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    How every Captain Swan-shipper would have preferred season 7 to be like. Contains a lot of fluffy and smutty moments between our beloved couple ❤️ ▶️ May 22nd, 2018

  • Captain Swan: One of A Kind
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    Set in Neverland when Neal doesn't like a certain pirate. But will Emma keep running or finally listen to her guarded heart? Partly cannon

    Completed   Mature
  • YouTube Brought Us Together
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    Emma Swan. Killian Jones. Both very successful Youtubers. She does DIY's and he's a musician. They both are loved by their subscribers and fans, but there's just one little thing about them, they don't get along which of course fans loved. They thought it was just to get more views because who doesn't like a bit of r...

  • Blind Date
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    Emma Swan is a beautiful 28yrs old single mother with her 2year old son Henry. She has been caught up in work and motherhood. Killian Jones is a handsome 30yrs old Bachelor with no self-control. He uses sex to feel an empty void. When their friends set them up on a blind date and things arnt as they seem.

  • My Friend's Little Sister
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    Emma Swan (18) is David Nolan's little sister. She was brought into their family was she was only two and David was six. Killian Jones (22) is David Nolan's college best friend. He and David were college roommates. Killian goes to David's wedding in Storybrooke he meets Emma and they both just cant keep their eyes off...

  • Out of my league || Captain Swan AU
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    Emma Swan, 16 years old and lives in Sydney. She doesn't just look like an angel she also has a heart of gold. Then you have Killian Jones 17 years old. He lives in Drogheda with his brother Liam. Killian is the biggest nerd of all Ireland. 'Handsome' and 'Killian' was never in one sentence... What happens when they...

    Completed   Mature
  • Reunited
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    I found a few similar stories and got this idea. Taking Emma's plot line from Once Upon a Time and twisting it a bit is how I created this. Jennifer Morrison gives up a daughter at a young age after the father walks out. She finds her daughter years later

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    this story is after 2 years since ONCE UPON A TIME finish and how jen and colin's life will come closer after all this time, i hope you guys enjoy!!!

  • Colifer Comic Con 2016: One Shot
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    If any of you are still alive after Colifer Con 2016, I hope you enjoy this fanfiction. Some events are true, some most likely happened, just weren't divulged yet ;) Enjoy!