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  • bad things ➡ luh
    1.8K 57 3

    "i wanna do bad things with you."

  • demented ⁂ luh
    87.3K 2.5K 39

    "You will be mine again." ⁑ January, 2016 - October, 2016

    Completed   Mature
  • [ puberty ]
    73K 1.6K 21

    "Dam, how she look so fine" " it's called puberty fuckboi" -- This book is honestly full of bullshit

    Completed   Mature
  • murder house ✧・゚ luh
    507 45 2

    a normal girl meets a spirit and falls for his ways. ✧・゚ loosely based from the first season of american horror story, murder house.

  • blackmail + d.luh au
    722 40 3

    written by angie;; @http-luh + "i dont think you would want the whole school to see these" "dont you fucking dare!" + lowercase intended

  • kik » d.l
    25.4K 707 14

    "hey mami whats good" "ummm... do i know you?" "no, but i know you" "weirdo"

  • milf; d.l
    12.3K 773 9

    a story in which derek meets a young mother and becomes totally infatuated with her and her son. started; 5/10/16 completed;

  • negotiations 》derek luh
    831 40 1

    she needed help with her homework, so she agreed to fuck him everyday, as long as he would do it for her. - in which a girl makes negotiations to get out of doing her homework. inspired by classic fuckboy books. copyright; blessupluh / freshleemamis mature content: language, drugs, sexual content, daddy kink,

  • Fuckgirl » Luh
    2.7K 107 1

    "If there is a thing called a fuckboy can't there be a thing called a fuckgirl?" - (Lowercase intended)