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  • The Death of Me
    4.9K 934 32

    Daniel and Thomas concoct a plan to fake Thomas' death, but their plan backfires, resulting in Thomas' real death. Or has it? ***** After Thomas is rejected by residents of Clairfield for publicly and shamelessly coming out as gay, he convinces Dani...

  • The God Complex: The Book Of Alan, Destroyer Of Worlds
    3K 481 59

    God has returned to save us all, but who will save us from God? A lot changed in the Fifteen years after they announced the world would end in our lifetime: London segregated into the five stages of grief; work became a leisure pursuit to maintain sanity, and Chocolate Eclairs became the most valuable commodity on the...

  • Apartment 239
    439K 17.4K 46

    Abe Barrett is surrounded by ghosts - some of them are even his roommates! But now Abe's visions show something dark coming, and it wants Abe dead. ***** When Abe Barrett's family died, he started seeing ghosts. Soon he was living with three of the...

  • Poor Things (Wattys2018 Winner)
    243K 18.5K 63

    || Highest Rank - #1 in Horror || Wattpad Featured || After a tragic accident, football star Joel Harper finds himself rolling his wheelchair into a new school in a strange town. Soon he's making friends of misfits, taking lessons in Iron Maiden, and dodging a ruthless bully with a penchant for switchblades. Little is...

  • The Sinister Fate of Joseph Redding
    38.2K 5.8K 24

    [Formerly Featured/Historical Horror] Masquerading as a gentlemanly bachelor living in Victorian England, Joseph Redding is a fraud amongst the living. After splitting from his partner in unspeakable, underground crimes, he must now pay the price for disturbing the dead. When a ghastly spectre reveals itself to him on...

  • The Deal
    4.1K 339 1

    (The Deal was optioned by TNT!) The mysterious Lee Cutter and his Carnival of Wonders hold a secret darker than any of the citizens of 1930's Junction City, Kansas can imagine. When Mr. Cutter shows up to town early one morning promising an end to the dust storms that have decimated the town's crops and stricken many...

  • The Lucienne Twins
    13.8K 596 6

    This haunting tale involves a young teacher, Mary Watkins, and her struggle to help Abigail, one of her students, cope with her twin sister's tragic death. But when mysterious occurrences plague Abigail's life, Mary discovers that perhaps the twin sister is not entirely dead and has not left this world.

  • Haniver Island
    3.8K 639 9

    After years of absence, a young woman returns to her island home, revisiting demons she thought forgotten. This story was originally written for "Dark Dreams" an anthology by @tenebris_somnia. After been expanded to enter TNT's horror contest, it made the top 35. 😄

  • Pick
    305 50 1

    #229 in Horror, once. Also a Top 100 selection in TNT's Horror Contest. Elaine DeLongis was just about to leave her desk at the Dayton Daily when she got the anonymous phone call: "My sister is at the bottom of Lake Pick." There were just two problems: Elaine was only the travel writer. And Lake Pick didn't exist.

  • The Folveshch
    335K 24.8K 23

    [Formerly Featured/Award-Winning Novella/#2 in Horror] There is something eerie about this village -- this hole of silent, maddened people. In 1922 my Papa told me of a faceless entity that lurks amongst us in our isolated slice of Russia. The locals have kept this horror alive for a century, though the only ones wh...

  • Solace
    489 50 10

    Solace is a short story series. Each story is a new character with a new dilemma and a different solution. It's a series about sadness, loss, betrayal, pride, death, happiness, injury, faith, humanity and much more. These are stories about real issues.

  • The Devil's Tree
    373 46 1

    Sixteen-year-old Kaitlyn wants to enjoy a typical Saturday night with friends. Instead, her boyfriend convinces her to go with him and their best friends to photograph a desolate tree with an evil past. . . but not all of them will make it back to town alive.