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  • Strings Attached (Harry Styles FanFiction)
    14.1M 242K 38

    DISCLAIMER: This story was written in late 2012. I wrote Strings Attached as an adolescent with no idea how a healthy, adult relationship should function. This story is dark and twisted in a way that my teen mind couldn't comprehend at the time. There are more than a few scenes in this book with sensitive content...

  • Backwards // Book One
    54.3K 1.7K 38

    Charlie just married the man of her dreams, Harry Styles. They're madly in love and ready to start their lives as newlyweds. However, what happens when problems arise and things don't go quite as planned? What if things start going...backwards? Started: December 16, 2013. Finished: January 2, 2014.

  • When Everything Disappears (Completed)
    11.7M 139K 46

    She doesn't remember anything. Their first date, their first kiss, the first time he bought her flowers, their first fight. She doesn't even know who he is. She's forgotten something horrible, something no one wants to remind her of. So what exactly happens when everything disappears?

  • PS, I Love You (Completed)
    2.2M 54.2K 30

    From eight year olds to eighty-eight year olds. Letters from Liam.