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  • Write Then & There: A Writing Course
    608 93 15

    [OPEN] Welcome! Here, you will find an eleven week writing "course," designed to help you get those writing projects of yours done! Craft plot, flesh out compelling character arcs, and build consistency in your writing schedule to finally make the progress on your story you've been hoping to make, but nevertheless bee...

  • Author Games: Broken Crowns
    14.8K 1.3K 106

    ❝I'll never wear your broken crown.❞ Of silver kings and bronze queens, of wrought-iron princes and quartz princesses, there comes a downfall of the monarchy, where the next in-line questions the grace of power, of controlling the behaviors of others, and every heir refuses to be the chosen one. They will sit upon t...

  • The Final Wattpad Games
    8.4K 165 73

    It is time for the last Wattpad Games. With two new Gamemakers and a whole batch of new tributes, these Games will be unlike any you have seen before. Credit to RedTears for making the cover (Thank you Ellie)

  • Author Games: Ascend
    9.3K 1.1K 77

    Nothing else known to the citizens of Panem can quite align with the horrors one can face within these arenas. Each year it changes, each year it's something new, and the Capitol can't get enough. Thousands of tributes have fallen before today, and maybe thousands yet are to follow. But who can resist the smallest cha...

  • Author Games: Panemdemic
    10.2K 801 96

    Sickness. It bounds us, it controls us, traps us in its grasp. It battles our immune systems, destroys us from the inside out as our bodies desperately try to fend off the attackers. Sometimes they are weak- coughs and the flu and little things. Sometimes they're far more deadly.

  • Author Games: Path of the Guildpact
    10.3K 924 78

    On the city-world of Ravnica, things are often beautiful but rarely quiet. Magic pervades every aspect of life; a wide variety of beings walk the crowded streets, and countless wonders and horrors alike are hidden from all but the canniest denizens. For over ten thousand years the power in Ravnica has been di...

  • Author Games: Victors Of The Arena
    14.3K 1K 89

    A Victor never truly dies. They live on in memory, in spirit, in history books that will be studied by thousands of people to come. A Victor is a symbol of power, of strength, wealth, and sometimes even weakness. Victors come in all shapes and sizes, some appearing from the most unlikely of places. In these games...

  • Author Games: Salem
    10.5K 395 46

    A town sleeps in isolation. The sun rises and falls and the birds sing until they sleep... Yet everything else in this little town is far from what it seems. Corruption has consumed the stillness and plagued the minds of many. The community now lies in tatters, each resident striving to fulfil their own desire. Whethe...

  • Author Games: Underworld
    19.5K 582 72

    For centuries the Vampire and Werewolf races have lived in frozen tension; neither one clan solidifying rule over the other. Since the ancient forming of the two groups, the vampires had once enslaved the werewolves. And in the more recent centries, the werewolves hunted the last scattered vampire covens. And now at t...

  • Author Games: Clock Tower (Broken Crowns #3)
    10.9K 1.2K 90

    Time is ticking, tick-tock, tip-talk. Wrestle the chains, but remember, there is a fear you must harbor in order to escape, the fear of entrapment. The arena is en-trap-ment. For the 117th, you are to blame. Tick and tock and tick and tock, but not for long. (This is the third Games in the Broken Crowns series.) ~...

  • Author Games: The City of Gold
    10.1K 1K 81

    Even for witches and wizards, sometimes there's no substitute for good old-fashioned research. It seemed like the perfect opportunity for any student of Magical History or Ancient Runes- a research expedition to the Yucatán Peninsula with famed archaeologist and witch Gloria Itza. Over the course of six weeks, one cou...

  • Author Games: Brave New World
    11.7K 1K 82

    By 2150, Earth is in decline- but humanity can always look to the stars. The Ark is the first ship of its kind: a craft that will carry a select group of 100 colonists from Earth to Danu, a planet unstained by human growth. There, they will establish a colony capable of continuing the legacy of Earth. Humanity will e...

  • Author Games: The Measure of a Mage
    9.5K 934 84

    The continent of Halyin has never been a quiet place. With four irate nations jostling for power and bristling with magical might, only the threat of an ancient treaty can keep the balance and prevent all-out war. The terms of the treaty outline a trial by combat, to which each nation must submit six budding magi in a...

    1.8K 145 20

    The Fallout world is not much different from our own. It is rather a world that diverged onto its own path. The world as we know it went in an opposite direction after the Cold War ended. Its style stayed completely the same, but its technology advanced to incredible heights. But it wasn't perfect. Inflation, corrupti...

  • Author Games: Secrets
    7.6K 290 79

    To be able to beat your competition, you first have to know them.

  • Author Games: The Last Cannon
    30.7K 1.6K 120

    Each year, every twelve Districts must offer up one male and female tribute to fight in this pageant. A fight for glory, for honour, and a fight for their lives. This year is the second Quarter Quell, the fiftieth Hunger Games. And as a striking reminder, that two rebels died for every Capitol citizen, each District...

  • Author Games: Imagination is Power
    12.1K 415 56

    Where do the Gamemakers come from? Where do they learn their trade? How are they chosen? Nestled high in the mountains on the border of the Capitol stands the College of Excellence, otherwise known as the Gamemaking Academy. Patronized by the President and the Gamemakers, this state-of-the-art facility houses around s...

  • Author Games: Where Champions Rise
    10.8K 548 62

  • Author Games: Ragnarok
    8.7K 368 84

    Come one, come all, to my very first Author Games! This is a Games inspired by Neil Gaiman's "American Gods." When the last gods from around the world come together after receiving a mysterious offer of almighty power, they learn of a chance become, for just an instant, all-powerful. What they soon learn, ho...

  • Author Games: Return To Seasons
    30.9K 1.5K 112

    Aurōrae is a wild and ravenous world. Dynamic biomes dominate the landscape, and the oppressing government split their people into four different States, and under them, Districts. Author Games has visited this place before, but a lot has changed since then. Hybrids roam the boarders and mentions of another uprising b...

  • Yuffie's Writing How-To's
    3.4M 44.9K 231

    A story isn't just a bunch of words slapped onto a page. It's a living, breathing manifestation of your imagination. This guide explores aspects most guides don't touch on such as memorable protagonists, world building, character psychology, and backstory, and many more. It will help you flesh out your ideas and make...

  • The Yellow House Incedent
    9 2 1

    There's a street somewhere. On that street, there's a close-knit community of neighbors. There's also ruins of a little old yellow house. In that house, there is a basement. We don't talk about that basement. We don't talk about who we found there. __________________________________________________ Um, yeah. Collectio...

  • Writer Games: Never Forgive, Never Forget
    11.1K 287 57

    The 76th Writer Games are here to put your writing skills to the test and challenge you. New Gamemakers, new arena and many twists. For sure this is not going to be a walk in the park..., so are you ready?

  • The Sword of the Pen
    6.6K 69 16

    Calling all writers to pick up their pens And weave with their words a story of sense In each of these pens, there lies a sword Its ability to slash very famously adored All must watch out for the enemies’ skill For those who are weak are easy to kill. Thirty-two writers in four groups of eight, Will be put to...

  • Military Nation: A Writer Games
    8.1K 149 57

  • Nuit Blanche
    5.1K 261 17

    Sleep--it's his fondest wish, and her greatest fear. A different kind of love story: one of shyness, humor, heart, humanity, and, most of all, sleeplessness.