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  • Sin azul (SR #3) [BL]
    50.5K 4.4K 47

    Secuela de 6eis meses de la trilogía Solitaria Realidad. Tercera parte. "El azul es un color bonito, ¿verdad? El color del cielo, de su reflejo en el agua...También es el color que representa sangre cargada de oxígeno y vida. Últimamente solo veo sangre roja." La historia de Hugo Chance continúa. Justo cuando todo pa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Topaz Quartzes MSG/B
    35 3 1

    Go ahead and take a peek~

  • Truth or dare Steven universe
    3.7K 62 33

    Ask the gems anything u want or dare them to do cruel stuff!

    5K 499 48

    This ask book is inactive, there will be no more updates. If you have a question, go to the new one. (Cover art by star-vader on dA)

  • All about Me..JASPER book🔸
    603 77 11

    Its about Me... Jasper!! When ever I'm bored

  • Jasper x reader: Jasper's girl
    25.1K 541 9

    High school Au and Human Au I'm terrible at descriptions, just read to find out.

  • Jaspis College Au
    6.5K 233 13

    (Jasper x Lapis) Lapis is starting her first year of college. Everything seems to be going pretty swell. She has a group of good close friends and a really nice roomate, Peridot. After being convinced by one of her close friends, Amethyst, to go to a party, she meets someone that might change her life. (I'm gonna put...

    Completed   Mature