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  • Anime Zodiac Signs.
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    ✺Anime Zodiac Signs✺ ✎Who is your anime boyfriend/sister/brother/bestfriend or Rival? ✎What would you do when *Random Scenario* *Requested anime character* ✎Who anime guys would fight over you? ♡Read This To Find Out♡ Rankeuuu~ #36 in random |071917| #34 in random |072017| #30 in random |072317| #24 in random |072317|...

  • Made Into a Rogue
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    "Heather you will be doing six hours of training for your behavior today." The Alpha decided looking at me with hard eyes "What?! I already told you Chloe did it! this is bull-" "Enough!" His voice boomed through the office making me stop mid sentence "Eight hours of training plus dish duty!" He slammed his hand on...