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  • Once Upon A Time: Book Three of Jelsa Fairytale Series
    19K 1.1K 21

    [IN THE PROCESS OF BEING EDITED!] What would you do if your life was suddenly ripped from you and you were placed into a world that you didn't know anything about? That is exactly what happened to Elsa, Anna, Eugene, Merida, Kristoff, Jack, Rapunzel, and Hiccup; better known as the big eight. In October, the special d...

  • The Viking Archer
    52 4 9

    You are going to the Island of shadows there is a great mystery on this island. Tara a 18 year old goes on an adventure. She is invisible to people and also an outcast. But that was all about to change. Felity meets her new best friend.Teal and Magnus are night furies is the rarest dragon of all time, and she does...

  • The Viking Archer
    45 2 1

    REWRITTEN! 'Just before her wedding with Douglas Macintosh is about to begin, Merida discovers that she was a ransom baby - snatched from her parents just after her birth during a vicious war between the Vikings and Celts. Desperate to avoid a marriage that'd ensure the destruction of her freedom, Merida journeys to B...

  • Warring Worlds (Mericcup fanfic) [COMPLETED]
    6.8K 221 12

    The Scotsmen and Vikings are finally willing to settle their age-old dispute. But when tragedy strikes at a peace treaty, the two sides become even more determined to hate each other for ever. However, the Viking chieftain's son and the Scottish princess agree to journey the archipelago for the one solution to bring p...

  • Oceans & Sunsets (Mericcup)
    300 18 2

    •do you think the universe fights for souls to be together• Merida lives a very boring life, she wants more than just the basic life her parents and friends want her to have. She wants adventure, and change, but most importantly to be happy. Due to all these thoughts Merida's having, her parents decide to send her to...

  • Battle Cry | Mericcup
    26.7K 1.2K 37

    It started out as a feeling, which then grew into a hope, which then turned into a quiet thought, which then turned into a quiet word but then our word grew louder and louder till it was a battle cry -The Call ---- Merida Dunbroch is a 16-year-old princess of the kingdom of Dunbroch. She was forced...

  • The Big Four in The Host
    5.4K 223 8

    Merida Dunbroch refuses to fade away. The earth has been invaded by a species that takes over the minds of their human hosts while leaving their bodies intact, and most of humanity has succumbed. Rapunzel, the invading 'soul' who has been given Merida's body, knew about the challenges of living inside a human: the ove...

  • Princess and the Viking
    1.7K 160 17

    Scotland has lost everything. Berk and Scotland in war, the land was burned and barren. Scotland under attack by dragons. Feeling sympathy and hopeless. But something change. It is said that will o wisp will lead you to your certain fate. Right?. But what if the wisp is the one that lead to each other?. Is it their fa...

  • The Viking and the Mermaid (Hiccup x Mermaid reader) **DISCONTUNED**
    51.2K 1.9K 19

    [DISCONTINED] (Y/n)... just, (y/n). Cast out of her pod, weak, unprotected and scared swims away to her magic hiding place, the moonpool. The only place with magical potential on earth, that's why its so special to her. 10 years later shes made it her home, shes carefree, adventurous and has a great sense of humour...

  • When They Existed | A Mericcup Story (Warning: Super Slow Updates)
    1.2K 65 6

    It started a night in the period where Abraham Lincoln became president. Nobody believed there were Vampires, they just say they were myths and had no truth in them. But those who believe they exist, they call them the Demon's Children. Some even kill innocent people, just because they were scared. Merida was just a s...

  • Our Destiny (Merida x Hiccup x Astrid)
    46K 1.4K 45

    (Merida x Hiccup x Astrid) it is said that will-o-whisp will guide you to your fate. Merida's life is finaly perfect. Her relationship with her mom is great. There's nothing more that she wished for. till she met Hiccup. is this the 'Find love at our own time' thing? or is it just for friendship? well.. not after a ba...

  • Mericcup. You!
    858 49 5

    Merida and Hiccup meet in school and first impressions aren't great and they end up always arguing. However his friends and her friends start dating and they always end up being together. Will romance blossom or will they be forever enemy's. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • The Dragons Within Us
    395 25 9

    Merida Dunbroch is your average girl. She has average friends named Elsa, Anna, Snotlout, Fishlegs, Ruffnut, and Tuffnut. She also has your average bullies, Astrid and Hiccup. Yes you could say they're average. But everyone has their secrets. You wanna know theirs, read and find out.

  • Mericcup: Love is Eternal
    596 30 3

    Hiccup and Merida been friends since they were little kids. They haven't seen each other since 3 years. Things start to go crazy for Hiccup and Merida. Something happens between Merida and Hiccup that may end there feelings for each other. Will Hiccup get Merida back or will Merida be gone forever?

