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  • The Violin
    2.6K 157 6

    What happens if Mycroft doesn't let Sherlock come back to John after two years of being 'dead'?

  • AlwaysLess
    3K 189 8

    After an explosive argument with Raven and Beast Boy concerning the fact that he went into her room without permission, Cyborg intervenes trying to act like a peacemaker. He fails, and in the fight between Beast Boy and Raven, Raven's mirror is accidentally broken, and sucks the trio into it. Now Raven and Cyborg fin...

  • Cuts
    6.8K 383 6

    Dick didn't feel wanted, not even loved. He felt useless, not worth loving and it seemed like each day he was proven right. He felt alone... "I'm just a broken bird... Can yo...

  • The caged bird. (A Young Justice Fanfic)
    192K 7.3K 23

    What will happen when the team's Robin gets caught on a mission? Will their intelligent and brave Robin have his wings clipped forever? Or will they be able to save him from the evil clutches of the Joker, Harley and Bane? Follow the journey as the team embarks on a mission to save Robin, learning new facts about thei...

  • The Bird Who Wouldn't Sing (Retelling of Young Justice + BirdFlash)
    256K 7.9K 41

    Richard J. Graysonn was kidnapped and trained to be an assassin after his parents fell. Dick ran away from the Court of Owls and was later adopted by Bruce Wayne! After finding out Batman's identity, Robin was born! Robin soon met Kid Flash and then Speedy before meeting Aqualad! Young Justice was soon formed!! Being...

  • Once a Bat, Always a Bat- (Batfamily/Avengers Crossover)
    36.8K 1.5K 8

    Bruce Wayne can't take care of his sons anymore. Not with the Court Of Owls and The League Of Shadows chasing after him. He failed to notice this, and he payed the price. It's up to his brother, Tony Stark, to take care of his family. (Sorry Marvel haters!)

  • Death of a speedster (ON HOLD)
    2.5K 137 5

    So everybody thought Wally West was dead, right? Right? It's been hard on Artemis and Dick the most (but I'll focus mostly on Dick). So he's dead right? But there's one big condition to the whole being dead thing. You have to be dead, right? Well his not. Yup. You heard me. He's alive. He's trying to come back. But i...

  • Suspicions | YJ
    34.2K 1.8K 28

    [COMPLETE] Artemis seeks the expert help of Dick Grayson to figure out the beloved Boy Wonder's identity. Unfortunately, Robin- aka Dick Grayson, is kidnapped in his civilian identity. After experiencing brutal torture and a major injury, Dick is immobile- and still in captivity. The team may not find Dick Grayson, un...

  • The Blind Bird [FINISHED]
    194K 9.6K 51

    Dick Grayson, Ward of batman, is what the young justice describe: strong and cunning. He may crack jokes and have a bad child hood, but he has always been strong. When a mission goes wrong, the team gets beat and Robin gets kidnapped by Deathstroke. When the team awakens by the justice league, no one knows what ha...

    Completed   Mature
  • That's easier,but this's more fun!
    78.7K 2.5K 10

    Young justice:Batman finally lets Robin tell the team his secret ID,but what's the fun in just telling?

  • He ran away
    12.6K 471 5

    Robin was kid flash's best friend. Until, Robin left. Just left for no reason. Kid flash is heartbroken because he left with Kid Flash's feelings untold. Truth was, kid flash had a big crush on Robin. He needed to know if he felt the same way, but he never saw him again. Until now...... But instead of a reunion, Slade...

  • What Sleeves Cover
    80.1K 3.8K 54

    Batman finds out some things about Robin, Robin finds out some things about Batman. Now walk down there path with them to see how everything turns out. For better, or for worse.

  • Following The Leader
    865 72 1

    Dick always seems so devoted to their family, ready to help whenever they call. It's rare that he gets a day off. But what exactly does Nightwing do on his day off? The Batfamily plans to find out.

  • Don't Do This
    8.6K 487 11

    In a cliche world where Dick Grayson was never adopted by Bruce Wayne, he instead becomes Nightwing, a vigilante anti-hero. He solves crimes and saves the people of many different cities including Gotham. Batman might have been okay with this of he didn't kill in the process. Throughout this cliche book, Bruce and Di...

