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  • Family | Tfp AU
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    Bumblebee can hardly remember a time without his foster sister, Firestar, in his life. He and his father took her in when he was only 10 and she was 8, so they've been like siblings for the majority of their lives. However, unlike Bumblebee, Firestar's birth-parents are still alive, and for the past 7 years have been...

  • Collection
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    Willow was born in northern Oregon USA before promptly being abandoned by her mother on the streets. She was raised for her first seven years by a con artist, being left to fend for herself for another year when he was arrested. Shortly after her eighth birthday, she was forced into the foster system, winding up in Gr...

  • Pictures And Transformers One Shot Attempts
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    this is my first time at anything like this and updates will probably be slow due to school and my utter lack of skill. Oh, and then their are the pictures. Please leave a comment or an idea.

  • Book Of Scrap!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I know everyone has done at least one book of randomness but I just have a lot on my processor, right now. So, due to writers block, I am going to do a book of random ranting or just whatever! Might include some language. I don't curse in real life, but I might in books, so this one contains some language I normally w...

  • P U R S U I T(Coming Soon)
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    A depressed and lost teenager struggles in pursuit of something; someone.

  • Titans from Space. (Transformers Prime) (Wattys 2017)
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    *Ahem* After reading different stories about OCs meeting the Autobots, I decided to attempt one. This won't be like the others you read about, unless there is one out there like this. Then I apologize greatly. I don't own the picture, I don't own Transformers. I only own my character and the idea.

  • Cybertronian Heart
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    (Transformers fanfic) (The sequel to Robotic Love) Dear reader: My name is Victoria, I was chosen by a species called Cybertronians from the planet Cybertron at a young age. I saved the world along with my friends, comrades, and my new boyfriend Bumblebee. Peace was restored upon earth, but everything was to peace...

  • I did this because everyone else did.
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    Hey! I'm cliffjumper or just cliff either way if fine by me! [cover art created by: @SG_optimus_prime ]

  • Transformers Prime AU (Book 1) (Wattys 2017)
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    This is an Alternate Universe where Team Prime is a human family. Optimus is a single dad who is struggling to raise his small family after an accident. Gosh dang it! I'll work on the description later..... Don't own Transformers.

  • Pictures of my adventures with the bots!!
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    These are the pics I've taken during my adventures with the bots!

  • Transformed (#Watty's2016)
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    So I woke up today. And I was human. Hu-man. Not bot. Not anything other than bot, unless we're speaking human. By the way, my name is Bumblebee. And being human, means I'm now a mute. Great. My day is off to a wonderful start. How awesome... Not to mention, I nearly get expelled from a human school, the cons get a da...

  • My sketch book
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    I'm doing this for two reasons. 1. I want to get advice 2. I thought it'd be fun to have all my art in one place Thanks for reading and there's probably gonna be some A/N later on! - J /DISCLAMER/ All the drawings posted are mine so please do not steal any artwork, if you want to use my drawings ask permission first...

  • Book Of Cuteness
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    Who could say no to cute, adorable little transformers. I know I couldn't. Cuteness overload! WARING: YOU WILL DIE FROM CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!! I don't own any of the pictures, or transformers.

  • Family
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    The Rebellion was frowned upon by all Cybertronians that were fighting in the Great War and anyone who was in the Rebellion, meaning that mech or femme was a rebel, was hunted by bounty hunters and law enforcement and punished for the crimes that the Rebellion committed. Rebellion members stole, cheated and many other...

  • Alari's Doodles of Awesomeness Book
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    Ahoy there! Welcome to my Awesome Doodling Book! Here I would be posting art of my drawings Ye guys can also request drawings as well Enjoy!!!!!

  • The Hunt (TFP Book 2)
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    These are some one shots that happen after my story called 'The Incident'. The sequel is shortly after. The Autobots are still human, and they face new challenges as they try to create the formula to turn back into Cybertronians.