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  • For Hire: A Damn Good Kisser (PUBLISHED)
    41M 831K 54

    After being dumped by her boyfriend because 'she's too much of a prude,' straight-A student Dana Ferrer enlists the kissing tutorial services of the Good Kissers Inc., made up of the three campus heartthrobs. She chooses notorious Campus King, Andy Guzman, to tutor her, thinking she can ace their lessons and have her...

  • WARNING! My Girlfriend is a Gangster ✔️
    1.7M 52K 68

    "Lagot ka! Isusumbong kita sa Girlfriend ku!" ( 'T_____T)/ COMPLETED Season 1 (Chapter 1 - 40) Season 2 (Chapter 41 - 57)

  • In The City Of Ruffians
    255K 7.9K 53

    It takes a bullet and a gun to kill a ruffian, unless, the ruffian pulled the trigger first. Ruffians aren't afraid of anything. They fight for entertainment. They take people's lives as easy as blinking. To make the story short, they love violence. But every human being in the world has the same weaknesses. And that'...

  • Crudelis University: Game of death.
    1M 15.5K 12

    In a twisted game of life and death, how far will you go to save yourself? Welcome to Crudelis University. A school that will make your lives a living hell. Death is the only way to escape.

  • MFSBI II: Eyes Of Life
    1.2M 35.2K 72

    Book 2 of My Five Stepbrothers and I Sa loob ng pitong taon marami nang pwedeng pagdaanan ang isang tao na makapagbabago sakanya at mga pagsubok na kailangang niyang lampasan. But what If, in order to accomplish and get through this challenges she have to set aside some things? Could it be possible, that over the time...

  • Might of Alibata (Published)
    2.4M 86.4K 101

    AlphaBakaTa Trilogy [Book3]: Might of Alibata (Only Strong Survive) Utak mo'y aking pipilipitin, ito'y aking kakatasin. Ulo mo'y aking pasasakitin, hanggang mabaliw ka sa akin. Hinding-hindi mo ako makakalimutan, sisiguraduhin kong tatatak ako sa 'yong isipan.

  • Grimrose City
    6.1M 210K 96

    Grimrose Series #1 (Story completed) Grimrose City. A city where beings from the Underworld secretly live among humans. Shana Rey Brea and her family moved into this city, but only to find out that her simple life will forever change. Genre: Fantasy / Romance / Mystery /Action Language: Filipino / English Comments and...