  • YJ Robin One Shots
    25.2K 653 30

    A bunch of Robin centric one shots, including multiple ships, genderbend YJ, female Robin and a lot more! Disclaimer: I do not own DC or Young Justice ALSO: I made the cover on Pic Collab, it is a awesome app where you can make fun pictures and covers!

  • Mockingbird
    27.6K 839 6

    Instead of Batman taking Dick Grayson in,he was made to be the perfect assassin,he was trained by the court of owls,deathstroke and the league of assassins but after all of the training and beating has lead the boys mind away,some would say he was crazily dangerous,others dangerously crazy and that's why the young jus...

  • DC randomness 3
    257K 17.1K 177

    I own nothing!!!!

  • Behind Wayne Manor Doors
    65.5K 2.2K 8

    Everybody has always seen Robin as the happy go lucky type. Perfect life, perfect family, perfect personality. But what happens when the Justice League and the Young Justice team find out what really happens behind the closed doors of Wayne Manor? Warning: Mentions of self harm and triggering content

  • Robin (Dick Grayson) One-shots
    18.9K 703 5

    Just some ideas that I have but am too lazy to make into actual stories. Please feel free to use any of these ideas to make your own story. (Just pm me if you do because I will want to read it XD)

  • Birdflash One-Shots
    177K 6.6K 80

    Just a bunch of one-shots of Birdflash. Requests are open! I don't own the characters or pictures. Warning: Mild language.

  • How To Guess a Robin's Identity
    395K 16.4K 50

    When Batman gives Robin (Dick Grayson) the Okay to tell the team his identity, he decides to let them try and guess it which results in a lot of trolling. Starts of with Robin meeting the Justice League, Speedy, Kid Flash and Aqualad then goes into one-shots of the trolling. Will include the new team, Bat Family, Ace...

  • Trapped Under Pressure
    84.8K 3K 28

    The Batfamily has an entirely new set of problems on their hands. Dealing with an insane lunatic called Joker who seems to be plotting something and someone hunting Robin as he was prey for whatever sick game he's playing, things get tough. A 13 Year old Dick Grayson. A 15 Year Old Tim Drake. A 17 Year Old Jason Todd...

  • Ask the batfamily
    1.3K 78 3

    The bat family get's SUPER bored and want to answer questions, well, everyone except Damian!!!!

  • Flash Drive
    84.8K 4.1K 11

    Wallace West has a huge secret. He is hiding a criminal from the Justice league. Why? Because he somehow befriended the masked teen known as 'Robin', a hacker and occasional thief. Will he be able to keep this secret hidden? (Under construction) (WARNING: This is a birdflash(ish) fanfiction. You have been warned.) A...

  • Sewer Rat
    214K 10.9K 27

    Dick Grayson was never the 'Justice' type... Nor was he the 'Revenge' type. He was neither hero or villain Good or evil. Right or wrong Held right at the epicenter of gray areas and blurred lines. He was just the messenger of information, An information broker and hacker by the name of Rat.

  • Nightwing's return
    49.8K 2.1K 22

    As nightwing gets into a deadly fight with a old villain that nearly kills him he finds himself at the Wayne manor again after the fight he had with Bruce he left, didn't contact his family come to think about it he hasn't talked to anyone sense a few years after Jason came Back as the red hood ...... how will the fa...

  • Teen Titans, Meet Kid Flash
    9.9K 185 2

    After Trouble in Tokyo, Robin's boyfriend comes to visit the Titans. This is a fan fiction of Robin I turning into Nightwing. SLASH WARNING. Rated T. BIRDFLASH SLASH!

  • Don't Trust The Boy In The Red Cape (Young Justice)
    143K 7.7K 30

    Bruce Wayne never went to the circus on the day the Graysons died, meaning he never adopted their orphaned son, Richard. Dick went to a Juvenile Detention Centre for eight months before spending a year going in and out different foster homes, each one rejecting him, now he's in a Gotham orphanage. Five years after...

  • Bat family, young justice and teen titans text messages
    40.5K 3.1K 74

    Just text messages these guys send. It's a story I update when I'm bored and feel like being silly :p

  • Partners In Crime
    32.2K 1.7K 7

    Richard (Dick) Grayson. He was a happy child. His smile could brighten the world. Bu that all ended one day. His family was killed right in front of him, falling to their deaths. Driven by anger and rage, he runs away becoming an assassin. Now he will cause chaos to this world. Wallace (Wally) West. He was a sweet, lo...