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  • (PRN) Signed, Your Biggest Fan!*
    44.5K 3.3K 49

    "A tale of obsession through the eyes of a fanatic." Every tomorrow is a bold question mark for the motherless child Ivy Valentine. But one constant in her life that always offered smiles and hope was purple music. So one day at the age of 16, she decides to write a thank you letter to her favorite musician Prince. ...

  • Silent Temptation
    677 51 2

    Layla is a divorced real estate agent who finds herself stuck completely alone late at night for a last minute home inspection on an old Victorian mansion. Rumor has it the old place is haunted...but is it really?

  • Musical Chairs
    12.2K 798 11

    After one too many blind dates, Harmony is about done with men...until one date brings her more than she ever bargained for... Story cover courtesy of @wrecka_stow . Thanks girl. :)

    Completed   Mature
  • Fantasia Erotica
    1K 52 2

    The year is 1788 and a musical virtuoso is taking Europe by storm leaving in his wake broken hearts and racking up insurmountable legal fees. The show is an extravaganza of sex, love, and God, but at what cost? With their debt continuing to collect, his crew is losing faith in him... in his music... All seems lost, ye...

  • Gett Off | Prince Imagines
    34.9K 1K 16

    An imagine book about Prince. . .anything can happen.

  • Adore
    8.9K 418 11

    "I'll never hurt you," he said as he wiped away the stray tear that ran down my cheek. I scoffed and pushed his hand away. "That's what they all say," I said, standing up and dusting off my pants. "What make you so different?"

    80.9K 3.8K 42

    Vivian, an accountant for one of the biggest superstars in the world, is at a crossroads after a stumble in her relationship. Does she want to continue being a crutch for the one she loves or does she want to live for herself and have uninhibited fun through unconventional ways. Strong sexual content. Be advised. 18+ ...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Purple Rainbow
    917 115 16

    This isn't going to be some fictional love story... (No shade btw) but In this book I'm going to talk about my admiration for him, his music, and some things about him that I'm sure y'all can relate. I want to dedicate this book to him.. His Royal Purpleness ☔ - D

  • Almost Famous
    20K 1.7K 31

    Before he had fans he had her.

    Completed   Mature
  • Carrie.
    12.9K 739 31

    Mtv is holding a contest! Whoever's the lucky 100th caller will get to go on a date with Prince and he'll escort you to your prom! What happens when that 100th caller happens to be Carrie White...yes, THAT Carrie White. How will things go? *A romance story mixed with horror*

  • Sign O' The Times: The Cross
    1.9K 157 5

    The more things change, the more they stay the same...Prince knew that all too well. He was nearly 29 years old and was starting to question himself and the world too. Being in his beloved Minnesota, it always gave him peace of mind. And so did his music, in fact with the release of his new album, there was more truth...

  • The Online Experience
    131K 7.5K 60

    It's the mid 1990's and Sydney is a graduate student who spends her evenings exploring online chat rooms. What happens when she makes an online friend and tries to help him through one of the toughest times in his life. Inspired by the song My Computer. Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.

    Completed   Mature
  • Pop Life
    41.3K 2.6K 41

    What happens when you come home from college and you and your best friend want to become more than what you are but are too afraid to go there? Follow Regan on her journey back to Minneapolis to catch up on old times with Prince as they attempt to fight their desire for one another.

    Completed   Mature
  • Who Am Eye?
    10K 835 17

    The year is 1994. The Artist finds himself in a situation no one ever thought could happen. How does he get out of it, or perhaps more importantly, how did he get there in the first place?

    4.9K 210 20

    1984, Brooklyn NY, Inside a toxic and the start of an abusive fling between Denise Matthews & Prince Rodgers Nelson, will this toxic romance drag them out of the gutter or put them six feet under?

    Completed   Mature
  • Pop Life: Volume 2
    29.7K 2.2K 44

    Regan is confronted by her past in front of her future. Everything was going great for Regan until her life takes a turn for the worst when her ex boyfriend Marcus Jones shows up. What will happen when the truth comes out about Regan's hidden past. Will her relationship with her friend turned lover be tragically ended...

    Completed   Mature
  • Joy & Difficulty.
    12.8K 740 11

    "Joy is the best makeup." Cat Glover as Joy Lockley PRN as himself.

  • Neglected Desires
    63.4K 3.8K 40

    Alexa and Prince have been friends for years, but now it feels like something has changed.

  • Lover Prince Imagines
    6.6K 259 42

    Table of Contents... 1. For You 2. Soft & Wet 3.Do Me Baby 4. Get It Up 5. Nasty Girl 6. Private Dancer 7. International Star 8. This Could Be Us 9. Delirious 10. Lady Cab Driver 11. Let's Go Crazy 12. Sexy MJ All these songs titles by Your Majesty of Purple Funk now has matching imagines around that song Era...

  • International Lover
    21.2K 891 17

    Short stories about the one and only Prince! These are things that I have come up with in my mind but don't want to turn them into actual books. © 2016 by GettOff

  • Mirror Mirror 17 Fold
    3.4K 201 10

    I had always wondered why Christopher Tracy wore a wedding band. Was it a gentle reminder for him to one day to become an honest man or was there a deeper story. I decided to come up with my own reason... Sex and Laughs how can you go wrong. As Chris navigates through life as a gigolo in France a chance meeting with t...

  • Diamonds and Pearls [PAUSED]
    2.8K 166 9

    When a young woman's dream comes true nothing can get in the way of that happiness. Until the people she loves and trust betray her and bring immense pain into her life. Causing her to become cold until she learns how to heal.

  • Temptation
    18K 1K 13

    A beautiful woman with hidden talents, already said her I do's but .... Still not satisfied .... Until she has a wild experience with the one and only pop star .... The level of sin, lust and intensity is very high .... Can she handle what comes to her? Can she control herself? .... Your just gonna have to wait and se...