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  • ♪ Madilyn's Stats/MB ♪
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    "U-Um... Yep! Heh..."

  • Rin's instagram
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    I don't have any followers but yet I make an insta -Anime logic

  • Jellal Fernandes | Instagram
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    All credits on the cover to @caroIynn.

  • Asuna
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  • ii || artbook
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    After much consideration, I decided to leave this book be because 1) as much as I dislike my past self, I still am quite enamored at her absolute craziness, 2) I like looking back at this to know just how much I improved in terms of art, and 3) I love myself, but I hate myself for doing this thing. I kept the last up...

  • wonton factory | tutorials + resources
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    tutorials + resources for designers ⋮ highest rank: #1 in covers, cover, resources

  • The Things I Hate On Wattpad
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    A random book about the hateful things in this community.

  • Ask Or Dare Skylar And Rosy
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    This is where you can ask or dare My oc Skylar and Livy oc Rosy.

  • Tutorials
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    Hello there, it's @mysoul-yourbeats aka Crys! In this book, I'll be teaching how to make different types of covers. Be it simple or manipulated, anime or realistic, this book will contain all kinds of tutorials that I make to help you learn more about graphic designing. Feel free to request a tutorial anytime~! - The...

  • anime zodiac signs
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    ❝i've never experienced such happiness due to a person that doesn't exist.❞ [ #2 in random on 10/3/17 ] [ completed on 3/8/17 , thank you for 1 million ♡ ]

  • Relatable posts
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    New cover by @_Sugartae😍😍 Welcome to Relatable posts. The place for everyone living the sloth life - slouching and snacking away watching endless hours of TV. This book totally describes your life