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  • Guys, I Don't Think We're In Kansas Anymore... {DC UNIVERSE}
    1.4K 94 14

    Have you ever wished to run with Flash, fly with Superman, kick butt with Batman, or stop crime in Star and Jump city? We did... and our wish came true. Read the adventures of Cait, Cas, Cam, Kris, & Bree when we get teleported into the DC Universe! ⚡👻️🔥⌛️💎 We don't own DC!

  • spiderboy ⊳ peter parker
    846K 33.7K 66

    - HE IS THE SPIDERBOY SHE SAID "WEB YOU LATER, BOI" OH SHIT HE IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR HER - i'm blocking you. peter parker decided to call aunt may after the brawl in germany. turns out, it's not his beloved aunt.

  • Book Of Random!! XD
    51 7 2

    In this book I do drawing requests, sketches, dares and etc.!!! I have a bad feeling about the dare part though...but Nevermind!! Have a nice day!! :D

  • 50 Random Ways...
    6.3M 37.7K 23

    Need a good comeback? Need a good revenge plan? Need to cure boredom with randomness? Well you've come to the right place! :D

  • Alone in Both Worlds (Kakashi)
    1.5M 47.7K 73

    Asoka Rose is an isolated girl who lives her life in her fantasy. Her sanity had been lost long ago. And as she is transported into the Naruto World. Her home,and perhaps a (big) crush has been found as she is brought to the world of Naruto. Will she remain Alone? As she had been for all her life? (This i...

  • Desire (Kakashi) - Indefinite Hiatus
    511K 15.1K 43

    Crazy and wild, four teenagers are transferred into the world of Naruto and found by a certain sexy silver-haired ninja. Warning: Funny situations, mild cursing (that's a lie --there will probably be a lot), and A LOT of fluff.

  • What the frik are all the Naruto Characters doing here?
    370K 11.1K 52

    This is a fan fiction about three adopted sisters living in Kyoto, Japan. There are both in their third year of high school and still obsessed with the popular anime Naruto. Nobody goes near them, and their adoptive parents live in Tokyo, Japan, except from when they visit to keep up the pretense every few months. One...

  • Going Down (A Niall Horan Fanfic)
    453K 10.7K 33

    Andi Griffin has a problem. It was something she had always kept to herself, until her parents saw her legs and stomach at the first barbecue of the summer. Shipping her off to the mental institution three states away, Andi has to deal with her mind, her heart, and the ones around her. It was starting to all work out...