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  • Letting The Odds Win...
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    Odds! Wouldn't it be odd to not have something to fight against like suppose just some odds that we have to face? We can't just escape them for sure. I mean numbers can't be complete with just even series, right? Just the same way, having odds has been a normal part of anyone's life. Yeah, sometimes these can be weird...

  • Destined To Be Yours
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    "I have never done this before." he whispered while cupping her face. "Me too" she said looking at his eyes. "What? You... You have... I thought..." he stammered. Her eyes widened in realization of what he could have thought about her. "Don't tell me you also believed in the rumors our office talking about." she c...

  • To Love Or Not To Love.
    9.8K 969 33

    When Anya came home from a cancelled meeting and found her boyfriend, Karthik with her best friend on their bed, it was not a big shock to her but still she was hurt. She waited in the dining room for them to finish up and in the meantime, she made a cup of coffee for herself. When Karthik finally came out from the b...

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  • The Mischievous Mrs. Maxfield
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    ***The wrong girl is sometimes The Right One.*** Charlotte Samuels thought she'd be stuck waiting tables at Marlow's until all her debts are paid off-in about ten thousand years or so. She definitely didn't expect a marriage proposal from the arrogant Brandon Maxfield who was blackmailed by his father to make her h...

  • No! I Don't Love You!
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    Can love happen twice? Heard somewhere this phase? Oh yeah in Ravinder Singh's book. But this is not his story. Let me ask you clearly, Can love happen twice with the same person? If you could love the person once again then what made you to hate him in the first place? Okay, Do you believe there is Life after love F...

  • Three's a Crowd
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    Anu's world is rattled when she unwittingly comes across a picture of her father with a woman she's never seen or heard about- and that might be the beginning of a twisted story she's always been a part of. Because a picture is worth a thousand stories.

  • Hate or Love but you are Mine. ✔
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    When two strangers ( he is heartbroken billionaire?? and she is sweet beautiful? photographer?) meets in rainy night ☔? what will happen "A? KISS" and then they parted but destiny has other plans, they meet again as boss and employee. Love bloom's? between them, he started trusting her and their romance continue with...

  • Love and Love Only
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    Ranked #91 in Romance as on 04/07/16 Sometimes we make love with our eyes. Sometimes we make love with our hands. Sometimes we make love with our bodies. Always we make love with our hearts. An unbreakable bond between two soulmates destined for each other. It can never wither or die. "In times of grief and sorrow...

  • Against All Odds...
    46.2K 3K 18

    Odds! Wouldn't it be odd to not have something to fight against like suppose just some odds that we have to face? We can't just escape them for sure. I mean numbers can't be complete with just even series, right? Just the same way, having odds has been a normal part of anyone's life. Yeah, sometimes these can be w...

  • Back To Back
    39.8K 4.2K 22

    Vedant Shah. Born into a family full of successful, self made entrepreneurs, struggling to make something equally meaningful out of his life. Meera Modi. A daughter from a household in which a woman holds respect only as a homemaker, fighting against her teachings. Both equally frustrated with their lives. Confident...

  • Shades Of Happiness!!
    72.5K 512 4

    First five chapters are available on Wattpad. Rest are uploaded on Dreame. *** This is the love story of an orphan girl and a boy who chooses to live together as a deal just like an agreement and as the time goes, they both fall for each other. Did they realize their feeling for each other and express it? How the...

  • Infinitely Infinite!
    178K 1.5K 6

    'And if you can't find a better person than him, I will suggest you; please go marry him and stop pushing me into this wedlock!' she almost screamed at her bestest friend. 'Mom, I want to be young, wild and free. If you want me to marry right now, certainly; I can't! ' he pleaded to his mom. Every parents' dream is to...

  • Unexpected Future! *Sample*
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    We think and we expect! We do this both a lot and without these there is not much to do. Will there be any action without expecting a future from it? If so, then that is amazing. However, it is not in most people's worlds. And mainly in four people's world who had this vivid description of expectations for their fut...

  • Miracles of Love
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    This story is all about Rahul, the CEO of Rish group of companies and Sanvitha, the daughter of the CEO of Sanvi group of companies. It's not a story where the boy meets the girl, fall in love and get married. Instead, it's a story about the destiny of two people who are married by circumstances, despite the hate the...

  • Mending cold hearts
    273K 13K 97

    Prateek ,A 25 years old guy who wants to restore the strained relation between his adopted father and their family.He moves to a new place and tries to mend those cold hearts through a weapon love.How far he will succeed?He was admonished by them a long ago,Will he able to win their hearts?! Who will helps him in this...

