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  • After 3
    774M 9M 100

    The passionate story of Tessa and Harry continues as family secrets, deep betrayals, and career opportunities threaten to tear them apart.

    Completed   Mature
  • After 2
    521M 9.8M 103

    This is the sequel (continuation) of After. Harry and Tessa's relationship will be tested in ways she never expected, but he knew of all along.

  • After
    671M 10.5M 102

    Tessa Young is an 18 year old college student with a simple life, excellent grades, and a sweet boyfriend. She always has things planned out ahead of time, until she meets a rude boy named Harry, with too many tattoos and piercings who shatters her plans.

  • A Room for My Pretend Love
    4.7M 181K 35

    Thrown out of an abusive home, Suki pretends to be Devin's girlfriend while she stays with his family. But what happens when pretend feelings become real? ***** With nowhere to go after being thrown out of an abusive home, Suki asks Devin, a complet...

  • A Sicilian Marriage [PUBLISHED]
    11.6M 440K 37

    "Let's get married!" Rafe Moretti never thought that the woman drinking alone in a certain bar in London would say those words to him so casually. His instinct told him to ignore the woman's offer and focus to his problem. But series of events happened that fateful night and the paparazzi caught them together entering...

    Completed   Mature
  • Detention Club ✔
    1M 14.2K 10

    When rich and popular Gwen Marie ends up in detention for a 'crime' she did not commit, she can only blame the misfits she's stuck with for the next three weeks. Levi Keller and his gang are the typical rebellious and reckless boys who love to get drunk everyday, smoke on school property and trespass when they know th...

  • The Cliche Effect
    49.8K 2.4K 18

    A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY - Humor, November 2017 Is this another cliche story? You guessed it! My name is Riley Rose Hart. I am the good girl who isn't like any other girl out there because I don't like to wear make-up and I eat a lot. Right now, I'm a senior in high school and I have three problems. Problem 1: I've b...

  • How I Crashed My Best Friend's Wedding.
    255K 3.6K 40

    Lacey Deroni finds herself falling into a classic love story, she's in love with her mega-adorkable best friend Ryan Trent. Only problem is it seems that he's fallen for her step-sister. It crushes Lacey to even begin to think that the two are engaged. She thinks everything is just black and white, but is there really...

  • In Between
    2.5K 17 11

    This Story starts with Eleanor leaving with Sebastian for her new "job". Jasper told her that he was the one for her and he meant it so he intent to get her back. This story tell what happen in between!

  • Eleanors heartbreak
    1.9K 18 3

    The aftermath of Eleanor's birthday party Jasper and Eleanor will never be the same

  • Classified (A Jasper and Eleanor (Jaspenor)) Fanfiction
    20.2K 239 24

    Based on the hit E! television show; The Royals, this story focuses on the on-again/off-again couple; Jasper and Eleanor. The premise takes off when the truth of the King's murderer has been revealed. But Price reveals the dangers lurking where they least expect them. Liam then faces the questions Ophelia has regardin...

  • Jasper and Eleanor
    1K 9 3

    This book covers all the jaspenor scenes from the tv showThe Royals. They are my favorite OTP couples on tv right now and i hope you enjoy them as much as i do. Check out my profile and please look at my other book.It is my original work leaning towards poetry, thanks.

  • My Dangerous Client
    80.5K 1.2K 10

    Roselyn just started her job and was immediately requested to take the sexy but dangerous, Diego as her client.

  • Prince of the Courts
    99.2K 4.9K 21

    NOW A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY! Lovingly based on a world (and some characters) created by Cassandra Clare. Prince of the Courts takes place 25 years after the Cold Peace is signed at the end of City of Heavenly Fire and follows two new main characters through the Faerie Courts, the Mundane world, and the side of Do...

  • Welcome To Arkadia (AU)
    71.8K 1.9K 40

    Twin Brother and sister Bellamy and Octavia Blake move to a new town after their mother died of cancer, what will they find when they enter the town of Arkadia? Stay tuned to find out. A/N I don't own the CW or The 100 or any of the characters.

  • Gilmore Girls Season 8
    53.9K 949 25

    This is a continuation of Gilmore Girls after the show ended eight years ago in 2007. Who did Lorelai end up? Who did Rory end up with? Where all did Rory's job take her? Find out~

    8.2K 162 10

    I'm pretty sure the title tells you everything.

  • Gilmore girls Rory's son
    5.4K 91 6

    It is 14 years later and Rory Gilmore Has A Son Named Colin Gilmore

    Completed   Mature
  • Gilmore Girls: The Lost Season
    32.1K 726 12

    The Gilmore Girls are off again and this time with a reveling twist. Some boys we know are back ready to take back our beloved girls and lifestyles go further and further with, shall we say, a new kind of Lorelai. Luke and Lorelai's relationship perseveres while Rory's ride with the president takes her to someone she...

  • Someday, Ace [Rory & Logan]
    98.2K 1.9K 28

    Logan was crushed she said no. The love of his life made a choice and she didn't choose him. As he walked away from the beautiful girl in her cap and gown he made a promise to himself, he was not going to give up. *Contains some adult content such as alcohol, cursing, and sexual content.*

    516 26 2

    She means business. He means war.

  • A Different Summer. [Jemi]
    44.3K 1.3K 20

    Demi Lovato,spoiled brat,parents filthy rich. Joe Jonas,jerkish attitude,badass,minimum wage family. They can't stand each other,or can they? Can they be a couple?

    Completed   Mature
  • Like I Would.
    47.3K 2.2K 42

    Nick & Joe are fraternal twins, but best friends too. They are both different though, Nick was the jock of the school and the sports guy. Joe was the smart guy in school and he won in mathematics. They share one thing in common; they both had a crush on the captain of the cheerleading squad, Demi Lovato. Sadly, Nick b...

  • For Angels To Fly
    16.4K 587 23

    If you asked Joe Jonas who was the most beautiful girl in the world, he'd skip a breath and proudly proclaim, "Demi Lovato". She was absolutely breathtaking. Her smile. Her laugh. Her body. Her hair. Everything about her just left him in pure awe. Well... At least up until she became a junkie. --- Joe always knew Demi...

  • Only Human | Jemi |
    70.3K 1.8K 56

    [WARNING: if u have a problem with graphics, about self harm/eating dissorders (anorexia, bulimia) this story is not for u. this contains graphic content. mostly the self harm part] - Demi Lovato is a broken girl. She originates from a broken home, a broken mother, and is seems to have a broken heart. When Demi's pat...

  • Try Again.
    23.9K 627 10

    Demi and Joe become friends again and feelings were always there for Joe, but Demi got over Joe a long time ago. So we thought. Could they try again?