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    「C O M P L E T E D - 방탄소년단」 KNBB PART ➋: Kamanyakan ng Bangtan Boys KNBB PART ➌: Kagaguhan ng Bangtan Boys SCofKNBB: Bangtan Porneber +reached 1 million reads ❥ 02/04/17 +reached 2 million reads ❥ 08/15/17 +highest rank achieved ↴ #1 in kalokohan #1 random in what's hot list ❥ 09/11/16 ❥ 10/16/16 ❥ 11/10/16 ❥ 12/21/16...

  • A night with Suga and Jimin
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    Your past out at the bare when you woke up to see someone there looking at you. You and jimin fall in love instantly

  • wi-fi password | yoongi
    2.9M 169K 15

    "hey so my wi-fi kinda broke down and i was wondering if i could use your wi-fi? if yes, what's your wi-fi password?" in which a girl who tries to figure out her neighbour's wi-fi password.

  • Perfect Timing~ Taegi {boyxboy}
    5.4K 256 1

    Taegi one shot~ An accidental kiss can reveal a lot of things.

  • Bts Taegi 💖 K.TH + M.YG
    13.5K 292 6

    taehyung and Suga's moments

  • I NEED U GIRL ♡ {Min Yoongi} - Livro 1
    819K 59.1K 69

    [Capa da maravilhosa @chanbreak ♡] Léia é uma garota tímida que acaba se mudando para a Coreia do Sul por causa do trabalho dos pais. Ao chegar, é recebida por uma menininha e seu irmão mais velho que, futuramente, ela descobre ser colega de trabalho de sua mãe. Por causa disso, eles acabam se aproximando e, conse...

  • 1. My Bad Boy [Yoongi]
    1.9M 61.7K 26

    Hes so intimidating. Yet, he has a soft side. And I'm drawn to it. -Sequel is Saving Us-

  • Let Me Know BTS;Suga
    2.5M 74.4K 36

    I wish I never met you, because of you I'm letting you inside. I know you will destroy me and leave me broken, but I can't help but feel free when I'm with you. Let me know if you will hurt me, even if you will I'll enjoy the pain you bring me even if its just for a while. Kim Solbi has grew up watching her father liv...

  • Are You Cheating?
    439K 14.3K 41

    "Let's break up," His words pierced through my already fragile and worn-out heart. I knew it would hurt but it would be for the better. It's better to get a breakup than continue suffering each and every day. "I have no objections to that,"I replied. "Great. Let's announce it tomorrow," "You mean you're already prepar...

    713K 14.5K 131

    All kinds of saddening,angsty,sweet and friendly and fluffy Imagines for all you BTS Fans out there, This book will be a rollercoaster ride through all your emotions,Imagining your self with your beloved bias, in endless situations.The feelings will be hard to decipher, If you want a fluff, and beautiful experience...

  • Unknown number (yoonmin)
    352K 18.4K 44

    Yoongi gets a text from unknown number saying that they want to break up with him.

  • bts texts
    4.9M 235K 101

    "hey" seen. "stop leaving me on seen" seen. "i love you." replying... 060917 - 1 in fanfiction

  • Let Me Tell You Something
    144K 6K 4

    "Let me tell you something: I'm really happy na nag right swipe ka nang makita mo ang profile ko." "Let me tell you something: Me too. And one of the best thing that ever happened to me is that we became a match." Nang ma heartbroken si Liana, her friend, Jane introduce her to the world of Tinder. Doon, nakilala niya...

  • Destined with the Bad Boy
    37.3M 959K 95

    [COMPLETED] #1 in Teen Fiction Frans Abigail wants to forget her best friend whom she's fallen in love with. As she's creating new memories in her new home and new school, she suddenly met the most annoying guy in the campus! Christan Apxfel Gonzalez is the campus' heartthrob. Gwapo, mayaman, mayabang. That's how she...