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  • Deku's Misfortune AU
    261K 5.7K 37

    what if deku's dad disappeared? what if deku's mom was murdered? what if deku's foster care program only brought abuse? what if deku almost drowned? what if deku's plain to america crashed? what if deku has had a lot more misfortune? what if deku got a quirk? and what if deku was adopted by endeavor to be used as a hu...

  • Izuku Of The Dragons
    465K 6.6K 23

    Warning! Major Characters Death!!!! A Very different story along with a quirk Izuku Izuku X Momo Izuku has dragon slayer quirk and gets adopted by Aizawa and begins his new adventure.

  • Captivity
    68.9K 2.7K 37

    Izuku Midoriya was taken away from Inko Midoriya at only the age 7 by The Villain League. He grew up with The Villain League as one of their own, but Midoriya still wanted to be a hero. At age 15, he was able to attend U.A but The Villain League gave him a mission. Kill Shouto Todoroki. *Characters from Manga will ap...

  • Fixing Broken Metal (RoyEd)
    122K 4.2K 25

    Edward, Sergeant Brosh and Lieutenant Ross are all captured. When Major Armstrong, Lieutenant Hawkeye, Al and Roy go to save them, Ed is badly hurt. Mentally and physically. He won't talk about what happened. Roy decideds that its his job to fix Ed and over time, falls in love with him

  • Some Teacher
    567K 19.8K 47

    "Nagisa-sensei, why did you decide to be a teacher?" Kirasaya asked. "It was in middle school," Nagisa said fondly, "I had an amazing teacher, and he inspired me to become one myself. He helped me realize that I wanted to mould young minds." "Was he really that great a teacher?" Kirasaya was skeptical, but Nagisa ju...

  • Behind Green Eyes
    64.3K 1.1K 5

    Everyone at UA Highschool think they know everything about Izuku (Deku) Midoriya, but do they? Deku has what's known as MPD ,multiple personality disorder, and could hide it pretty well and in the time of quirks each different personality has their own Now for a festival class 1-A puts on a host and hostess cafe. Beca...

  • NaruxGaara The Heat
    21.4K 497 16

    ok Ik i have another story but im stuck on it bc this one keeps getting in the way so i figured id write this one out and hopefully clear it up this story is different its about Naruto and Gaara if u don't like this kind of thing then dont read it fair warning now heavy Boyxboy and may or may not include yaoi i dont o...

  • Mustang's Mind Games (RoyEd)
    126K 4.6K 24

    Ed just doesn't understand Roy Mustang. He plays mind games with Ed. And Ed has had enough. One minute, Ed and Roy are fighting. The next, Roy is making a remark, and causing Ed to grow flustered with a furious blush. Its eating Ed up inside. Its all he thinks about it. And Ed has had enough.

  • tomorrow | tododeku
    162K 5K 24

    todoroki feels that his whole life isn't his own anymore. every single aspect of it is watched over by endeavour, from his future as a hero to even his love life. being forced into a relationship by endeavour, he can't be with the one beloved, midoriya. or can he? #22 in Todo...

  • Roy X Ed
    1.3K 22 1

    Completed   Mature
  • Ban's Sister, the Eighth Deadly Sin (Slow Updates *TEMPORARILY*)
    91.5K 2K 23

    The Seven Deadly Sins. Wanted criminals being hunted by the Holy Knights and everyone else from the kingdom of Liones. What if I told you there was another Sin that was part of the Seven deadly sins. The Eighth Sin, The Sin of Fear, Breyanne. Also known as the Undead's Sister. That's right, Breyanne is Bans Sister. Br...

  • Love Is What You Make It [DISCONTINUED]
    325K 9.1K 40

    This story uses the Omegaverse and has no Quriks. Izuku Midoriya is an omega who runs a small cafe called 'P🐾WS' goes to the club with his friends for his birthday when he bumps into a man about his age with the greatest scent he has ever smelled Shout Todoroki is an alpha and the heir to a rich company called Endea...

  • Just Believe Me
    66.2K 2K 7

    When Edward Elric tries to tell his boyfriend, Roy Mustang that he's pregnant, Roy thinks it's all a bad joke. Though after that, Ed leaves Roy disappearing from his life. When Roy finds him again, Ed has a young girl with him who has black hair and golden eyes. I'll give you guys one guess on who the parents are... E...

