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  • When Kubo Met Sach
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    An Octonauts-Kubo and the Two Strings crossover collaboration by Adrian Mata ( @AdrianImpMata ), Emma "Peaches" Lupin ( @K9oftheTwoStrings ), and Isobel Jones ( @isobeljones2000 ) Sachairi is only a couple of steps closer to becoming a full-fledged Octonaut. Well, he was. Until the time where he ended up in a ra...

  • Countdown from Boredom
    714 12 6

    Sachairi Sea Otter is a lifelong fan of a game show called Countdown. A huge one, too. In fact, it's been said that it is the bane of his existence. So when one day, when his favorite show isn't on the telly, Sach finds himself on the mend from boredom... until a certain daydream seems to get him out of it. An Octonau...

  • Showing Shellington the Stars
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    A Doctor Who-Octonauts crossover collaboration by Adrian Mata ( @AdrianImpalaMata ) and Isobel Jones ( @isobeljones2000 ) When the Doctor accidentally lands in the wrong place at the wrong time, a curious sea otter decides to sneak into the TARDIS and pay a short visit. But after getting caught off-guard by the time-t...