  • Marrying Miss Devil
    672K 30.3K 48

    # 1 in General Fiction # 1 in Romedy # 16 in Romance "MYTRI... WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY HAIR? WHAT HAVE YOU MIXED IN MY GEL THAT MY HAIR TURNED PINK?" -------------------→ "Seshi darling isn't my favorite color pink? So I changed it. You look... hmph... cute?" (with a devilish grin) "MYTRI SESH...

  • Racing Hearts
    180K 10K 40

    Ranked #125(Romance) as on 14/6/2016 Laugh with me Cry with me Fight with me Walk with me But never let me walk alone Love me infinitely !! At some point in life,that magic happens.No one on this earth can escape from this magic feeling.Once spelled by this magic, the two souls are inseparable inspite o...

  • Laddoos, with Love (Diwali Special)
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    In which a fiery food lover clashes with a sous chef over important stuff- laddoos! A cute fluffy story for this Diwali. Happy Diwali!! This is a Diwali gift to all my followers and friends on Wattpad! The first chapter is posted on Oct 25 and each chapter will be posted until Oct 29(the day before Diwali) There are 5...

  • You And I..
    89.8K 1.2K 8

    Meghna, angled off to pick up those partition papers, that fate had provided her. "You can't do this, Arjun. You love me!", She gulped. In an unusual manner, it was she who reminded him that he loves her. "I loved you!", he yelled, gritting his teeth. Taking his hands to loosen the tie around his neck; his fists cle...

  • mMARRIED (completed)
    4.4K 273 24

    Arvind and Roja can't deny this marriage, both are in their last year of Engineering course. ARVIND POV: I agreed to marry , do I have option? certainly not..why would I when I want to enjoy my college days , have fun with friends.............. I want to get married and have my own kids someday but not now. I made...

  • Rainbow (COMPLETED & Under Editing) ✔
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    #3 in CHICKLIT Cover@Grishma_Rajput She is a rape victim but decided to fight for her dignity in this society where rape victims are treated like a shit and the one who has no right to live. He loved her in the past but she refused him. But, when everyone left her, he stood by her and made her life, a never ending cel...

  • Home is where the heart is #YourStoryIndia
    114K 4.7K 25

    Maina is the typical ambitious career-focused girl. She hasn't been home in three years. Running after success in the cold and ruthless corporate world somewhere she has lost herself. She yearns to return home yet her boss refuses to give leave. Eventually when she gets leave it comes with a condition- she has to take...

  • My Past or Present! *Sample*
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    ONLY FIVE CHAPTERS WILL BE AVAILABLE... REMAINING IS ON DREAME... A Past and Present definitely involve the people in it, but they both have more than that to offer. The situations, the choices made for you and the choices made by you in the past were and the choices would be made for you and by you in the present a...

  • Past or Present #1 *Sample*
    50.3K 864 8

    ONLY FIVE CHAPTERS WILL BE AVAILABLE AND REST WILL BE ON DREAME There is a Past and then there is a Present. What should be our choice? To go along with the Past, feeling the familiarity of it or to go along with the Present, wishing for something new and hoping it to be amazing? With Past, we already know what to exp...

  • Mistake is mine *Sample*
    255K 2.5K 9

    Seven boys became best friends when they were just 12years old. Now even after 14years nothing changed between them. These seven best friends live in individual houses but in the same compound. They all studied in the same school and even in same college. They all even saw the same dream and fulfilled it by starting ...

  • Hopeful Streaks!
    300K 1.9K 8

    First five chapters available on Wattpad. Rest are on Dreame. ***** The tale utterly touches on Mitha Krishnan, a girl who stays strong even when life knocks her down in all the ways. Though, her life isn't the perfect one it was scarcely managable and obedient; except the monetory crisis that she had to face after t...

  • Marrying Miss Demon | √
    251K 8.5K 36

    ||COMPLETED|| ||STAND ALONE BOOK|| ||NO SEQUEL|| - • Highest Rank : #37 in Romance on 21.05.2017. - "I want divorce." She said looking directly into my eyes. Eh? What a kind of wife is she? On the first night of her marriage she's asking her breathtakingly handsome husband divorce? I came out of my own world when sh...

  • It's Nothing! #wattys2016
    123K 6.1K 28

    They never declared their love to the world but the presence of it in their hearts was enough for them. Their love was not accepted by some but they felt they both are enough for that. They never took vows but the feelings they share were enough for them to live as they do. There was no cheating but then why did it fe...

  • Crush? No! Love. *Sample*
    222K 2.3K 8

    Meet Sara 22years old graduate with a loving Indian family. Her Father Mr. Rajesh kapoor who seems like a typical strict father but actually a best friend to his children. Her Mother Mrs. Shruthi kapoor who is sweeter than any dessert. Her Brother Rithesh who is Three years older than her is like every protective br...