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  • TWD: Just Another Reason to Hold On (Daryl x Reader)
    103K 5.4K 65

    "No feelings," you say. "You mustn't have feelings" His ice cold blue eyes, his signature crossbow and his bike. You fear the living and the dead. Especially after you've been captured by dirty, dirty people. Daryl's saved your ass twice already. You need him. One. More. Time. ((Completed and is soon to be edited))

  • TWD: Just Another Boy to Discover (Carl x Reader)
    76K 3.3K 33

    "Because I needed to put them out of their misery," you respond. His intense, bright, blue eyes. His sleek, long, brown hair. His smile that's hard to hate. You just can't get enough. When it started, you were independent, only Flare was there to accompany you. However, just like that, you join a group. Rick and his g...