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  • A Taste of Sky
    126K 966 3

    A Wattpad featured novel on Romance's "Love Bites". "He wasn't in love with her. He was in love with the idea of her. He was in love with the idea of Sky."

  • defect : a one shot collection || ✓
    25 4 2

    a series of one-shots celebrating individuality and acknowledging special needs. Copyright © 2018 Just_Jae

  • These Stories Of Ours
    249 93 18

    In this planet, there are over 7 billion people living. All with different names and backgrounds. No one can tell the future but one can tell of the past. It's not always happy, but we try to move on. We all have stories to tell and someday these stories will be passed on. Will they like our stories, be inspired by i...

  • broken beauties ° ksj
    3.3K 721 24

    ❝everything is gray under these skies❞. she held the water in her hands, slowly a drop escaped through her fingertips only to be covered by another set of hands . a kim seokjin shortstory © solastae 2018 (highest ranking in shortstory #225) ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ Book 2 DRAWING FOR THE COVER ISN'T MINE AND CREDITS GO TO THE O...

  • A World Without Words
    155 12 8

    Now is everything and nothing at all. We suffer in silence when we should be speaking. Speaking not only for ourselves, but for everyone around us as well. - note: all different stories with different illnesses on hold

  • bookstore blues
    465 22 12

    where a girl calls a bookstore to place a hold but accidentally calls a boy that hates books All Rights Reserved©GloriaSimon|2016

  • little lady | ed sheeran
    206 29 5

    | BASED ON THE SONG BY ED SHEERAN AND MIKILL PANE | On her thirteenth birthday, Tanya Birkins receives a card. The card brings opportunity and a chance at a spectacular summer vacation. But what happens when everything isn't as good as it seems, when eye thing changes as soon as it's time go? Follow the life of a youn...

  • What Will You Do If I Die Today?
    1.6K 69 26

    About a girl who liked to eat healthy and smoke weed. Delirah Cruz isn't suicidal. She wants to die. She doesn't think of a million ways to kill herself. She imagines herself in the shoes of the million people who are dying or already dead. Quintin Cruz is damaged despite his step-sister's secret efforts of keeping h...

  • Labels
    153 16 5

    ''People usually wonder what's wrong with me because I, unlike them, see humans instead of labels''