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  • Smut/Grayson•Dolan
    511K 4.6K 31

    "Because you're my babe" THIS STORY IS VERY SEXUAL WARNING

  • Daddies Little Girl•E.G.D•
    255K 3.8K 45

    She loved him. She thought he loved her. But did he?

  • Dolan twins imagines (multi fandom too)
    50.2K 471 23

    Just chill and read bro

  • loner • the dolan twins
    120K 2.9K 29

    ___________ "Woah, who are they?" "Some people who'll never like us." ___________ @graysonic 2016

  • Living with a Fuckboy | g.d
    203K 3.7K 26

    adoration adəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/ noun noun: adoration; plural noun: adorations 1.deep love and respect. Under editing

    Completed   Mature
  • craving || g.d
    45.7K 503 4

    sex wasn't "just sex" when it was with him. it might've been a one night stand, but it's a one night stand never forgotten. it was never ordinary, and he always left you craving more. btw my cover photo was made my @dolanlips on instagram :)

  • Football Baby: An Ethan Dolan Fanfic
    837K 21K 52

    Alex was starting her freshmen year in high school and there was only one thing she was looking forward too. Football. Will she make the team? Will she meet someone special? Read along;)

  • Work ~ Dolan Twins Fanfiction
    5.2K 60 4

    Okay you are a 16 year old girl and YOU are the character. (Btw (yn) or (y/n) stands for: your name. Just letting you know.) Your part time job is a so called "maid". You clean houses. Your boss tells you that a boy called Ethan Dolan called for a "maid" to clean his apartment. What will happen? Is it going to be 50 s...

  • Dolan twin imagines
    16.8K 121 27

    Title says it all. Check it out.. request in comments

  • Dolan Twins Imagines
    14.3K 80 15

    Imagines of Grayson and Ethan Dolan ♡

  • alex's sister | ethan dolan fanfic
    236K 5.3K 40

    in which alex aionos little sister decided to join 4ou and starts falling for Ethan Dolan. [ currently editing! ]

  • The Last time • E.D
    143K 4.1K 32

    "... It was my last time to be with Ethan Dolan."

  • Dirty Daddy's (Dolan Twin smut)
    178K 823 9

    For all of my horny BromieOmies;)

  • Criminal
    51.1K 706 33

    "But darling i was so dead in the insides from the first place. So whats the point of a living body with a dead soul?" Twin brothers whom were once very close, move their separate ways after an illegal incident that results in fear, trauma, isolation & losing one another.

  • Babysitter
    185K 3.6K 53

    He was just babysitting her younger siblings

    Completed   Mature
  • Re-bound // Grayson Dolan
    13.6K 167 34

    What I decided to write at 2AM cus I couldn't sleep... A guy screwed me over for the 1000th time so I decided to hook up with a random guy as a Re-bound to get over the twat, but things turned out a little different and got a little too serious.... READ FOR MORE !!

  • Daddy's Little Girl
    51.5K 512 8

    Carla Frey is probably one of the most innocent girls you will ever meet. Grayson Dolan is the most feared gang leader in America. How do they meet? And will they grow an unexpected love for each other?

  • Only Just A Toy: E.G.D. G.B.D
    79.8K 1.3K 23

    "Am i just a game to you guys" I whispered. "IM NOT A TOY IM A HUMAN BEING. STOP TREATING ME LIKE A PIECE OF CRAP." I angrily stormed out the room thinking and crying over and over again. I hate them, I hate them and myself. Can Paige handle the twins or is she just a game. According to her, It's all a game.

  • Friend-Zoned
    2K 77 37

    Ella, a girl in love with her friend. Yet stuck in the "Friend Zone". Once finally getting out of that ugly stage something horrible gets in her way.

  • Dolan Twins Imagines
    727 5 5

    Pretty self explanatory^^

  • Imagine Ethan+Grayson Dolan
    60.3K 814 19

    Dolan twin Imagines :)

  • just friends? Dolan twins
    2.9K 35 14

    Just friends? really? im shaking and tears are rolling down my cheeks how can just a friend do this to me? a Dolan twins fan fiction :)

  • Played// Grayson Dolan & Ethan Dolan
    248K 5.3K 42

    "Honey I'm home early," I heard my mom yelled from down stairs. "Get out," I panic pushing Grayson off of me. "Shit," He whisper when he fell off the bed. "Don't make a sound," I whisper while pointing at the window. When Grayson was half through the window, we heard a knock on the door. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A...

  • NEEDS.
    41.5K 784 16

    We don't choose who we fall in love with. . [Sexual content]

  • Dolan twins dirty smuts
    267K 1.1K 12

    Things get nasty

  • Party// G.B.D
    34.3K 574 25

    Alex is a popular and a bad girl Gray is the hottest guy in high school Read to find out...

    Completed   Mature
  • Coachella (g.d)
    7.8K 38 9

    "Do you really think we will find cute guys here?"

  • Bestfriend | Ethan Dolan
    442K 8K 59

    Just read the story Highest rank in FANFICTION #117