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  • our place (connor x evan)
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    there's a new student in evan hansen's grade. he doesn't talk to anyone, or do anything. the only reason evan even pays attention to this new kid is his sister. she's absolutely breathtaking. but is she really the apple of Evans eye?

  • Dandelions || Dear Evan Hansen
    6.7K 428 13

    *SLOW-ISH UPDATES* {Art by leahlozer on PaigeeWorld} [THIS IDEA WAS INSPIRED BY A WEBTOON] Evan Hansen has a disease. This disease is called the Fleurine Virus. This disease causes flowers to grow from your body in the springtime. People with this disease are called Flowerpots. Evan has this disease in his right eye...

  • Dear Connor Murphy (Dear Evan Hansen)
    72.5K 2.6K 25

    Evan Hansen and Connor Murphy have been best friends for a long time. Nothing can separate them, but the ups and downs of senior year might. (#140 in fanfiction on July 3, 2017)

  • Serendipity - DEH fanfic
    7.7K 453 33

    Serendipity: the effect by which one accidentally stumbles upon something truly wonderful, especially while looking for something entirely unrelated. Connor Murphy: Druggie, Lost, In to Deep, Anger Issues Emerson Liezel Santos: Thespian, Convalesce, Purgatory, Bi-Polar

  • breathe; tree bros
    52.8K 2.5K 11

    "woah hansen, breathe." evan struggled for air, attempting to focus only on what the boy knelt in front of him was saying. he let out a strangled sob and his eyes clouded with tears, he could no longer see connor but he could feel the boys grip wrapped around his forearms. he channelled all his thoughts to that conta...

  • Dear Evan Hansen One Shots
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    first deh oneshot book ; only request over dm ; est. feb. sixteenth ! i once got dubbed 'the oneshot queen' and i'm actually the og conlana shipper/author don't be fooled - nov. 21, 2018: this book isn't an accurate portrayal of my writing talents (i hope it isn't anyone's idea of writing talent because only one or tw...

  • A Fill-In Friend || Dear Evan Hansen [EDITING]
    47.6K 2.7K 29

    {cover art by gayradsaddad on tumblr} Connor Murphy is the new kid at school. His mission, or perhaps his mother's, is to make a friend. One friend. One friend and his mom will be off his back. But Connor's first impression is that he's an angry monster, so where in the world is this friend of his supposed to pop f...

  • I Found You (Evan Hansen x reader)
    77K 2K 18

    After you moved you had to start from the bottom. You've made many friendships, but none as beautiful as the ones with Evan and Jared. But what happens when Evan neglects to pay attention to his friends? Heartbreak comes along, but joy is found in even the darkest of times.

  • Dear Evan Hansen Oneshots! (A-Z)
    59.9K 3.3K 32

    REQUESTS OPEN!!!!!!! Each one shot starts with a different letter of the alphabet (in order). All Dear Evan Hansen characters and a lot of strange things from my brain. Posting is random, but most likely on Fridays :)

  • step into the sun || c.m
    15.1K 616 30

    Connor Murphy wasn't one for friends. After he died, most people thought he never had any friends. And, for the most part, he didn't. Except for Cierra. __ i own none of the dear evan hansen plotlines or characters __ this entire book has possible trigger warnings, such as cutting, eating disorders, abuse, and sui...

  • Dear Evan Hanson- You Were Found (Tree Bros)
    3.7K 177 10

    It all started with Zoe convincing Connor to join a social Media known as,"You Will Be Found." It's a video chatting website for the lonely or people who have problems communicating. Skype with strangers, possibly. There he meets Evan, and somehow, things change for him. But, soon enough his parents are onto him. A...

  • Dear Connor Murphy | DEH Swap Au
    12.3K 436 11

    What if Connor was in Evan's position? SWAP AU!