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  • OC Reference Book
    3.6K 143 14

    ( UNDER CONSTRUCTION ) If you don't know, OC stands for original character. You're welcome. Here's a bük where I'll cram all my wacky OCs into. Just a warning, they are weird. Check for adoptables!!! (Under construction)

  • Necromancer For Hire- Arc 1
    17.1K 2.5K 29

    Arc 1: A Cry For Help Umbra Mortis never planned to be a mercenary, it just sort of happened that way. That fateful mission in Ereith completely shook up his life-- and now he's in the fast-paced and dangerous world of hired guns-- and he's still trying to raise a family! ---- Umbra and his son Victor live a standard...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Art of Guessing
    29 2 3

    I'm an army brat, no way around it. Granted, I'm also nobility and a wanted revolutionary. I'm getting ahead of myself though. This story's not just about me, it's about an entire country, and how I saved it with just a raven, a wolf, the moon, death, and a college professor. A really hot college professor.

  • Slenderfluid's Asshole OCs
    7.4K 491 22

    i love coming up with OCs but i never do anything with them so i'll just stuff these assholes in this book

  • "Thank You." «Cony One-Shot»
    9 1 1

    ★ A psychic unaware of his powers, accidently summons a not so threatening demon. ★

  • Modern Prometheus
    591 121 7

    in which a child tries to play god

    4.4K 232 21

    Read the fûcking title XD Honestly its just stuff I find on Google and stuff. Rawr.

  • fine, great
    171 14 9

    will (noun); 1. just some fuckboy who refuses to realize what he's about to lose 2. a kid in sunglasses fighting desperate unhappiness conquered so far only by apathy and drug addictions

  • I Saw Her Scars
    13.5K 431 11

    Sequel to I Kissed Her Scars Connor hasn't been the same since Emma died. He seems to have become totally different which causes everyone around him to worry. So has Rylan. His previously perfect life is now crumbling down in flames. They seem to be each oth...

  • my grandpa has fallen in shreks deep hole
    449 36 1

    shrek is love shrek is lyfe. the sad love story of my grandfather and shrek

  • I said i'd die for you (sad emo love story)
    2.3K 39 1

    She loved him but he didn't love her back until it was to late...

  • Can I tell you that Zalgo is my father? ON HOLD
    777 10 1

    Just a fan fic that I thought of after I watched 'Slendy hates malk' xD Hope you enjoy.

  • Cyber Love (BEN Drowned Love Story)
    615K 18.7K 55

    Jenevee is living alone without family, friends, n'or a life. Nothing would ever happen to a no-life, right? Wrong. She's in store for much more than she thought. Could she handle the overwhelming events or leave the love of her life to go Bac to suicidal thoughts.

  • Killer mansion ( Creepypasta story )
    853K 20.4K 62

    Aiko is a girl who lives in an apartment all by herself. She loves music, anime, fan-fiction, and MOST of all Creepypasta stories. one day she finds a creepypasta on her computer and one in her living room?!? She then gets soon swept up and finds herself at the home of the creepypastas!?! the creepypastas include Jeff...