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  • His truth, her ideals (ferriswheelshipping)
    1K 43 6

    White sets out on her journey and soon meets N who white convinced to travel with so he could see there's more than bad trainers out there. (sucky description but the story is better, I promise) pairings: White X N Bianca X Cheren Cover made by: MEH!

  • Illusions of Heart; Touko x N
    14.7K 419 16

    Touko is a mere twenty-one years old, and is probably the most stubborn girl you'll ever meet. She started off on her Pokemon journey seven years ago with her best friend Touya, a sweet and completely innocent boy who longs to win the heart of Touko. Trouble and confusion starts to interfere with Touko's plans on beco...

  • The Ideal Truth of Forever
    6.3K 149 16

    Touko White doesn't have the life of a normal sixteen year old. She is currently the Pokemon League Champion of Unova, the youngest one in the World at the moment. The press use this to their advantage and chase her around everywhere. She has to keep legendary pokemon Reshiram safe. Her mother needs help coping with a...

  • You Can't Elude Me {Pokemon Black and White}
    6.8K 248 5

    This is how I envisioned Black and White ending since I was unhappy when Nintendo didn't reunite N and the protagonist, which in my case was White. It's not long, and it's full of fluffy cuteness (in my opinion). So for anyone else who wanted to see the two reunited, here's my version. I do not own Pokemon - all right...

  • Moonlight
    10.8K 555 32

    What if the only way to meet was underneath the moonlight? Is the love of your life is worth all the lying and sneaking around? Touko White had just set out on her journey to become Unova's Pokémon Master and Champion. With her friends by her side, she is determined to have an unforgettable adventure that will live in...

  • Awakened Emotions (Ferriswheelshipping) (N x White/Touko/Hilda)
    32.9K 629 28

    (Ferriswheelshipping) (Possible lemons) After the final battle, N decides to protect White from the revenge stricken and bloodthirsty Team Plasma. However, their relationship evolves much further than either of them expected, and N finds himself falling in love for the first time- with White.

  • Truth and Ideals - Ferriswheelshipping ||Complete||
    14.2K 694 24

    I was only 15 when I first met you. I was still 15 when I had to say goodbye. I remembered your words back in your castle...and I will. I will make my dreams come finding you. 2 years had gone by and I began to lose hope. But I didn't. If Looker said that he spotted you somewhere, then I will keep searchi...

  • N's Confession [Pokemon Black and White] {Ferriswheelingshipping}
    573 19 1

    White hasn't seen N since he left and he returns, surprising her with a confession that changes both their lives.

  • FerrisWheelShipping, You Are My World
    1.3K 27 4

    After N lost to Nate (BW2 Ending), he sets off to travel the world, but not before he expresses himself to the trainer that had the biggest impact on him, Touko White. He hasn't seen her since she last battled him with Reshiram. First, he searches around Unova for her, wherever she may be, catching useful Pokemon al...

  • White Harmony (Ferriswheelshipping)
    14.8K 318 32

    Touko's life has never been easy, from the moment she was born she was chainned to a life of danger and sadnes due to her fathers unique job as the leader of Unovas most powerful gang. Through the years she's moved to diferent towns and changed her named twice but this time it's diferent, after barely getting out aliv...

  • Taken away by death (A FerrisWheelShipping oneshot)
    1.5K 47 1

    A Touko X N oneshot

  • Unexpected(N & Touko Fanfiction Pokemon)
    31.4K 595 8

    "I will never love N! Even if I'm forced to marry him! He will never be a companion or an ally to me. He will always remain the evil king of Team Plasma, I don't care if he can talk to Pokemon and act all kind to me... He's nothing but a freak and a person who steals lives off not only Pokemon but people. He will neve...

  • Rise to the Skies (Pokemon Fanfic)
    38 0 1

    When a young new Trainer and her friends set out to become the best Pokemon Trainers they could be, they never expected to find out about some terrible plot being created by a group of evil people. Touko wanted to become the Champion. She wanted to become Unova's Pokemon Master, finishing her Pokedex and becoming the...

  • Touko's Sinnoh Journey
    83 3 2

    Touko leaves the Unova Region for Sinnoh, in hopes of leaving behind her worries and starting new.

  • Unexpected [pokemon fan fiction- Edited)
    9.4K 400 15

    ummm. no clue what to write here. just flick over and start reading. you'll enjoy it. i promise.

  • Crossroads (Touko x N)
    6.3K 183 7

    It's been 2 years since Touko last saw her long green haired friend, N. Now her and the legendary Zekrom have returned to the Ferris wheel where she and N became more than just rivals for the first time. A girl with a Serperior is there. What happens when they become friends and Touko finds out that Mei has a hidden...

  • The Mysterious Hidden {4th Place in Romance (Pokemon Watty Awards 2015)}
    10.1K 499 20

    Everything is foggy in the minds of N and Touko. After an unclear event that made the two suffer amnesia, they must embark on a journey together to regain their memories. But Touko notices some things, why did N loose more memories than her? Why was he severely injured when she was not? And what did he do it for... Lo...

  • Connected Souls /Abandoned\
    5.1K 99 21

    !!!Not gonna update anymore!!! Fanfiction about Pokémon B/W (2), mostly Ferriswheelshipping and Heroshipping (OC). Two years have passed since N left White/Touko. She tried to forget him, started a new journey with her new friend Mei. They wanted to destroy Team Plasma once more, but then N show up again... Enjoy~ <3

  • Pieces (A Ferris wheeling shipping fan fiction)
    14.1K 613 29

    Plagued with her past Touko white sets off with her friends to begin their joinery with Pokemon. Along the way she encounters a mysterious man and she can't stop thinking about him. As Touko finds out more about who she is she must find her truth and stand for what she believes in all while confronting her feelings fo...

  • We Meet Again {Ferriswheelshipping}
    50.1K 2.1K 38

    "White! You said you have a dream... That dream... Make it come true! Make your wonderful dream a reality, and it will become your truth! White! If anyone can it's you! Well, then... Farewell!" That was the last time I saw him, that was 2 and a half years ago... Ever since then I've been searching for him... And hopef...