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  • Her, Saving Grace
    9.1M 403K 53

    She wasn't that drunk. So the six-foot something creature rummaging through her fridge half-naked, at eight in the morning was real. Now here's the tinsy winsy problem; She lives alone. ------------------------------------------------ Let's just say Catherine Wright wasn't having the best day. Everything just wasn't g...

  • Kidnapped
    157K 3.7K 29

    What would you do when you are walking home at night and you turn around and you see someone behind you? What would you do if he kidnapped you and your friends? What if he killed someone close to you? This is a story about a girl named Madison who is kidnapped and tortured.

  • Little Spy | Peter Parker ✓
    2M 73.4K 58

    ❝SOME WOULD SAY I'M POSSESSED, YEAH, BUT I'll CONFESS I'VE JUST BEEN OBSESSED WITH LIFE AND DEATH AND THE EMPTINESS INSIDE - CAN'T YOU SEE A CHANGE IN ME?❞ | How does one find a balance between finding yourself and being who everyone wants you to be at the same time? Freya Knight, one of the infamous girls from the Re...

  • Adopted by the gang leader
    78.6K 1.8K 21

    Tori was abused as a kid with her brothers. She is a part of a sextuplet, her being the oldest. she becomes mute after going into the adoptive care system. she is adopted by the higghest rank gang in the world, and she knwos that. she does parkour, streetfighting, and motorcycle racing. she isn't that good with new p...

  • Rose in Wonderland (On Hold)
    823 114 25

    Rose Thorns had been put through a rough life. One day, she chases a rabbit into a land called Wonderland. Is this land really that wonderful? Follow Rose, her new friends, and others on their adventure.

  • The Boy I Admire From Afar
    74.8M 3.6M 126

    As Claire aims to leave her oppressive stepfamily behind, she befriends Zion. Will he be her ticket to freedom or a distraction in achieving her dreams? ***** Claire Olsen has had a crush on Zion Petrakis since the first time she laid eyes on him, bu...

  • Kidnapped By A GangLeader
    47.8K 1K 2

    What happens when 17 year old Hum Taylor gets kidnapped by the notorious GangLeader Chad Solomon? I felt hands grab me from behind. I went into panic mode. I started kicking, screaming, and thrashing around only to meet the most handsome eyes

  • kidnapped by a gang
    15.8K 248 1

    Amber had an abusive father. her life as she knows comes to an end. and she is kidnapped by a ruthless, cutthroat gang. what will happen when she finds out that she is in love with the gang leader?

  • Sold To The Gangleader.
    140K 2.7K 9

    Serenity is 16 her father is the gang leader of the wolfs. One day after school she finds out her dad has sold her to Damon Ross his gang is number one in the wold. The skull smashers and that she will be marrying him she dose not care at first but when she cannot she or talk to her family ever again she is mad.

  • Mason Jar Butterfly ☼ y.min
    418K 29.4K 37

    [ONGOING at 99.1K] Fame, fake relationships, a publicity stunt and two bands that are destined to be one as much as rapper, Min Yoongi, is meant to be with debut pop-idol, Park Jimin.

  • Pained (Bullied Series #2) (SAMPLE)
    10.2M 255 5

    ***Please note that this book has been taken down because it's been published, and you can see only the sample chapters of the published version. **This is Bullied's sequel, and it can't be read as a stand-alone. *This blurb contains spoilers, so it is advised not to read it unless you read Bullied first. ...

  • Bullied (Bullied Series #1) (SAMPLE)
    18.3M 431 7

    ***Please note that this book has been taken down because it's been published, and you can see only the sample chapters of the published version. You can find the links to both ebook and paperback in my profile bio. ------------- I have always been bullied and trapped in darkness. I hoped life would get better when...

  • Detention Club ✔
    1M 14K 10

    When rich and popular Gwen Marie ends up in detention for a 'crime' she did not commit, she can only blame the misfits she's stuck with for the next three weeks. Levi Keller and his gang are the typical rebellious and reckless boys who love to get drunk everyday, smoke on school property and trespass when they know th...

  • Come Out
    2.7K 140 5

    The depression is real. Love can go a long way. How will Raven live without BeastBoy. Well, she doesn't plan on living at all now. The loss is upsetting for all Titans, but Raven has the most sadness from it. What she does to herself is too much for Robin to see. Can Robin help out Raven in her depression? -I do not o...

