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  • Void Stiles Imagines || REQUESTS OPEN
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    Cute and Sexy Void Stiles imagines ❤️

  • Dylan O'Brien When..........
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    Stuart, Dave, Stiles, and especially Dylan

  • Alone [1] #NoMoreBullying
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    (THIS BOOK IS CRAP, IDK HOW IT GOT SO POPULAR, I wrote it when I was 12, so it may not be the best. So please don't critique my younger self because I know this is shit) Stiles Skilinski was possessed by the Nogitsune. The Nogitsune killed a whole bunch of people and Stiles couldn't control it. A week after Stiles is...

  • Killer Love// Void Stiles( AU/bwwm) (MAJOR RE-EDITING)
    27.9K 196 36

    " Some Love can be nice, but some can be killer."

  • Are you sorry that you can't have me now?
    12.3K 374 6

    Stiles got kicked out of the pack by Derek after he confessed to the latter. He also found out that none of his "friends" care for him as they all bully and taunt him. Stiles was depressed until he got caught by Mr.Jang who is a psycho alpha hunted by the Hale pack in this story. He got CPH4 forced into him and gained...

  • Leverage
    106K 3.6K 23

    With the Alpha pack in town wanting Scott to join their pack, they decide they will do anything to get what they want. Even if that means using his best friend, Stiles, as leverage to do it. This is all in Stiles' POV. I might decide to do someone else's POV towards the later chapters but if you guys read it, please l...

  • Dylan O'Brien Fact Book
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    This book is full of unusual facts about Dylan O'Brien

  • Void stiles Imagine
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    Some of these Imagines belong to Tumblr And some of them belong to me I will mark this saying MINE on an imagine that belong to me!! PLEASE enjoy!!

  • Wolf In The Scorch
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    Spoiler alert!!! A few parts are from the scorch trials movie other parts are from the book!! Don't read unless you've seen the movie and read the books!! ------------------------------------------------------ The boys were sent to a safe place after escaping the maze. But they weren't happy when they left, they lost...

  • Mini Stories To Evil Love series
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    Hello!! If you haven't read the evil love series then don't read this it will be hard to understand stuff! But if you have then go ahead and read this!! This book is about mini stories of y/n and voids family life Please read the other four first books to understand this!! Thank you and enjoy your reading!!!

  • Ripped out my soul UNDER DEEP EDITING
    33.8K 1.3K 33

    Allison, sweet, strong, kind Allison has died. The pack miss her and would do anything to have her back again . So they all set up an Ouija board so they can talk to her . They contact a spirit , but not the right one. ....And Stiles will have to pay the price and blood will be on his hands once again. And a very fami...

    Completed   Mature
  • Evil Love
    198K 5.9K 21

    Void stiles X reader! What if you fell in love with void stiles? Would he treat you right? Would he make you cause chaos like he does? Or will he take care of you and love you forever? Read this to find out!!! [ Book 1 ]

  • Becoming a villain
    56.3K 2.5K 17

    [ book one - Evil Love ] [ book two - becoming a villain ] Please read book one to under stand the second one!! It's already been 2 years, y/n and void had left beacon hills for good. Less trouble was caused when Scott wasn't able to find us. Void and y/n were able to start a pack just like they planned. Void still ta...

  • Baby Trouble
    51K 2.3K 26

    [ book 1: Evil Love ] [ book 2: Becoming The Villain ] [ Book 3: Baby Trouble ] Y/n and void have a baby in there pack now. The hard part is to take care of it and make sure he is healthy. But what happens if he goes evil like void? Or a werewolf like y/n? Kyle's like might change from all of this supernatural stuff a...

  • Turn Back Time
    18.1K 834 15

    [ Book 4: Turn Back Time ] [ book 3: Baby trouble ] [ book 2: Becoming the villain ] [ book 1: Evil Love ] - - - Kyle and stiles have been together for a few years now, Kyle is turning 16 in a few weeks. Stiles ended up telling Kyle something surprising to him. He ends up telling him he needed to head to London for a...

  • Brothers Till The End [ON HOLD]
    3.5K 183 8

    Stiles Stilinski is nothing close to normal, especially after his encounter with the Nogitsune. Being crushed by the guilt of everything he was made to do, he pushes everyone who cares about him away, including his father, his brother and the entire pack. But that's not the least of his problems. What happens when he...

  • Hunted (TeenWolf FanFiction)
    6.5K 298 29

    There's a new girl in Beacon Hills. Stiles falls head over heals for her. However, there is only one problem, she's a Huntress. Her name is Liv Martin and her hatred for werewolves, kanimas and other mystical creature is so strong. It's unbelievable. Stiles knows she won't do anything to him because he's human but w...

  • Maze Runner Imagines | Request Book
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    Only doing: Minho Thomas Newt Gally Alby Winston Chuck Teresa Frypan

  • Dylan When
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    read the title

  • Boyfriend {Dylan O'Brien} *ON HOLD*
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    "What if he was your boyfriend?" Elliot Lloyd is a small town girl who has the exact same blue jeep as Stiles Stilinski. Her best friend, Kyla Kolseth, freaks out about it like every day. Elliot doesn't really care that she has the same car as Stiles. She lives with Kyla and Jackie in LA. With Stiles's jeep, she gets...