  • Ships with Dei (Pictures) [COMPLETED]
    132K 4K 200

    // The description is the title boi, I say a few things here and there in Spanish, although it's still mostly English, puta bida- okno. Either way, the pictures are the important part // La descripción es el título, la mayoria del libró es en Inglés, aunque si digo una cosa u otra en Español. Igualmente, las fotos so...

    Completed   Mature
  • Behind The Uniform (RoyEd)
    98.2K 4K 14

    "What?! The stupid mission requires me to wear the uniform?!" "Yes Fullmetal. You'll blow our cover if you don't." "And I'm being sent with you?!" "Yes Fullmetal." Edward Elric had been assigned on a mission. An undercover one. Him and Roy Mustang, Ed's superior, were assigned to go on the mission together. What they...

  • The Flowing Alchemist [FMAB Fanfic]
    116K 4.1K 42

    You are the Flowing Alchemist, one of the strongest state alchemists. You can pick up the skills of any alchemists as long as they are by your side. You also have the ability to transmute without the circle. You also have automail limbs... I think we all know what that means. After losing everything you become a stat...

  • The Military's Dog (RoyEd)
    47K 1.8K 15

    Equivalent Exchange. The basic law of alchemy. It begins the chain of exchange. The passing of information, rules or even traditions. But that's not always the case. Roy Mustang needed stress relief. Edward Elric needed information. They make a deal. There's only one rule to this deal. Everything that happens, me...

    Completed   Mature
  • Akatsuki Yaoi oneshots
    39.3K 693 8

    Basically my favorite Akatsuki yaoi ships and even yours too, all you have to do is if you don't see your favorite ship (Akatsuki characters only please) just leave a suggestion in the comments section.

  • Foolproof
    34.6K 923 10

    Shinsou was sure this plan was fool proof. He'd planned all night to make this work. Just hopefully he wouldn't mess it up. This is a ShinDeku fanfic/one-shot! Shinsou x Deku/Izuku. WARNING: this is boy x boy. Don't like? Don't read! As for others Enjoy! :3💙 This is now up for adoption! Please message me if you seri...

  • Royed Is this what you wanted?
    917 35 4

    Roy leans one inch from Edwards face* "Is this what you wanted?"

  • Yes, for the love! (RoyxEd)
    15.5K 313 15

    So, this is some RoyxEd fanfiction. It has 15 chapters. Hope you like it. For more leave a vote. And yeah,..... enjoy! - Boora- chan

  • Pyrokinetic Hero
    91.6K 1.9K 11

    What If Deku didn't became the next successor to one for all, instead he got combination of his parents quirk. What if he became the top student at U.A

  • Inherit With Two Quirks. [BNHA]
    314K 4.4K 47

    Izuku Midoriya, he was an unlucky one, he was born without a Quirk until he met All Might and his mentor, Nana Shiruma, they give him their half Quirk called One For All. And thus, he also received one more Quirk from Nana called Painrance. [~] The pairing is Dekumomo, aka Izuku Midoriya X Momo Yaoyorozu, because why...

  • A Different Outcome
    40.3K 1.4K 34

    After his near crushing defeat from Natsu, Cobra is betrayed; Friend becomes Foe. With that in hand he joins up with Natsu and the others to put a stop to Nirvana. What happens after? Natsu x Cobra Cobra x Natsu

  • The second war
    26.7K 1.1K 33

    when the alchemist have to invade ishaval again, Edward is called to action in the front lines. mustang has no idea that his "little" alchemist is going to war until it is to late to get him out.

  • Fawn and Nyx ❤
    17.1K 394 17

    Fanfiction about the characters from Tinkerbell, Fawn and Nyx. There seemed to be an unspoken chemistry between the two that I wished they would've explored. But seeing that it was Disney, they wouldn't have. Since they aren't continuing the movie series anymore. This story is a way to try and continue it from there...

  • Heaven Was A Place On Earth (Yandere Urushihara x Reader) On Hold
    532 29 13

    (Yandere Urushihara x Reader) Warning this story contains:Death, Gore, mentioned rape, kidnapping, blood, angst, heavy depressive themes, Stockholm Syndrome, and many more proceed with caution at your own risk no further warning shall be given. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Y/n)'s pov It has long since felt as though the w...

  • You're An Angel to Me [ Lucifer X Reader ]
    4.3K 167 10

    You're name is Riley, and you live next to Emi, hell if it wasn't for Emi you wouldn't have your job or your best friend. But what happens when one day you go to with Emi to Sadao's for dinner, and you meet urushihara