  • Secret Love / RobRae
    26K 688 12

    Ignorance is bliss. (obviously I don't own Teen Titans)

  • Concealed Love
    17.3K 594 5

    Ever since the return of Slade and Trigon, Robin has been extremely protective over Raven. He realizes that this is more than protection, a relationship is growing between them. Although trying to hide it will be a problem. If Starfire knows, who will win? -I do not own teen titans or any photos/videos shown

  • Robin x Raven - Finally Mine
    19.7K 392 4

    A short story on another couple I've liked for a long time. It takes place after the Teen Titans defeat Trigon and right before the last season of the series. This is dedicated to someone close to me who strongly ships them. This was his birthday present. And please understand, I respect all ships so I expect the v...

  • Robin x Raven
    402 7 1

    The story as I hope you can tell by the title is a romantic relationship between Raven and Robin. Far warning while it is mostly clean there will be parts that are explicit. If anyone has any advice or notices an error go ahead and comment, I'd love to improve my writing skills. And continue writing the story.

  • Sh*t! I'm Sorry!
    6.2M 247K 46

    Highest Rank: #1 in Romance, #2 in Humor What happens when you're walking down the street, with one of the best coffees in hand, turn around for one second... Then the next thing you know, the world is spinning and you've landed in the arms of one of the most gorgeous organisms of the male species. With the best coff...

  • My Broken Mate
    70K 2.3K 20

    Being hurt...Only the beginning of my list. Pain is an everyday feeling. Cutting is my way of helping. Dying is my way of escaping or was.. I have become stronger so I won't need anyone.

  • Mr. Control Freak ✔
    22M 769K 56

    |#1 in Romance.| Amelia Primrose. Your typical, carefree and bubbly girl who has been making through thick and thin to provide her sister and herself a better life. Her only dream is love and happiness but she is keeping a past. The one that keeps chasing her no matter where she goes. Forgetting about everything, she...

    41.3M 1.3M 43

    **Now adapted into a game in Chapters!** "We need to talk," he said. I looked at the floor. "No we don't." "I need you to look at me," he whispered taking a step towards me. "Nathan-" "Look at me," he interrupted. He was being so demanding, why was that so hot? I sighed but forced myself to look up and meet his gaze...

  • The Bad Boy's Girl (Now Available as a Paperback and ebook)
    214M 3.9M 57

    AVAILABLE NOW IN PAPERBACK AND EBOOK WITH EXCLUSIVE COLE POV CHAPTERS: "Some people bring out the worst in you, others bring out the best, and then there are those remarkably rare, addictive ones who just bring out the most. Of everything. They make you feel so alive that you'd follow...

  • The Girl He Never Noticed
    215M 6.7M 92

    When billionaire bad boy Eros meets shy, nerdy Jade, he doesn't recognize her from his past. Will they be able to look past their secrets and fall in love again? ***** When Jade Collins goes to work for billionaire bad boy Eros Petrakis, all she thi...

  • I'm The Gang Leaders Possession
    20.8M 922K 54

    || Highest Rank - #1 in Humor || Aria Daniels has one of the most vivacious personalities ever. She is a crazy teenage girl that is impossibly hard to drag down. So what happens when she finds a letter telling her that her brother has been kidnapped and won't be returned unless she pays sixty thousand dollars? She do...

  • Trapped ✔️
    5M 178K 40

    They took her sanity. Now they are back to take her life. When Kelsey Miller was sixteen, she was kidnapped, beaten, and raped by two men--neither of whom was ever brought to justice. Three years later, the past still haunts her and fear, pain, and anger have taken over her world. Trapped in a cycle of self-harm and...

  • Beastly Little Boy
    130K 12.8K 30

    An unruly ten year old boy, consumed by grief after the death of his father two years ago, has gradually turned into a bear. His mother has him captured and sent deep into the forest after she realizes that she cannot properly care for him. Now left to fend for himself, Bernard must adapt to life in the wilderness whi...

  • Love Equation
    1.2K 471 8

    Alex Lee is the resident golden boy at Richwood High School. With his good looks, money, and brains, he has it all. He is a shoe in for valedictorian and sets his sights on the most prestigious university in the country: Preston University. Crystal Brooks just transferred to Richwood High School after being Homeschoo...

  • Dangerous »ᴄɵᴍᴘᴌᴇтᴇ«
    111K 6.4K 19

    "What I saw reminded me of who he was. The threat in his eyes were like a gun. They said that he could go off at any second. That he would kill. Or hurt another terribly..."You know I'll never hurt you right?"" But can she believe him? **MARS PLOTLINE FANFIC**