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  • Coalescence ➳ H.S.
    1.1M 38.9K 22

    "You're nothing but a con man." "I prefer con artist, sweetheart." ➳ Winner of Season 3 1D Watty Awards for Best Smut

    Completed   Mature
  • cherry wine √ h.s.
    32.4K 1.6K 15

    and with the deafening mind of hers came a sorrow she submitted to. it was as if she was submerged underwater for years of her life, solely being focused on how everything was amplified beneath the surface. it was all very loud, similar to the volume of river rapids, and maybe the only way for her to subdue it was to...

  • quondam √ h.s.
    61.4K 2.6K 17

    that once was; former. do you remember the first time you said you loved me, harry? |The Kiwi Styles Awards 2018; Harry Styles A.U. [5th place]| + lowercase intended. alternate universe. short chapters and story. completed & edited.

  • texting » styles (NEW)
    13.8K 643 11

    in which a sad, lonely girl accidentally texts the wrong person while riding the bus to school © Iighter

  • Dreams [HS]
    8.4K 541 1

    A short story about what it's like to love someone through pixels.

  • Legitimately Us ||H.S||
    102K 9.9K 50

    Book 2 of 2. ||This is the Sequel to Legitimately Me|| Jayde decides it's time she wants to meet the boy behind the words she loves reading, knowing he's one of the only people in the world who knows her completely, because of her blog. And after facing heartbreaking truths, she believes he's the only one who c...

  • give me love • styles
    83.5K 3.6K 28

    "I'm just scared you're gonna runaway." in which a boy struggled to find a worthy reason to continue his ruthless life, until he met her. harry styles au. all rights reserved. ©calmnarrie 2015

  • Lost Tapes ♡ h.s.
    186K 10.9K 15

    [COMPLETED] "I have five people on my list that are to blame for why I left. And you, my lovely Harry, are one of them." A story about a girl named Clarissa Mason. She had recorded tapes before she committed suicide. She made a tape for everyone who made her want to commit and one of these tapes is dedicated to her...

  • bare [h.s.]
    475K 21.6K 72

    ❝When I was a young girl, I imagined I could be anything I wanted to. I could be a princess, with beauty and grace, who would hold out hope of finding her Prince Charming. I could be a warrior, slaying the dragons and proving my bravery and honor. Even in the smallest sense, I could be happy. Yes, in a child's min...

  • dead (discontinued)
    37.4K 2.2K 14

    "my suicide letter will be only a picture of you and your new girlfriend, because that's enough to make me want to die." (don't read this i wrote it in the 7th grade pls let it die!!) (I LITERALLY WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS 13 PLEASE DONT READ IT I ONLY KEEP IT AS A REMINDER OF HOW OBNOXIOUS I WAS)

  • tag, you're it ; crybaby (discontinued)
    320K 17.1K 142

    promise you'll love her

  • the dock △ h.s
    15.5K 919 1

    ❝i always wanted to live under water.❞ he hated life. so did she. they ran into each other, and ended their lives together. [caution: may cause tears]

  • leave your lover » harry styles
    39.7K 2K 7

    "leave your lover, leave him for me" cover made by @sweaterlou © reliefs

  • Lyrics » H.S.
    46.1K 2.4K 7

    “What are the other songs?” “Huh?” “The other songs, that changed your life.”

  • letters to a dead girl » styles
    39.8K 3.5K 13

    dear tix; © Iighter

  • Autumn || styles || slow updates
    20.2K 1.5K 15

    "What's your favourite season, Autumn?" "Every season would be perfect with you."

  • ǝʌıʇɔǝdsɹǝd » styles
    55.9K 4.9K 16

    in which he uses his perspective to show her how beautiful she really is

  • the phone booth » styles
    69.7K 4.9K 11

    In which a lonely soul locks himself up in a phone booth and starts calling his dead girlfriend's twin sister © Iighter

  • terrible » styles (NEW ENDING)
    70.2K 4.7K 18

    in which her favourite word is terrible and his favourite word is her name. © Iighter

  • cigarettes & coffee » styles
    76K 6.2K 26

    They met over cups of coffee and marlboro cigarettes and they made each other's day

  • 9/11 » styles
    67.6K 5.1K 9

    Planes going into buildings. Bodies falling. Planes going into buildings. People covered in gray dust. Bodies falling. Planes going into buildings. Buildings falling. Planes going into buildings.

  • suicide hotline » styles
    97.1K 6.2K 13

    in which he helps her trying to find herself again © Iighter

  • revenge ☠ h.s
    67.1K 3.4K 39

    "what do you want to do when you're older?" they asked her. she answered, "live."

  • Sins | Harry Styles
    845K 18.4K 26

    It's about a therapist, his seventeen year old patient, and a whole lot of sins. //Harry styles a.u.

    Completed   Mature
  • Karma ||H.S||
    360K 23.9K 64

    ***More of a YA Fiction than Fanfiction. You can imagine Harry to be whoever you want him to be.*** **Karma always has a way of biting you in the ass** Deception, manipulation and lies ruined the high school romance between a popular and tries-too-hard Paisley and a love-struck nerd, Harry. Two years later, they meet...

  • nine-eleven ♡ h.s.
    171K 10K 13

    [COMPLETED] You never know what you have until you are about to lose it.

  • Flip Me
    255K 10.1K 57

    'And, yeah, I let you use me from the day that we first met but I'm not done yet, falling for you...' _ mature content @teecaakes covers

  • disorder » styles
    146K 9.3K 17

    I am not defined by my disorders or flaws, but how I have survived and conquered.

  • Somebody Else • H.S
    93.1K 3.5K 19

    you can only be pushed so far. trigger warning: book contains murder and sexual assault towards the end of the book

    Completed   Mature