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  • WAIT! Before You Freak Out! I'm Sleeping With Your MOM.
    1M 28.6K 24

    This is Sam first year of college and let's just say her mother is more excited than she is. However, something sparks her attention and it is not the cute boy on the baseball team. Can Sam survive this awkward situation?

    Completed   Mature
  • The Foster Kid (GirlxGirl)
    1.8M 57.1K 44

    After a particularly terrible experience with her adoptive father and a few drinks, Rebecca Harrison finds her much-needed escape from reality in her soon-to-be biology teacher. When the two meet again at the beginning of the school year, neither know what to make of the situation. But their conflict with each other i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Cougar Boss (gxg)
    3.5M 93.9K 60

    Olivia Williams is a hardworking part time student who is about to get kicked out of her studio apartment for barely making enough to cover her rent and bills. A last minute interview lands her a challenging but fruitful job at Amelia Gallagher's mansion and immediately, intimidation sets in. An unpredictable spark of...

  • Everdeen Institute (GirlxGirl)
    995K 28.5K 19


  • She's All I Ever Wanted (Lesbian Story)
    558K 15.3K 26

    --Complete-- Zoe Kelsey is a senior in high school. She's 18 and an amazing athlete. She's in her final season of softball and the team has a new coach. When she Zoe first sees Coach Warner her heart skips a beat. Then when she starts a new trimester of classes her coach is also her new history teacher.... What will h...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Love Pill (girlxgirl) (SAMPLE; PUBLISHED)
    1.6M 19.9K 15

    " What if you had a tiny pill that could change attraction into love?" Armed with killer green eyes and smouldering looks, Agent Cara Hemlock is sent on a secret mission to pry classified information from Lexi Zellichman. Her weapon of choice? The love pill. Will Cara's usual tricks work on her first female target and...

  • Miss Bellerose (GirlxGirl)
    1.8M 45K 23

    What if one day you meet a special someone but then come to find out that she's your new algebra II teacher?

    Completed   Mature
  • My Dirty Little Secret
    3.4M 82.1K 39

    English teacher Brooke Chandler can't help who she falls for. She can't help it that she always falls for players, she can't help it that she's fallen for a woman who simultaneously drives her crazy, and she certainly can't help it when she falls for her seventeen year old student, Chelsea. The infatuation begins inno...

  • The Only Exception (GirlxGirl)
    2.5M 62.2K 31

    Teacher/Student. When your only exception is not available anymore.

  • Sorry For Getting You Fired (GirlxGirl)
    2.7M 73.4K 34


  • Heartbeat (GirlxGirl) lesbian
    1.4M 22K 11

    I felt a longing to trail my hands on her body. To explore and know the vampire that managed to steal my heart. I inched closer, every single cell of my body hyper aware of her nearness. The music picked up its rhythm, and we swayed with each other, a dance of seduction that slowly but surely consumed my mind. My eye...

    Completed   Mature
  • *SAMPLE* Capture This [GirlxGirl]
    4M 22.9K 6

    Alex Valentine. 22. Model. She had a life of glitz and glam, unlimited riches, gourmet food and hot toy boys whenever and wherever. She was loved, hated, envied and admired. She lived the ideal life. Rose English. 21. Photographer. She came from an honest, working class family which was crumbling around her. And fast...

    Completed   Mature
  • Just Juliet
    1.3M 25.5K 29

    Published Book - Only a Preview Lesbian Romance [Bisexual Main Character] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The first thing that caught my eye was Juliet James. ...

  • What is Love? I+C (GirlXGirl) (Editing)
    1.9M 38.2K 25

    Isabelle has always had a problem with her feelings, and the problem was that she didnt feel anything for anyone. She was friends with almost most guys at school, and she tended to avoid the female population. but that all changed when she met Chloe. now isabelle is confused as hell, and even after she starts to ackn...

    Completed   Mature
  • Your Guardian Angel (GirlXGirl)
    1.2M 50.3K 42

    ~COMPLETED~ Riley Adams is possessed, but not by what you may think, No. Riley Adams is possessed by an Angel, a Guardian Angel Spirit. She is ordered to protect Jenson Allen, someone she's never seen her entire life, till her 18th birthday. Can Riley survive 5 months with Jenson under her wing, or should i say, wings?

    Completed   Mature
  • The Bet (Lesbian Story)
    1.7M 50.2K 44

    Katherine Hills had it all, she was extremely beautiful but yet intelligent and ambitious. She had money and amazing parents who would do anything for her. She was the most popular girl in school and hanged out with the cool kids, and not to mention she was the most desired girl in school. But even though she had it a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Remember me? (TeacherxStudent)
    656K 17.3K 71

    18 year old English exchange student Holly Dean decides to move to Ohio after her parents were killed in a horrific accident the previous year.. When she arrives, she meets 26 year old Allison Laine who is her Psychology teacher, and who she also quickly falls in love with. Holly has never had such strong feelings for...

  • Assisting Miss Adams (GirlXGirl) OLD VERSION
    13.7M 306K 75

    ~TeacherXStudent/ GirlXGirl~ Sam never had an easy life, and as she battles with the memories of her dysfunctional past she also has to battle the sexual tension she has for her hot History teacher, Miss Adams. When her older brother brings home a familiar pretty face, Sam's life turns completely upside down as strugg...

    Completed   Mature
  • Starstruck (GirlXGirl) lesbian [Edited Copy Published At Amazon]
    9.3M 230K 45

    Dulce Gavin, a 17 years old girl who doesn't like to watch TV accidentally met and helped a drop dead gorgeous teenager named Glace. They hit it off instantly, but soon lost contact. A week later, Glace turned up at Dulce's school and ended up as her seatmate. The catch? Glace is a Hollywood celebrity who is about to...

  • Tormented Mistress ( Book One )
    2M 43.2K 82

    [Lesbian / GirlxGirl] When Amber is taken from her family, her heart is destroyed. Her mother disappeared when she was six and now at the age of seventeen, she is literally ripped from her father's arms. She is brought to a spoiled and demanding vampire. Everyone is aware of the vampire population and the humans and v...

  • Echoes Down The Corridor
    319K 6.8K 27

    ***I've created a Pintrest board for this story - @xace28x and the EDTC board, so check out if you're interested*** What happens when Abby Williams, just an average teenager, falls in love with her beautiful English teacher, Sarah Proctor? And what happens if those feelings are reciprocated? My first attempt on Wattpa...