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  • Jannah
    95.5K 12.8K 14

    Read about Jannah Uthman, a twenty one year old girl who's trying to get justice for her deceased sister but everything becomes screwy when she meets Abdullah Abubakar Daggash, an ingenious state prosecutor, also known as Sheikh. She finds herself at a crossroads, teetering between vengeance and love.

  • Just the two of us 💍
    91.4K 10.4K 53

    "There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be..." "This story is a gripping tale of desire , jealousy , and unforgettable characters as real as the emotions that bring them together" This is a story about Khadija afrah and afaan , want to know more add to your library and read on , you won't regret t...

  • The Obsessive Ex Girlfriend
    648 139 7

    The love story of Ruqayya and Faisal 💕💋👑🔥🌚🌹💝💯🌈💞

  • Married To Baita
    7.8K 1.6K 16

    'I was your cure, And you were my disease,' 'I was saving you, But you were killing me'

  • IN-LAWS (Preview)
    73.4K 3.3K 17

    IN-LAWS. He's all she loved, Whom she trusted with all her might but she was lazy and uncaring. Khalifah broke Khadijah's trust when she least expected. Her best friend as her co-wife? That's hell! Meenah, her co-wife and her husband's cousin fought to be the favorite wife in all the ways possible. Who will win? Halim...

  • Jewels
    290K 37.6K 63

    Jawahir Malik Zayyad, the last thing she expected to happen to her is getting married. Especially when she has just finished high school and about to have as she thought, the best time of her live. All those dreams and desires were abruptly snatched away from her when her grandmother demands she gets married this inst...

  • Heal Me
    103K 11.4K 34

    Sebina Fadoul always wanted to lead a simple and uncomplicated existence, a very mundane life with normal pedestrian problems. But her wish seemed about as likely as the sun rising from the west. It was a beautiful dream, but a dream that was to remain just a distant desire, which could never materialise. And how cou...

  • Married To Mysterious
    127K 9.4K 48

    Highest Ranking #2 in triller. #49 in mystery/thriller In came the tall creature. I bend my head down to avoid looking at him. He stood at the door not moving. My heart beat accelerated and I desperately want this moment to end. Silence engulfed the room once again. I closed my eyes hoping he will disappear the momen...

  • Alkyabba
    949K 79.5K 40

    He looked at me with so much adoration in his eyes that made my stomach do double flips and my heart just melted. "I will shield you from all the harm in this world. I will make sure everyone accepts the shade of your skin and your brunette hair. You will never ever feel like you don't belong here anymore. You deserv...

  • Yasmin✨
    96.9K 10K 22

    Ranking: #37 in Spiritual 30th-July-2017 She is a neurosurgeon... He is a Businessman... She saves lives... He damages lives... She believes in happily ever afters... He despises happiness. What will happen when faith brings them together?. Can they survive a day with each other? Read along to find out!!

  • Safaa
    585K 69.6K 71

    Join me as I tell you the story of the timid and naive Safaa.. And how her moderate life took a turn within a blink of an eye...

  • The Mechanic's Wife (Preview)
    647K 18K 17

    Disclaimer ***Before you start, this book is now just a preview, don't ask about the rest of the book. It will be available in prints in sha Allah. Not on wattpad*** Scrolling down her phone, Zeena was reading her message log, when suddenly she stopped at a particular one that sent her heart racing, sending shivers d...

  • Behind The Cold Curtain.
    269K 26.7K 43

    Here is a girl who is confident about about all her acts and being, whose presence commands respect, whose aura screams respect, who doesn't take shit from nobody, who doesn't need anyone's help nor pity to survive.... That girl is Maryam Waheeda Ishaq Muhammad Fulbe. But behind the cold curtain lies a past she's drea...

    134K 15.1K 55

    Read and follow how a couple finally found their HAPPY EVER AFTER 💕💖💋👣👑💏🌚🐾🌹🌈

  • SULTAN {Preview}
    436K 17.1K 18

    #1 in Sultan, more times than I can count. "Promise me, promise me oh brother, that you will take care of Sultan, promise me you will rule this Empire justly and truthfully in my absence. Promise me you will guard the throne for him, and when he reaches the age of 21, promise me you will marry a righteous woman for h...

  • Our Treacherous Bond
    158K 15.8K 64

    You've stumbled upon a thrilling, unique Islamic love story worth reading. CONGRATS! My first book on here. NOV. 2015. © * not edited yet. Might encounter a lot of errors, misconceptions, cringe worthy lines and misinformation. Have patience, read for the sake of humor, laughs, chuckles and what evs, I urge you not...

  • Rays Of Love 💕
    294K 35.1K 42

    Somewhere in the renown Abuja city lies the eminent Rayville American University owned by the multibillonaire tycoon, Hassan Shashi. The school was attended by the upper crusts and the old money, heirs and heiresses of successful enterprises and princes and princesses from prominent kingdoms. In this monumental school...

  • Change of hearts (EDITING)
    837K 81.1K 50

    A love story of a teenager Ruqayyah Ameen.. Ever since she was born,she took over her parent's heart cause of her outstanding character,she's beautiful of course, outspoken,kind,fragile at times,and most importantly cares about her tradition,religion and her loving family.. Follow me to find out how her life changed w...

  • Finding Zarah:A Hausa Lovestory
    968K 93.9K 40

    Fatima Zarah Adam is a Teenage 18 year old girl. Calm and Intelligent,she stands out amongst her five sisters. Beautiful,pretty and disgustingly polite,she heads to find out what life offers for her immediately after completing High School. She ends up in Paris,the city of love. And there....... Ahmad Al Akbar is the...

  • Muslims In Love
    4.2K 388 11

    Many girls were obsessed with a new Arab guy who's new to town. Amina wasn't really into guys as much she wanted to focus on her school work and get good grades. ****************************************** But after she saw the new guy everyone was talking about, flashbacks started running through her mind about this...

  • Muslim Girls in Love
    24.1K 1.1K 28

    Maysara Ahmed is a 19 year old Muslim Egyptian-American girl living in California with her family. After her best friend becomes her sister in law, her entire world changes. Amira, Maysara's sister in law, has cousins, who end up being the perfect husbands for Maysara, and her other best friend, Tesneem. This story i...