  • Forbidden Love - A Jelsa/Mericcup Story
    1.3K 56 4

    In Disney Dreamworks academy, the popular group isn't allowed to date or be friends with the non-popular group. One day everything changes. 4 people run into each two non-popular girls and two popular boys bump into each other it causes the girls to fall down. Will this change the non-popular and popular groups ways...

  • The Run Away (Merricup)
    1.1K 38 3

    Merida has always hated her life on Dunbroch, the constant visitors, how people expected her to married, and other things like that.  But she came up with a plan, she was going to run away.. Where she didn't know yet, but she needed a ship, or help for that matter. But who would help the princess? I guess yo...

  • Love is a Powerful Bond - A Mericcup Story
    1.5K 36 4

    Merida's mother making her marry someone she doesn't know. She runs off into the forest on Angus. She finds a wisp and wisps say they lead you to your fate. What do you think the wisps lead her to? Read the book and find out. Cover by SummerSnowQueen

  • How Mericcup Happened
    879 60 6

    He was quiet. She was loud. He was the sort of person who never knew where to sit in the cafeteria. She was the sort of person who would sit wherever she liked and make them like it to. He was an introvert. She was an extrovert. He spends his life trying to get away from stereotypes. She lives to break them. This is t...

  • Mericcup and the big 8
    561 38 3

    The big 8 have always been best friends, but lately everybody's been dating until hiccup and Merida are the last singles people in the big 8. Hiccup has always liked Merida but is scared to tell her, and Merida has recently realized she likes Hiccup but is also afraid to tell him. Will they play it safe and stay frien...

  • "I Didn't Meant To"
    1.1K 63 4

    Merida and Hiccup never really liked each other. In fact, they hate one another ever since they met each other for the first time back in the incident in preschool. But would it all change when they agree to pull every trick in the book to break up the stupid arranged marriage they're both stuck in? Or something else...

  • Lost and Found
    10.9K 363 10

    When DunBroch is attacked by dragons, Merida takes her brothers and flees, leaving her home behind her. When they wash up on the shores of Berk, what happens when she's offered a new home?

  • Find my past self A Mericcup story.
    483 6 14

    When she was ten, Merida washed up on the shorers of Berk with no memory. For years she was Hiccup only friend until he trained Toothless. Now they'er both 20 and engaged. Things couldn't be more perfect. But when word that Drago maybe causing trouble in Scotland. Will Merida find who she really is?

  • Save
    379 8 3

    This is a MERRICUP FANFIC a bit short cause I don't remember much cause it's according to my dream no worries I would try to remember the problem is I have another book to finish so I would update every midnight Thanks! :) ~MeridaWisp98 There was once teenagers who was best friend since 7 y.o. They have the same schoo...

  • Mericcup, The Dragon Spies (on hold)
    978 57 21

    Merida needs to move to a new place and a new school that's near where she's working on her spy mission. No one knows that she's a secret spy. She finds amazing friends at her new school and also a cute boy called Hiccup who has his own secrets too, Join Merida on this super mission of friendship, secrets and love...

  • Their Fates Collide
    6K 370 19

    Merida is a Scottish princess who just wants her freedom. Hiccup is a Viking who just wants to fit in. When they cross paths a friendship blossoms, but it's forbidden so nobody could ever know. Ever.

  • Hiccstrid V.S Mericcup
    44K 1.2K 43

    Cover by : @WhyJustNow ---- "Love is a game, if you loose, its game over."

  • Looks Don't Matter (Mericcup)
    2.5K 109 6

    Merida is a tomboy who secretly likes her best friend, Hiccup. One day, her best friends Elsa and Rapunzel told her that he actually likes her too, and is going to confess the next day. She gets excited but is upset when she found out that he was talking about her cousin, Heather. She then goes to the town's best styl...

  • Fate Changed My Dragon Heart **Complete**
    44.1K 1.7K 36

    It has been a year since Hiccup's Father Died and He became Chief. But things aren't as Simple as Hiccup had hoped to be. With Eret, Son of Eret living his village, He and Astrid have been getting closer. On the Day that Hiccup had decided to Propose to his Beloved Girlfriend, He stumbled on something that started to...

  • The Beauty In Our Fate
    11.8K 612 34

    Merida the daughter of the town's mayor, likes seeking adventure but she soon longs for something more... something more magical and can't help but feel there's something out there for her. She decides to seek it and try to ignore her parents plans of marriage, not accepting the idea of love. Until one day her father...

  • Arendelle Academy [high school AU mericcup jelsa RotBTFD Big 8]
    23.1K 1.1K 42

    Elsa and Jack are the new kids at Arendelle Academy. They are reunited with old flames after meeting, and new flames are soon to come, will they pulled apart or pushed together? For Anna, Hans was her love at first sight. They are now dating, and Anna loves him even more. The only thing holding her back is the sweet b...