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  • 1945 (Yuzuru Hanyu x reader)
    15.9K 687 23

    Everything happens for a reason. This story is about an Indonesian girl, back in the 1940's that went to Japan to continue her studies . Her life completely changed when she accidentally met a Japanese young man (Yuzuru Hanyu) who turned out to be part of the Japan military and apart of the invasion to Indonesia. What...

  • Let's meet where you are (Yuzuru Hanyu)
    56.5K 1.5K 41

    On her way to Canada, Mon suddenly realized that this was going to be the first time she would see Yuzuru after that strange night two years ago. She giggled at the thought of the odd experience they both acquired that night.

  • Surreptitiously In Love
    83.9K 2.1K 17

    "If I win.. if I win the gold medal, will you stay?"

  • Gold (Yuzuru Hanyu)
    103K 3.2K 29

    After his injury, Yuzuru can't skate, and is left with a lot of free time in Canada. For the first time he isn't worried about his injury, and befriends a girl from the neighborhood. This is a story about two people getting to know each other, learning, and overcoming hardships together. * Character development thro...

  • Honey Honey Wedding | yuzuruhanyu
    88.7K 2.8K 34

    In which Yuzuru Hanyu came home to Sendai after winning another gold at Olympics, only to find that his parents had arranged a wedding for him.

  • My Healer Yuzuru Hanyu x Reader
    132K 3.4K 27

    You studied nursing for a long time, and the only nursing job available in Toronto was being a nurse at the famous Cricket Club. Due to your previous education and GPA, you immediately get approved for the job. And, not surprisingly, you meet Yuzuru Hanyu. Will anything happen? Obviously none of the characters except...

  • In Our Corner of the World || y.h.
    26.8K 1.1K 32

    "it was in this moment, this place became our little corner of the world." The story evolves around seventeen year old Yuzuru Hanyu, who was still in high school, and Akiyama Misaki, the new girl who came to their town. The curiosity he had for her led to a whirlwind of adventures as the two grew up, and also grew apa...

  • In Love Again
    28.5K 951 17

    "What if the one that got away came back? Seems cliché, but you don't really know what to do when it happens to you, right?" A sequel to Surreptitiously In Love.

  • Moment of Truth
    149K 4K 54

    He was the reigning Olympic gold medalist. I was a girl from the islands of the Philippines. His English was broken but I was trilingual in Tagalog, English, and Japanese. I knew nothing of his world and he didn't know mine either. But I guess that's what drew us together. I guess that's what made us whole. Together. ...

  • yh | just a coincidence
    21.2K 574 11

    Meeting Yuzuru was never part of my plan when I was moving back to Toronto. Neither was becoming his landlord or assistant. I don't think falling in love with him was either.