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  • The Brother Of Alastor(Hazbin Hotel x Male Reader x FGO)
    97.1K 1.1K 12

    Everyone consider Alistor, the Radio Demon, the most powerful demon there is in Hell. Little did the know that he has a more powerful older brother he fears. Little is known about his older brother. except for one thing; he's known as the Nightmare King. Hazbin Hotel and Hollow Knight do not belong to me. All rights b...

  • Male Shy Timid Artist Reader X High school DxD
    62K 760 21

    a shy timid boy but he's more than meets the eye his sacred gear has a power never seen before how will this effect the ones around him? no one knows ...

  • The Immortal of Dxd (Male reader x Highschool dxd) (On Hold)
    41.1K 537 8

    You're the strongest human on earth you're also immortal due to a war that happened in your home universe so *God* has given you the opportunity to travel across dimensions were you can fight strong opponents but then when it came to a certain universe called the dxd universe you decided to stay and finish High School...

  • Reunited Lovers A Billdip ( Bipper, Bill X Dipper ) Fan Fiction
    338K 9.4K 27

    After weirdmagedon, Dipper and Mable leave to go home, it's the last day of school all ready and the mystery twins soon find out they are going BACK to Gravity Falls, Or.

  • Dipper's Secret [Billdip]
    665K 21K 17

    [Adopted by @Ghosty-and-Cloud, @dreamdemonlord, and @kelala_wizner] Weirdmageddon is ending and everyone in Gravity Falls is there to witness. All the Interdimensional criminals and nightmares that Bill called his friends are being sucked back inside the rip. But Dipper's decision changes Bill's fate. "PineTree... Let...

  • Not The End {dipper X bill cipher Oneshot}
    4.4K 86 3

    This story includes: fluff, and a little sprinkle of lemon so enjoy!

  • Mr. Cipher
    288K 11K 31

    Dipper and Mabel are both juniors at Gravity Falls high school. On the first day Dipper gets a new history teacher. This is BillDip.

  • Bill x Dipper one shots.
    67.7K 2.2K 65

    These are some random things that friends and I thought would be funny between dipper and bill. Feel free to give some ideas!

  • Forgotten Legend (Naruto Fanfiction)
    268K 5.1K 12

    Minato and Kushina survived the Kyuubi attack. What if they neglect Naruto for Menma and Naruko? Naruto has been acting all along. What if he has 2 legendary dojutsus? Can summon all the legendary summons that have never been known to Shinobi? Smarter than he seems? Stronger than all the bijus combined? Even stronger...

  • Dipper x Bill one-shots
    694K 19.5K 123

    Here's my book of my favorite ship Billdip! There's no real description for this just a bunch of one shots ranging from fluff, horror, romance, smut and more! Enjoy!

  • Mission: Take Yugi-sensei's First Kiss
    54.3K 2.1K 21

    At Domino High School, Yugi Mutou is a high-school English teacher in class A-1. The class is included Yami Sennon, Anzu Mizaki, Joey Wheeler, Triston Honda, Malik Ishtar, and Ryou Bakura. Everyone in that classroom, except for Joey and Triston, are in love with their teacher, but only one will succeed in winning the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Boys can wear dresses too
    50.2K 2.2K 17

    This is a story based off a one-shot that my friend Sunshine/Bipperlove666. I hope you like it and check out their stories too.

  • Born A Cipher, Die A Pines
    7.2K 175 11

    Jemma Cipher Daughter of Bill Cipher She is the only know weakness of Bill. Only summon her if absolutely needed. She is destined to fall in love with her father's enemy, turn her back on him, and be his down fall. Who ever she falls in love with, keep her close. Because if she doesn't really love you, She really doe...

  • Now or Take Home? {Billdip Fanfic}
    173K 9.3K 88

    How about a sexy barista and a cute geek? *Gravity Falls Fanfiction* *All Rights Reserved*

  • Fem!Bill/Dipper one-shots
    12.4K 157 7

    Basically random billdip one-shots with a fem!Bill Cipher, 'cause why not? All of these are kinda/kinda not in the same AUverse as my ACTUAL fem!Bill Cipher story. And yes, I realized the spoiler I just gave, but still.

  • Boo-Boo Kisses (Killua x Gon)
    6.6K 150 1

    Gon knows how to make a boo-boo feel better! (This is a Hunter x Hunter fic that I wanted to post on here!)