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  • Picture This (Niall Horan Trilogy)
    14.3M 94.9K 84

    [ (BK 1) -COMPLETED -BK 3 IN PROGRESS- (CURRENTLY EDITING) ] Ashley Dawson has spent her life living in the shadow of her pop-star sister Ellie Dawson. Life's dull, it's boring and Ashley's beginning to tire of the same old routine. She's bored of always thinking inside the box and keeping up her usual sensible and co...

  • Apples and Gems (A RariJack Fic)
    4K 141 9

    Rarity and Applejack form a relationship, and while her friends accept their choice, Rarity's parents beg to differ, and Rarity is kicked out of her home because of her feelings, and goes to live with Applejack, where their love grows stronger. Can the love of Rarity and Applejack stay strong? Or will something happen...