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  • Outbreak | J.V
    69K 2.1K 13

    After meeting, Jerome grows an interest in Zoë despite his future plans.

  • Jerome Valeska Imagines
    3.4K 79 2

    Laughter is contagious least that is what a certain redhead says

  • Falling for a Maniac- Jerome Valeska Fanfiction
    411K 10.4K 60

    Scarlett, James Gordon's niece, met both Jerome and Jeremiah when she was young and visited the circus. They all quickly became best friends but a toxic love triangle formed, Scarlett oblivious to it all. What happens when on her birthday one night she goes missing and meets a certain ginger some years later but can't...

    269K 6.2K 40

    Jerome, Ian, and Cameron. Enjoy out little firecrotch. Don't forget to comment! -Bambi ;)

  • Agent of Chaos: Jerome Valeska Imagines/One-shots
    3.6K 134 2

    What's not to love about our crazed Jerome Valeska? He's got charisma, charm, a lovely smile and an amazing laugh. And god that laugh is just to die for! So are you a fan of this agent of chaos and love a good short story to read? Then take a peak into my collection of imagines/one-shots! It'll be the best decision yo...

  • 2 | One Shots x J. Valeska
    23.3K 572 5

    Request imagines about the hot psycho that murdered his mom and enjoy. ♡

  • 1 | One Shots x J. Valeska
    72.8K 2.9K 23

    just a series of one shots / imagines about your fav Gotham murder ♥️