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  • Professor Layton And The Abandoned Mystery
    889 86 5

    'A puzzle already? The reminiscence of the Professor announcing his most conventional phrase; "This reminds me of a puzzle!", typically complemented by his trademark smile brings a sensation of warmth to Luke. Their mystery solving days were back.' After an unexpected reunion of the crime-fighting, puzzle-ambitious tr...

  • Professor Layton and the mysterious disappearances
    3.7K 144 11

    After an adventure in the future London, Luke must move away. But soon the famous archeologist Hershel Layton receives a letter from his apprentice. People have been disappearing mysteriously. Under these people is Clive Dove, who had just come out of prison, Flora Reinhold, who disappears shortly after Professor Layt...

  • Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorney. The R Case. [Under Edit]
    8.6K 247 25

    Professor Layton and Luke travel to Paris to help Inspector Vergier catch the Rhythm Thief, Phantom R. They meet a young detective, Lana Hope. Phoenix, Maya, Pearls, Trucy, Athena and Apollo head to Paris on holiday hoping not to defend anyone. That all changes for them as they are dragged into one situation then ano...

  • Professor Layton and the Angel's Prophecy
    20.8K 773 56

    The highly anticipated new adventure in GentleAaron's series. 'Angel's Prophecy' takes place two years after 'Love In All Adversities'. "Doom to the thief, who steals lives, meddler of time. Doom to the curse against nature, the impossible man in the top hat. Doom to the gentleman and his apprentice. Doom to he, for h...

  • Professor Layton and Death's Shadow
    2.1K 110 13

    Eight years have past since the events of The Lost Future and now 18 year old Luke has gone into his second year at college. However, after three girls have disappeared, Luke needs the Professor's help in solving this mystery before it's too late.

  • Professor Layton: Keepers of Conundrum
    1.2K 70 27

    Foliis Dohim didn't expect psychics of all things when one of her college professors asked her to solve a mystery. Upon arriving at the place of the strange occurrences, a cast off town by the name of Psylias, Foliis and her companions, Faith, Fey, Lucy, Scarlet, Casey, and Byrne, are met with by a multitude of odd th...

  • Professor Layton: Love In All Adversities
    12.4K 333 35

    The sequel and final part of the Love In Memories two-parter. The heroes escape from the thrilling finale in 'Memories Of A Time Gone By', but the Heartbreaker's true plan is revealed and Layton and friends are helpless to stop it. How does the Heartbreaker know Claire? This and more will be answered as Hershel solves...