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  • Overwatch x reader one shots
    63.7K 1K 34

    I saw a bunch of "overwatch x reader one shots" and thought they were really cool! So I wanted to give me own spin at them. As always, feedback is hugely appreciated! Thanks for reading! You guys are the best!

  • Overwatch X Reader Lemons
    141K 1.2K 12

    part of my Overwatch x Reader series.

  • Men (Overwatch x Female Reader Lemons)
    123K 1.3K 6

    Just a couple works and stuff about my favorite game. These are all lemons and have mature content on them. I'm not the greatest at writing, especially fanfiction and lemons but I wanted to give it go, so I'm trying my best! *I think Junkrat is best* AHHHH I'M BAD AT UPDATING REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD

  • The Dragon of the North Wind (ON HOLD)
    11.4K 370 10

    GenjixReader story! Y/n and Genji become close friends. Soon enough, their friendship becomes a relationship and escalates. But when Hanzo tries to kill Genji, will Y/n make it in time to stop Hanzo? Or will Genji die, just as his future predicts? (will contain very kinky jokes and swearing. eventually.) (andCOugHposs...

  • Overwatch One shots
    258K 4.8K 37

    Basically a bunch of overwatch one shots for character x reader. Requests are very much appriciated. If you request, specify the gender please! - Nef chan *Disclaimer: I don't own Overwatch or its characters.*

  • All My Eye [Jesse McCree X Reader]
    60.7K 1.6K 6

    You and McCree have known each other ever since you two paired up in Overwatch operations. Overwatch has soon disbanded ever since humanity's fear and hopelessness branched out about the global crisis of Omnics (robots). Some heroes still fought for justice while others such as yourself resorted into crimes mostly to...

  • SAUCY TALES 〈Overwatch Oneshots〉
    1.1M 13.9K 16

    Overwatch // (Various Male Characters x Female Reader Insert) Warning: extremely graphic sexual content. For mature audiences only.

  • Genji x Reader [One-Shots]
    372K 8.8K 108

    On the weekends I'll update with two shots on both days. This is my first time of making a one-shot so please don't judge me to harshly and enjoy the one-shots I give you.

  • You're the Bomb! (Junkrat x Reader)
    4.6K 188 4

    You're a twenty-one year old college student. Crime was uncommon in your hometown, though it wasn't unheard of. There were no real big threats, except for two junkies who enjoy to constantly annoy the crap out of you after meeting at a robbery. (How romantic.) Their name's were Junkrat and Roadhog. Both were really in...

  • Overwatch X Reader
    310K 5.8K 15

    Exactly what it says! The heroes of Overwatch find themselves attracted to you, be it romantic or platonic, because who doesn't need a hero in their lives! Requests are CLOSED, permanently! I sincerely hope you enjoy! Overwatch and the characters belong to Blizzard Entertainment. You, the reader, belong to... you.

  • Overwatch Husband Scenarios [Discontinue]
    590K 9.2K 62

    Hey! So I'm doing this now, been obsessed with Overwatch that I wanted to write my own stories. Requests are welcome. ^-^

  • overwatch x reader oneshots (Closed)
    195K 2.8K 42

    i know there are a lot of these but i am in love with this game. so i will take requests with any of the character. just look at the rules before you request. thanks fudge temporary hiatus for requests (because i have been lazy and got behind on requests. DX)

  • Overwatch x reader(closed Requests)
    312K 5.9K 55

    Just a bunch of stories about the Overwatch characters and you guys~ sorry i am obsessed with overwatch ;-; but no Reinhardt one shots because he is mine~

  • Princess (Junkrat x Reader)
    10.5K 371 3

    She is the daughter of a rich businessmen, he's a madman living in an apocalyptic wasteland.

  • Animals [Junkrat X Reader] (DISCONTINUED)
    13.9K 494 6

    Overwatch has split into two diverse groups: the Protectors and the Outlaws. Ever since the conflict of the Omnics have ended -- Soldier: 76 and Reaper argued about the group's lifespan causing them to split up. You stayed with the Protectors and fought alongside them to end the Outlaws. You were doing just fine until...