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  • Love Goes With Crazy: Male Fire Bender Reader x Azula
    1.7K 88 1

    A proud soldier of the fire nation, a powerful fire bender and son of an admiral. You were soaring through the ranks and gained the attention of the firelord himself as you are requested to tag along with the Princess herself, Azula, on her mission to capture the avatar. What happens when two maniacal minds share the...

  • Skyrim : book 1 - the dragonborn found (continues in my next book)
    11.4K 244 14

    My skyrim books series (or the first one) its a selana x male reader but our vampire will only appear in my fourth or third book

  • Believe, Believe The Dragonborn Comes (male dragonborn x female skyrim)
    37.6K 530 22

    You are Dovahkiin, Dragonborn. Born with the body of a mortal, but the soul of dragon. The Dragonborn is one of the many legends that are intertwined with the history and lore of Tamriel. Many Dragonborn have appeared throughout history. The previous Dragonborn had sacrificed himself to defeat the Daedric Prince of De...

  • Heart Of A Killer : A Cinder Fall Fanfic! #RWBYWATTIES
    18.8K 639 43

    Everyone knows CinderFall as a murderer. She's a ruthless killing machine bent on destroying anything she wants to. But she's not. Everyone believes that she is destined to destroy Remnant as they know it , mainly because she's determined to kill the people who ruined her perfect life. She's a ticking time bomb be...

  • The Dual Bender
    253K 4.3K 68

    Korra x Male Reader. There is a prophecy that came to be whilst the first Avatar, Wan was traveling the globe learning new elements. That one day a brother and sister would be born on the same day exactly one year apart. Each of these two benders, however, would be able to bend 2 of the 4 elements and have unlocked a...

  • Liberation (Remnants of Men)
    1.5M 27.5K 40

    When seventeen year-old Runner was sentenced to death for stealing a loaf of bread in MegaCity One, his dreams were literally at an end. But then he opts to sign up for the Remnants of Men, a government sanctioned search for a rumoured fresh water lake beyond a radiated wasteland. At first, it seemed like a second ch...

  • The Electrical Conduit. Male Reader x Korra
    464K 5.9K 41

    There is a prophecy most have never heard of. That one day a person will be born that can bend the powerful force of nature known as electricity to their will. Most Avatars never hear this prophecy till now that is. Tenzin gets a feeling he cannot shake. The prophecy has come to pass and tasks Korra with finding them...

  • (Rwby x Male Reader) Years to Remember
    66.1K 1.1K 32

    This is a RWBY reader insert. A story of you in the same school as RWBY. Will you complete the mission or disobey your Boss. Will you let love consume you or will darkness consume you. All will be shown here as you follow the story of a boy in his adventures at Beacon. This story was inspired by @The_Night_Stalker...