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  • hope // jack dail
    32K 756 16

    "Hope is that little voice you hear whisper maybe, when it seems the entire world is shouting no." ~ discontinued ~

  • jessie's girl ⇔ christian leave
    58.5K 2.6K 24

    christianleave: i wish that i had jessie's girl:( ||2016 © vernonchews||

  • Pressplay's Photographer: Baby On Board?
    27.2K 590 18

    "Wes. I'm pregnant" I said into the phone. See what's going to happen now in this sequel to Pressplay's Photographer:Wes Tucker Fan Fic. So don't read this until you read the first story!!

    Completed   Mature
  • Pressplay|| Wesley Tucker
    4.2K 50 21

    Taylor Baxters younger sister joins Pressplay. While she is on the tour she becomes close with Wesley Tucker and they developed feelings towards each other. Or Imactuallywes: I like her more than a friend but I don't know how to tell her or what to say Emilybaxter: he's my best frien...

  • PressPlay's Photographer:Wes Tucker Fanfic
    85K 1.9K 33

    So she's a normal teen who likes the internet and netflix. One email may or may not of changed her life. Could she possibly be touring with Pressplay? Will a certain someone take an interest in her while on this tour? Could his name be Wesley Tucker? Just read to find out how this certain tour could change this certai...

    Completed   Mature
  • Drew Phillips
    12K 188 32

    Lol IDEK I'm bored. Btw drew phillips & smut ;)

  • iMessages
    110K 2.5K 43

    Unknown: Hey Gwen! Got ur number from ur friend with crazy blue hair Gwen: who the fuck is Gwen and who tHe fUck is this bLuE haired fRen I have ???? // im sooo lazy to rewrite this and lowk fix it cause i know it's bad but yikes :// i was mad young yo, sorry guys //

  • ~Anxiety~Christian Akridge AKA Christian Leave (fanfict)
    54.5K 852 29

    Warning: this story contains some content that may offend some users or influence them to do something that they shouldn't. Read at own risk. Also I would just like to mention that Chapter 1 and 2 are like an intro, Chapter 3 is where things get interesting:) Comment any questions or suggestions and enjoy!

  • irresistible / cody herbinko
    29.9K 790 25

    what can you say?, he was irresistible.

  • The Kidnapper {Cody Herbinko}
    34.8K 1.2K 67

    Emma is your normal everyday girl. She has a great brother and a happy life. Other than the fact that her Dad is abusive towards her and her brother, Chad, mostly her though. One day her dad randomly decided that they are moving to Pittsburgh. When they arrive Emma meets the mysterious and dangerous Cody Herbinko. She...

  • The School Bad boy | Cody Herbinko
    101K 3.4K 19

    "Brooke it's okay ... I know I'm hard to resist" he smirks.

  • twitter • Cody herbinko
    4.4K 162 21

    we met through twitter (:

  • «wings»cody herbinko
    5.3K 183 6

    a story in which a girl [maya] with a tattoo of wings on her wrist finds her angel | lowercase intended

  • Torn up
    3.3K 126 11

    Lia Grant doesn't have much excitement in her life but a week away from home could bring more into her life than she could have asked for.