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  • Coffee Talk || A George Miller Fanfic
    8.1K 266 11

    © Sarah Ramos 2017

  • street lights // joji fic
    1K 49 2

    City life loses it's novelty after months of dwelling on the past, getting drunk for no good reason and watching your social life dwindle. Things wouldn't be so bad if you had somebody there to guide you through the dark. (This is my first fic in a veeeery long time, please understand i'm very out of practice with my...

  • Letters. ➵ Miller (SLOW UPDATES)
    2.2K 46 16

    "Write me back if you can." [Extremely slow updates] ©2017, Meg (@Lamboozie), all rights reserved.

  • Nicotine // Joji Miller
    1.5K 63 3

    "We gotta stop smoking or else I'd cough myself to death, and to make love to you baby, I wouldn't even have the breath."

  • Pretty Boy // joji x reader
    13.8K 522 14

    she broke him. he broke her. then, he broke her permanently. // COVER MADE BY @cyberpjm YES THIS IS MY FIRST FIC AND YES ITS CRINGY AS FUCK AND RUSHED AND SHIT, give it time, i'll get better at this shit soon.

  • Stupid Boy ; George Miller
    7.6K 126 16

    "She was everything, beautiful and different."

  • besidju ,, joji
    11.3K 315 9

    joji miller, also known as george, is a timid- roughly 5'8 man who despises nearly everyone in new york. well, with the exception of her, anyway.

  • Plastic Taste { Joji a.u. }
    33K 1.5K 50

    They're just another pair of best friends who didn't confess until they hit rock bottom.

  • Fuck.
    51K 1.5K 17

    "私はあなたを愛している〜" "What?" • • a joji miller fanfic. Joji x fem!reader ©AntiSocialSociaIClub enjoy my crappy writing. will be on hiatus till further notice.

  • old yeller ⊳ miller [au - on hold]
    2.4K 90 7

    it all started with a note.

  • Spotless Mind ( joji miller/oc fanfiction )
    1.5K 115 6

    [ SLOW UPDATES ] After her father's passing, Willow Nishimura travels to Japan to attend his funeral, awakening memories long left dormant. As arguments rage about her father's last will and family tension increases, Willow begins to notice that the world around her has changed irreversibly. A young man with split per...

  • Survivor: Youtuber Edition (reader insert)
    489 28 3

    [ HIATUS ] This season, 22 castaways from the social media platform Youtube have found themselves on the islands of the Philippines in the most exciting installment of Survivor yet. You are a female Youtuber who was chosen to feature on the cast, competing for the one million dollars and the chance to be named this se...

  • Understood- A Joji Miller Novel (Joji x Reader)
    47.9K 1.6K 17

    "I was fascinated by his words, but where we really met was in the silence behind them."

  • Confused (Joji x Reader)
    15.5K 352 18

    You go to Brooklyn, New York to start a new chapter in your life. Everything was going fine until you meet a hurricane with dark brown eyes and jet black hair.