (21/04/18) #84 in spiritual (24/03/18) #98 in spiritual (23/03/18) This is story about Rashidat. A girl who lost her faith. Why? We'll get to know as we journey through LOST FAITH with Yasmeen ML. This is not a happy story. This is a bumpy journey with lots of ups and downs, rocky paths and mountain...

  • Rays Of Love 💕
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    Somewhere in the renown Abuja city lies the eminent Rayville American University owned by the multibillonaire tycoon, Hassan Shashi. The school was attended by the upper crusts and the old money, heirs and heiresses of successful enterprises and princes and princesses from prominent kingdoms. In this monumental school...

  • The Mechanic's Wife (Preview)
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    Disclaimer ***Before you start, this book is now just a preview, don't ask about the rest of the book. It will be available in prints in sha Allah. Not on wattpad*** Scrolling down her phone, Zeena was reading her message log, when suddenly she stopped at a particular one that sent her heart racing, sending shivers d...

  • TRYING TIMES (teaser)
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    Nafeesa was particularly happy today because it was the day she had been waiting for since she enrolled into her junior secondary school. Little did she know that the happiness was soon coming to an end. ........ Nafeesa was a beautiful girl loved by all especially her parents and their family friend turned big brot...

  • Entwined by Destiny
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    As humans, we all make plans but Allah is the best of planners.Four cousins thought they had their lives all sorted out.They all had plans for the future but what they didn't anticipate is what destiny had in store for them.... Fateema:She was a sweet, jovial and highly intelligent young lady until the nightmare that...

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    Wutar kara is a journey of two women that despite being together are different. While Hajo is the arrogant and rude type, Bilkisu is the humble one. Both were married to different men with different status. And both had different destinies. I thought to share their journeys with you. Enjoy